Merry Christmas APJ 2016




Hey there APJ Fragrance Family,

I know heaps of you don’t celebrate Christmas, loads of you will be solo or in an unhappy grouping. Some will be fighting so hard to keep afloat that Christmas will pass us by. This time of year can be a freaking bitch. So much expectation, from outside and in, relentless media hype and you can’t go to a mall without being bombarded. For any of our readers that are in any of these boats my heart goes out to you.

My only advice to you is Do Something Special For Yourself. Make sure you take a moment to treat yourself, doesn’t have to cost money, could just be one minute alone in thew bathroom to spritz a fragrance and enjoy its top notes. Whatever, take a little moment for you.


Merry Christmas APJ

What scent was I going to wear? Nuit de Noel by Caron. It was TOOO HOT for that so I chose Geranium Pour Monsieur by Malle. PERFECT!

What are we be doing?

Lunch with my BFFs family at our place. Here are some pics of the fun.



Lunch was an informal buffet with loads of fabulous food and booze. We all just sat around and laughed and chatted. Those bloody jokes in the crackers were really funny this year, we were all groaning and laughing in unison, so silly but fun.


Present opening time. We were all spoiled rotten and loved it. Really fun and thoughtful presents, very happy here.


My surrogate Mum, Kath’s mum has become mine. We have a wonderful time and I love her so much. Isn’t she beautiful.


This guy. He’s a really good egg. He also does the BEST pork and crackling, BLOODY DELICIOUS!!

How was your Christmas? Yes, if it was shit feel free to vent. We love that too.

Portia xxx

22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas APJ 2016

  1. We are lounging around too full to move! I made lunch for my small family and an orphan…love the cracker jokes too!
    I received Guerlain Ambre Eternel from my hubs and everyone was huffing my neck, heheh. The orphan actually commented that not enough people wear perfume these days, think I love him.
    Happy Boxing Day to you xxx


    • Woo Hoo! What an excellent gift from hubby. Good on you taking an orphan, this was our first year that there weren’t a couple of orphans at the table here for ages.
      Portia xx


    • Heya Steve Hound, Great to see you.
      Thanks and Merry Christmas to you guys too.
      I hope it’s as comfortable and fun as ours was.
      Portia xx


  2. Merry Christmas everyone!

    The buffet dishes look so tasty, Portia! Food is such an important part of our tradition and we ate silly amounts on Christmas Eve, but then there is obviously dishes we only eat once a year. I’m in Cartier La Pantère because I couldn’t find my sample of Ginestet Botrytis.


  3. Merry Christmas to you sweetheart and to the entire APJ family! It’s wonderful to see all the joy in your lovely pictures.

    Holly xo


  4. Looks like I am a Christmas orphan – didn’t know this term. This afternoon I am going to a friend’s family for a traditional ham dinner. Paper crowns shall be worn and joke quality as yet unknown. Happy holidays to all…A


    • Being a Christmas orphan is quite liberating. You get to choose your events. When I became one these guys stepped up and I have chosen joyfully to be with them every year since. It’s wonderful.
      Portia xxxx


  5. Happy boxing day! Looks like a wonderful Christmas at your house! My husband was feeling down this year, dealing with ingrained expectations of how the holiday should be, filled with family, friends and tons of food. It’s just the two of us with the dogs this year, which to me is the very best way to spend any day, but I understand his feelings. I am off to the kitchen to make him a batch of butter tarts which always bring a smile. Tomorrow is his birthday and we have a fancy supper and gifts planned, so that will hopefully cheer him up too.

    Not being christian, this day is not a holiday for me but every day I wake up feeling healthy and looking out on blue skies is a great day. I reminded him christmas is about being home with your family and we are are doing just that. 🙂 Wishing you and Jin very happy holidays and thanks for creating this great blog community I enjoy so much!


    • TaraC,
      They hype can ruin even the best intentioned events. I feel for your hubby and for you dealing with his angst.
      Today Jin & I have spent the morning hanging out here and it’s been totally precious for me. I think I need sections of my life full and sections empty to function properly.
      Good luck with him and yes, every day we have the basics covered is a good one.
      Portia xx


  6. Happy Christmas dear Portia & Jin! Spent Christmas Eve at Burlesque Nutcracker with fellow Seattle perfumista Sandi Phillipen and her SO, Lee who is charming. Had a great pan-Asian dinner pre-show. Today we walked over to a downtown cineplex to see “Fantastic Beasts” and are just now (1:30pm) opening prezzies, then off to another movie at 3:30. So business as usual. Sleeping in, long baths, room service, divine!



  7. We had a fabulous “Hanukkamas” last night and a great Christmas day today. Couldn’t
    have been much better. Loved your photos! Best wishes for a wonderful New year!


    • Hello Azar,
      Great to see you. How lucky you get to celebrate both, are they usually so close?
      Best wishes for your year too Azar, all the good stuff you wish for yourself.
      Hug Brad from us at APJ too please.
      Portia xx


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