Three Kings and Christmas Season Fragrances


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Christmas is a week and a bit away yet, but somehow feels like it’s tomorrow. To help us get into the holiday season I thought I’d take a look at some traditional Christmassy scents. Hard to choose just one sometimes! But let’s take a look.

Three Kings Fragrances

Let’s take a look at what fragrances the three kings may have worn to match their scents.


Gold: Larmes Du Désert – Atelier des Ors
The beautiful sun-rayed bottles with flakes of real gold make wonderful perfumed snow-globes. Pick it up & give it a shake, preferably while standing in sunlight. What do they smell like? I can’t remember, I was too mesmerised by the sparkles.


Frankincense: Oliban – Keiko Mecheri
Frankincense is sometimes referred to as olibanum/oliban , and the perfume of that name by Keiko Mecheri has a fabulous, photo-realistic frankincense note which smelt like it had been grabbed straight from the burning censer. I’m gonna be bold and put it out there as a must-sniff for this incense note. Portia has done a lovely Oliban review


Myrrh: Parfum d’Empire – Wazamba
Wazamba opens resinous and sticky, almost a honeyed amber with an interesting apple note. This settles to a straight-up dry myrrh throughout the dry down. Myrrh is an interesting resin to burn, it has a cool greyness about it. Wazamba manages to capture this incense wonderfully.

Christmas Season Fragrances

Christmas in the southern hemisphere is VERY different to that up north so some thought needs to go into what to wear on the big day.


Winter: Guerlain – Aqua Allegoria, Winter Delice
Winter Delice is a walk through a European mountain forest, fir and pine. It it well balanced and eminently wearable. It is unfortunately discontinued but bottles do pop up from time to time.


Summer: CB I Hate Perfume – At The Beach 1966
This is a day at the beach, suntan lotion, salt spray and warmth. I’ve only sniffed this from a friend’s sample but it left such a strong impression of summer’s past – a great frag to try for a flashback.

What fragrances are you grabbing as we head directly into the holiday season?

Till next time!
Tina G xx

19 thoughts on “Three Kings and Christmas Season Fragrances

  1. Hey Tina,
    Love this idea. Long have I looked at Wazamba. Shh but you might have just pushed me over the edge.
    Portia xx


  2. Lovely stuff, Tina.
    A blogger friend is going to send me some Atelier des Ors samples in the New Year so I look forward to being mesmerised.
    Winter Delice sounds fabulous. Why do they discontinue the good AAs and keep the boring ones?
    Love the idea of a beachy Christmas perfume. I’m determined to save up and get Down Under in 2018.
    I’ve been wearing Tea for Two all month as it’s about as spicy as I get. Have a feeling I won’t anything on the big day, just enjoy the smell of the turkey roasting.


    • Hi Tara,

      Tea for Two is really yummy, nice choice. Has it been cold over your way? It would be such a fab winter warmer. And yes Winter Delice is delish, such a shame to lose it.

      Aus in 2018!!! That would be amazing! You can try all the beachy, summery scents to your hearts content. Yay!

      xxxxxx Tina G


      • It was lovely and frosty cold for a while but now it’s mild which I don’t think is any fun and not very Christmassy.
        I can’t wait to enjoy the sun in Sydney!


    • For a second I though there was a perfume called ‘down under’ in reference to Australian beach scents lol! Then I read Tina’s comment and realised you meant ‘visiting’ down under.

      However.. imagine a perfume named ‘down under’ .. I wonder how it could be interpreted and what notes will be used. There’s an idea.


  3. Ooh salivating over the Atelier des Ors, pretty!
    Wazamba is so resinous and lovely, good idea for Christmas Day. I am already thinking about what I will wear, is that tragic?


    • Hey Jackie b,

      Haha! Not at all! It’s always fun to think ahead. For me it really depends on how hot the day is, and whether I’m cooking or if I’m a guest. Sandrine by Grandiflora is a great summer’s day fragrance which may end up being my SOXmas – it’s magnolia based, elegant and refreshing.

      What are you heading towards?

      xx Tina G


  4. I was literally just wondering what the three wise men’s gift would smell like in a fragrance today as I read a bedtime book of bible stories to my niece. What a wonderful coincidence! I’m fascinated by the gold fragrance. Looks so pretty too!

    Since it’s hot down here in Aussieland, I look forward to adding a new fig perfume and I’ve been meaning to but Heeley Cocobello perfume since last summer but haven’t got around to it! So those two are on the list and might grab a fresh fragrance like Comme des Garçons Play: Green too. I recently got a sample from Portia and I absolutely love it for achingly hot days in Sydney!

    If I were up north having a white Christmas I would definitely spritz myself with Chergui, velvet Rose & oid, Idole, Arabie and all the delicious warm scents suitable for a cold Christmas. Until then, I might spritz bronze goddess with all its suntan lotion glory and head to bed xxx


  5. Great post TinaG, as usual! I love incense and I love Frankinscencse and Myrrh even though they are hard to spell.

    I’m currently enjoying Library of Fragrance Myrrh and Pumpkin Pie. Great alone or together. It’s very cold so a bit of gourmandy warmth is just right!


    Sam xx


    • Hi Samantha Scriven,

      Wow I love the sound of Myrrh & Pumpkin Pie together! Fun! I haven’t heard of that range so I’ll check it out, thanks.

      Tina G xx


  6. Would be great if you could visit Australia in 2018. I’m intrigued by the 1966, primarily because I was born in that year.
    As for scents to wear on Christmas Day, I ALWAYS wear Winter Delice, regardless of the temperature. It could be 8C ,18 C or 38C and I’m still going to breathe in those crisp fresh pines.
    Might I also wish yo a great Festive Season , Tina.


    • Hi Saffyishere,

      Winter Delice is really gorgeous, isn’t it!! I managed to pick up a mini bottle but am always on the lookout for a FB. Such a great frag. I like that it’s a fave Christmas scent of yours, very fun.

      xx Tina G


  7. Lovely perfumes Tina G. I haven’t tried the Keiko but I adore the other two fragrances. On Xmas Day I’ll be wearing Coromandel or Larmes du Desert but I’ll see how I feel on the day. If I was in the Southern Hemisphere though things would be different and maybe I would opt for something a little lighter. Merry Festivities. x Megan


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