Nuit Étoilée EdT by Isabelle Doyen for Annick Goutal 2012




Hello Fume Fiends,

We forget in the far off lands of 2016 that Annick Goutal the fragrance brand has been around since 1980. Many of its fragrances were groundbreaking fragile beauties that thrilled and surprised fragrance lovers. Mixed with its determined homespun style, interesting note combinations and eye rollingly beautiful floral concoctions they became a hit with the newly borne perfumistas in the heady days of the 1980s and 90s. Sables, Folavril, Eau de Monsieur, Passion and Eau d’Hadrien were ground breaking scents. Now known by perfumistas as a safe, easy to wear brand some of the wow factor has definitely been lost. Especially through reformulation, the changing out of the vibrantly coloured bottles and the bland introduction of plain glass by AmorePacific, the south Korean owners of Annick Goutal. So it comes as quite a surprise to find something so outlandish and weird in the collection as Nuit Étoilée.

Nuit Étoilée EdT by Annick Goutal 2012

Nuit Étoilée by Isabelle Doyen


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citron, sweet orange, peppermint
Heart: Siberian pine, fir resin
Base: Angelica seed, tonka, immortal

If you like to smell your fragrances 5 plus hours later then most of the Annick Goutal range will give you the shits. Nuit Étoilée EdT is no exception and you better have bought the 100ml bottle because respritzing becomes addictive.


ZING!! Bright citrus and mint, like alcoholic fruit punch on a hot summers day or Mojitos in the evening. A fresh burst of wake up and live. Every time I spritz it feels like an energy burst for the brain. The mint lasts only minutes and I’m left with a woodsy citrus, green and dry. As the heart dries off on my skin all I’m left with is a very soft wash of musks and something greenish but barely noticeable. This whole process takes about an hour, unless I spray on fabric or card and then I get at least 4 hours on fabric and on card I can smell Nuit Étoilée next morning.

Nuit Étoilée is going to be my Christmas Eve scent this year. In the fresh woodsiness I find an Aussie summer whispered hint of a wintery, white Christmas that still fits with our 30C+ heat, and yes, there will be fruit punch with fresh mint in it. What would an Aussie Christmas be without it?


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FragranceX has some old blue EdT stock for AUD$75/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $3/ml

Have you tried Nuit Étoilée? Does your family do alcoholic fruit punch with fresh mint chopped into it?
Portia xx


13 thoughts on “Nuit Étoilée EdT by Isabelle Doyen for Annick Goutal 2012

  1. Merry Christmas Portia!

    Yep, a Christmas fruit punch with mint is traditional in my family too. A recipe from the Womens Weekly circa 1979. Served from a 1970’s giant, cut-glass punch set with dozens and dozens of cups. (I also have a tres elegant Austrian crystal punch set just for 6 – for when I’m hostessing formal, more intimate occasions. :)) (A 1970’s engagement present.)

    Funny, I make a vat of the punch because everyone, even newcomers, seems to enjoy getting high on it, leaving the champers just sitting there and getting warm. Clever Portia, Nuit Etoilee would go with it perfectly! I shan’t copy you, but will stick with my more bland but nonetheless refreshing Guerlain Pamplemousse. Or maybe YSL In Love Again, just for a change.

    Have a lovely time Portia!


    • Hey yes,
      YAY!! We had that punch set growing up but by the time Mum died there were only a few cups left, though all the S Hooks to hang them on the bowl were still in the pack.
      Now I make the punch in a huge jug.
      Pamplemousse will be perfect.
      Merry Christmas.
      Portia xxx


  2. The edt was too much citrus for me but I love the edp, which is more ambery/incensey. I snagged a couple of those beautiful blue bottles before they got replaced with the plain glass. The edp lasts well on me, at least 6 hours.


    • Hey TaraC,
      WOW! 6 hours from an Annick Goutal is amazing. I get that the citrus is quite overwhelming here but that’s the way I like it. Glad you’re loving the EdP, you’ve certainly got me interested to look for some.
      Bought my EdT at the sell-out before the bottle change here in Oz. It was a very lucky grab.
      Portia xx


  3. I have both the edp and edt. I enjoy it quite a bit. They are somewhat different scents, with one lighter and brighter, the other a bit richer. Even though I live in Cali, it still gets cold and snowy but I think of these scents as winter. There is a fresh pungent quality that is more Decemer January than June. Happy Chanukah and Christmas! We do both at our house!


  4. I’m interested in you comments on the rise and slide of the brand. I have not smelled Nuit Etoilee but I somehow had it pegged as one of the last of AGs interesting releases before things became rather bland. It had perfumistas talking, I remember, as did Ninfeo Mio a few years before that. The brand does seem a little safe now. I’ve noticed that my (rather small) DJs has stopped stocking it in favour of brands like Tom Ford, Alaia Paris and Tory Burch. I suppose it hopes thereby to attract younger shoppers? Annick Goutal looks a bit too sedate by comparison. Sigh …


    • Yeah Anne-Marie,
      It’s a bummer. We only had Annick Goutal in DJs for such a short while. I really love their aesthetic fragrance wise, always billowing, beautiful scents. Maybe the short longevity has played into their demise a bit too?
      Portia xx


      • I guess so. I bet they still stock Jo Malone in DJs though. There’s a brand which makes a lot out of a little. Grumble.


  5. I bought this one mostly for the bottle but I like wearing it from time to time. I never thought of it as a winter scent – and now I think that you found the most perfect use for it: Christmas in Australia! The next time I wear it I’ll be thinking of you celebrating this holiday. Maybe I should do it in July? 😉


  6. I find Nuit Etoilee to be maybe the most interesting AG scent. I don’t have a FB but I went through several decants and I mostly use it in the summer. The mint at the beginning is the best part although I love it all the way through. It lasts some 3 hours on me, so I respritz it often.
    It doesn’t remind me of punch at all, but maybe it’s because I do my winter punch without mint leaves, only lemon and orange peel and cinnamon.
    Enjoy the holiday season Portia!


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