Val & Vero: Flying Visit: Photo Essay


Post by Val the Cookie Queen



Seasonal Greeting APJ Readers, Lurkers and Investigators!

My ever willing husband booked a hotel, shut the shop and whisked me off to Zürich to visit Vero. We did The Salzburg Cookie Run together and kept on driving. Made it in well under six hours.

Val & Vero: Flying Visit: Photo Essay

Vero and Isi met us in the hotel for late afternoon tea. Chris and I had a dear friend who had a main role in the stage production of Dogville, modeled on the film from Lars von Trier. I had never the wish to see the movie, and was a bit apprehensive attending the theatre but it was absolutely brilliant. It was performed at the Schauspielhaus in Zürich. No piccies of that I´m afraid.
We met up with Vero in her home and visit her atelier the following morning. After half an hour Chris split and jumped on the old bike he brought in the boot of the car. (Obviously, duh!) Leaving me to spend two hours having a crash course in and a sniff of, a number of old vintage Guerlains. My appreciation of Vero´s inspiration and her own creations continues to increase. I am oftened asked if I have a favourite Vero Profumo perfume but I don´t. However I do have my first, second bottle of a Vero. It is the Kiki EdP and the one I have spent much of this year wearing. It is perhaps the least talked about of the Kiki Triptych but it´s fabulous, and we all need an erotic lavender don´t we?
The enameled perfume bottle is Vero’s vintage VdN. She wears it a lot, it flows in her blood!
( Ed: Vero glamour bookmarks! HEAVEN!)
val-vero-dec-2016-22The orange Moroccan ceiling light is in the hallway of her apartment.
The stencilled rose is in Vero’s aromatherapy massage room, her own artwork.

I just might have come back from Zürich with a few drops of the new Vero Profumo, one that has been delayed for a number of technical reasons. I know what I will be wearing on Christmas Day. Have you got your seasonal fragrance planned?

Peace, Love and Yuletide Bussis
May next year bring far less woody accords.

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25 thoughts on “Val & Vero: Flying Visit: Photo Essay

  1. Hey Val,
    I love travelogues, especially with fragrant involvement. Switzerland looks so beautiful, for some reason I thought it was all chrome & glass.
    Portia xx


  2. I’m thinking Christmas Day would be perfect. Without turkey or Christmas pudding but surrounded by family and wonderful summer produce (and maybe salmon and croissants). Bring on the strawberries I say.

    Kiki has been on my radar for so long. I follow by email.


  3. Just wonderful. Two of the coolest people I know, together again. Wowed by the enamelled bottle of Vol de Nuit. I’ve never seen anything like it. Would love a post on Vero’s home decor. That light and stencil are fantastic. Adore Isi’s chic jackets and the Vero bookmarks.
    Thanks for sharing such a special day with us.
    Kiki is fabulous. Good lucky everyone!


  4. Hi Val – that was a fabulous post!
    I so need an erotic lavender! I’d wear it all summer. Which is now 🙂 New Years’ day?
    I follow APJ by email always & in all seasons


  5. Hi Val and thanks for this opportunity. I follow by email.

    I would wear Kiki EDP to my daughter’s Christmas Eve Mass. Caramel for Christmassy sweetness and lavender for soothing coolness – it’s likely to be hot for Christmas here.


  6. Love the Vero bookmarks and that vintage VdN bottle, wow! And I cannot wait to smell the new Vero Profumo, Andy Tauer told me it’s fab (of course). I would wear my Kiki edp snuggled up in a cashmere sweater at the beach with my dogs on New Year’s day.
    I follow by email. Thanks!


  7. What a marvellous trip – I was also wowed by the vintage bottle and the distinctive decor of Vero’s apartment. You two get on so famously I can well imagine you had a blast. Looking forward to trying the new scent when it’s good and ready!


  8. Hey Val! Great article ad fantastic pikkies! That Moroccan light is to die for, especially surrounded by the beautiful script! How would I wear the Vero. Any damned way I please! It’s a Vero! (But probably New Year’s Eve, to blow all these island bitches out of the water. Literally.😜) thanks for the draw and happy hols to you and yours! 😘😘😘 follow by email.


  9. Hi,

    I follow by email.

    I live on a tropical island, so I would use Kiki all year, since here is summer all year (with some brief periods of rain).


  10. Maybe I don’t have a good imagination, but i would cautiously wear Kiki to work. I get bored of those office appropriate scents. I follow by email.


  11. DNEM

    Loved the pictures and glad you had a good trip. Just to participate in the discussion: I’ll wear Kiki this Wednesday (while working from home – so it’s warm enough; it’s a little bit to chilly in the office)


  12. I can’t remember ever seeing pictures of Switzerland without snow before. And Vero’s pup is adorable (and stylish!)

    I follow with Bloglovin, and I haven’t chosen my Christmas perfume yet–maybe Traversée du Bosphore, because it’s fun and a favorite of one of my nephews. I think I’d wear Kiki the next time I see a gentleman I met recently. He has no money, so is unfortunately my type.


  13. Erotic lavender, the vintage bottle and the light was gorgeous too! Here in Oz it’s currently too hot, so I wish I was there in Austria! Love from Australia 💝💝


  14. I love the Vera glamour bookmarks. It looks and sounds like a beautiful trip. I follow by email. I always think a live play is the best way to see a story come to life.


  15. Hi Val – looks like a wonderful, if brief, visit. I follow APJ by e-mail, and I would wear Kiki EDP anywhere. It’s winter here (not cold, but chilly and grey) and the caramel would warm me up, while the lavender would remind me that the sun and warmth will return!


  16. Following you on bloglovin (and also via emails on lubaska @hotmail). I would wear Kika to comfort myself and to wrap myself in cozy lavender shawl. Probably in the evenings.


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