Hair Fragrance


Erica Golding


Hello, fragrance lovers!

Something is in the air tonight, and it’s floating around my head like a crown. Do you ever fragrance your hair?

Hair Fragrance

Over the last couple of years, I have acquired a small variety of incredible hair glosses from Black Phoenix Trading Post. They are lightweight and subtle in terms of the hair product effects, and their scents are works of art. They vary in throw and intensity depending on the perfume.

My favorite by a landslide is called Implacable Beautiful Tyrant. I can’t help but feel bubbling happiness when I inhale this scent! The notes listed include amber, frankincense, white ginger, and oudh. I swear I pick up fig as well. It is a completely unique, absolutely enchanting fragrance – impossible to describe. When I use it, I wear it on its own as my scent of the day. If they ever released IBT in a perfume oil, I would jump all over it!

Black Phoenix Trading Post

Another gorgeous BPTP hair gloss offering is a beloved, bestselling scent from the BPAL General Catalogue called Dorian. This is the hair gloss that I use most frequently, because it accents any complimentary perfume choice like a chameleon. The notes include sugared vanilla tea, pale musks, and a Victorian fougère. It doesn’t matter what the genre, any perfume I apply to my skin is magically enhanced when I wear Dorian hair gloss.

Kevin Murphy

Lastly, I am addicted to the scent in Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Shine mist. There is no listed description, but to me it is a rich aura of sandalwood, Hawaiian ginger, and a velvety sexy dark Musk. It makes me feel really beautiful when I use it! The aroma is just so luxe to me.

Do you enjoy scenting your hair with anything in particular? I hear that the Frederic Malle Carnal Flower hair mist is divine. I’ve also tested Mugler’s Angel hair mist and it was lovey!

Until next time, be well and enjoy your scents in good health!
Erica the Smoochy Poochy XXXX

13 thoughts on “Hair Fragrance

  1. I have never tried hair fragrance, I really should. Every so often I spritz an EDT/EDP over my hair, but generally feel I am wasting good juice and also have concerns re: hair damage.


    • Yeah alcohol can be drying, I can see why you would be hesitant to use traditional perfume. Now we have lots of fun options! Hair scent leaves quite a lovey sillage 🙂


  2. Great review friend! Yes I love hair mists – my face being Rose Elixir by Montale. It is beastly though- overspraying will give you a nuclear cloud around you head for days! It’s a beautiful scent though and definitely worth the money spent!


  3. Other than the Carnal Flower hair mist, I have never used a fragrance designated specifically for hair. Because I have hair down to my waist, it is the perfect place to spray perfume, especially perfumes that burn my skin or those that fade away on my skin. My favorite perfumes to wake up to in my hair are Maai, Rubj, Cuir Beluga, Note Vanille, and SDV.


  4. I first became addicted to scenting my hair in the 90’s when L’oreal created their L’Oreal Studio Line. There was a Cool Scent and a Warm Scent. The warm scent was glorious. It would keep my hair from smelling like smoke after a night out at a club or bar but it was the most beautiful warm, inviting scent. I adored it. I haven’t been able to find it for many years but you know I am a huge BPTP hair gloss fan! I love love love Implacable Beautiful Tyrant and have a collection of other BPTP hair glosses. Like you, I use them as my main scent when I wear them, they’re exquisite. I would die for an IBT perfume! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it one day comes to fruition.
    I also love SJP’s Stash Body and Hair Elixir, but sadly I feel it’s just a touch too heavy for my hair since I have VERY baby fine hair. Instead, I just slather it everywhere else after a bath and use a touch of the EdP in my hair.
    Wonderful piece, Erica!


  5. I read your column the day after I’d spritzed my hair with Carnal Flower hair mist – yep, still going strong the next morning. Lighter and not quite as nuanced as the origin, fragrance but still oh, so beautiful!


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