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Hey Ambient Scenters,

One of my mates, who has been a mate since our teen years, gave me some Micky & Moby candles for my birthday last year. I thought the packaging with its black & white cats and paw print on the labels, the hand applied strings with scent names and the big glass jars were all very simple but beautiful. Almost a nautical look. As soon as my bathroom candle was finished I brought one of them in and it sits with the lid off on my bathroom window sill. The scent is exactly the right amount to give a calm, fresh and clean scent to the room every time i walk in. When guests come I light the candle and it cleanses the air of all the human waste smells in a minute, yes really. It’s also a lovely soft scented light for my late night baths. TBH it’s my preferred way to bathe but mostly I do it in the daytime for work purposes.

Micky & Moby Candles

This is the original glass jar I got my Micky & Moby candles in. Simple and perfect. They’re $20 and you can email Emma on mickyandmoby@gmail.com and below are a list of fragrances and sizes

Micky & Moby Candle Fragrances
Sweet lemongrass
Lemongrass and Ginger
Fresh Coffee
Lemon Verbena
Butt Naked
Coconut Lime
Bamboo and White Lily
Love Spell
Black Raspberry and Vanilla

Large Candles $20
Small candles $10
Shot Glass candles $5.
Tea lights $1.00 each
To order please email mickyandmoby@gmail.com

Micky & Moby also have these great new jars and bowls. Aren’t they heaven?

Please tell Emma you were sent by APJ, she’ll be so excited that you’re part of the family.
Portia xxx

4 thoughts on “Micky & Moby Candles

  1. Gorgeous! those bigger bowls and cups are great and I love the mid-century graphic vibe! Are they soy based, do you know? xoxo


    • Hey Robert,
      I can’t promise but I think they are soy.
      Yeah, the bowls are fun, I really like the B/W cats though, so cute.
      Portia xx


  2. I love my packaging. I’m sad to say the cat pictured is a turn- off. On the other hand, I’m all for the simple lines of the bowls and jars. Very reasonably priced.
    Which scent is the one in your bathroom. Have you smelt the entire range?


    • Oh well, can’t please everyone SaffyIsHere,
      Currently burning Coconut Lime and have Lychee Black Tea also.
      Portia xx


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