Diorella EdT Vintage by Edmond Roudnitska for DIOR 1972


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Hey Hey Vintage Frag Hags,

Last week heralded the arrival of a VERY vintage bottle of Diorella by DIOR. Having never smelled the vintage it was tantamount to a blind buy and I was really nervous. In the listing the bottle looked pristine and the box dirty but perfectly formed still, a tester no less. It wasn’t very expensive but not a bargain either. So I waited for it to arrive and it has…..

Diorella EdT Vintage by DIOR 1972

Diorella EdT Vintage by Edmond Roudnitska


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Basil, Bergamot, Green notes, Melon, Lemon
Heart: Cyclamen, Carnation, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Peach, Rose
Base: Oakmoss, Musk, Patchouli, Vetiver

The top notes are fleeting and I get the oily slick tingle of aldehydes, I think the top notes have disappeared really because my nose gets almost immediate floral bouquet and already the furry cocoon of oakmoss wraps my nostrils tight and snug. Scott and I have a theory that I’m hypernosmic to oakmoss because it softly jumps out at me from the very first sniff till the last whispered gasp of fragrance.

Diorella has a sweetness to it, not like the modern gourmands or Guerlains, but the sweetness of fruit just about to go over the edge of usability. I think it’s the honeysuckle and peach working together to produce a very mildly urinous underlay. Not especially noticeable unless my nose is right at the scent source, from arms length the whole of Diorella is refined young woman in twin set & pearls from yesteryear. Nowadays is the modern equivalent the white mens style T-Shirt and straight or boot leg jeans wearing women?

Diorella Christian Dior pexelsPDI

Dry down comes hours and hours later, the vetiver is dried and lightly salted and surprisingly the patchouli is a backing player that merely enhances the oakmoss and vetiver swirled through with musk that smells like the real deal.

Want to try some?

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20 thoughts on “Diorella EdT Vintage by Edmond Roudnitska for DIOR 1972

  1. Isn’t it wonderful, Portia? I have the same fluted bottle but the sprayer’s not working any more and I have no idea what to do about it.

    Good luck everyone!


  2. Hi Portia, how luck you are getting such a precious gem for few pennies. Although its a blind buy but Superb purchase. Oakmoss is my top favorite note in perfumery. Indisputably a masterpiece and one of the best floral chypre fragrances around and should be tried by any fragrances lover. Would love to win this vintage sample.
    I follow via email mostly.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. Oooh, pretty bottle! I’d like to try this, we could all use some vintage glamour and Dior beauty in our lives. Follow by email. 🙂


  4. I follow via email. I would love to get a sniff of Diorella, because it was my wedding fragrance back in – wait for it – 1984! It was a freezing Melbourne August day and there I was shivering in my Anthea Crawford ivory antique lace Edwardian style tea length gown – with blue black punk short hair 😉


  5. Hi
    I follow by email
    I have always heard what a great scent this is. I would love to try this. I have almost blind purchased a newer bottle and most likely will thank you for all the great giveaways


  6. Fantastic reviews as always spectacularly posh Portia! Following APJ via email and loving it! All I want for Christmas is a vintage Diorella sample…Dior is the ultimate luxury brand and I would love to start 2017 in style.


  7. I follow by email. I’d like to try it cause its vintage Dior and oh my, vintage Dior’s gotta be great. I’ve heard so many things about Diorella, that I would really like to try it. Thanks for the draw.


  8. I love vintage florals, especially with carnation, and need to try more Diors.

    follow via email

    Happy Thanksgiving from the USA! I am grateful for my fragrance community.


  9. I’m happy that you bought vintage Diorella. I’d love to try it because it’s one of the classics everyone refers to. I wish I could compare it to the present formulation.
    I follow APJ by email.


  10. I’ve always been intrigued by the many descriptions I’ve read referring to fruit that is over-ripe/nearly rotten/just about to go over the edge of usability, as you so wonderfully put it. That’s why I’d love to try it.

    Thank you for the draw, Portia. I follow by email.


  11. I follow your blog via bloglovin and also via emails on my hotmail.
    I have read a lot of very positive reviews of this parfume and it contains an original oakmoss so I would really like to try it! Thanks!


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