Cologne Cashmere by Carla Chabert for La Manufacture 2015




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I came across La Manufacture through a gifted sample of Cologne Rare, and I was so impressed that I promised myself to purchase a few more of their colognes to try out. A major problem in accessing these was having them shipped to Australia – they don’t send directly. I needed to have them sent to Germany and brought back in personal luggage – not ideal, and difficult to replicate. However, as I have been enjoying these, I thought it was worth sharing my thoughts.

Cologne Cashmere by La Manufacture 2015

Cologne Cashmere by Carla Chabert


Le Manufacture gives these featured accords:
Bergamot, mandarin, guaiac wood, sandalwood, leather, velvet, amber, vetiver, marron glacé

This fragrance is a fantastic example of why not to underestimate something just because it’s a “cologne”. It changes through dry down with three distinct stages, and sticks to my skin for at least 8 hours in the summer heat – albeit as a skin scent after about 4 hours.

Cologne Cashmere opens with a fabulous juicy mandarin and bergamot. The bergamot borders more on the green side of the citrus rather than the smoky side and I think this is because it’s emphasised by a generous waft of dry woods that sweeps through and then deepens. After 15 minutes a cheeky little suede note slips in to the picture, having a certain peach aspect to it in a similar vein as Daim Blond or Bottega Veneta. There’s a touch of salty plasticine in there too, which I’ve sniffed out during the first hour a few times. Makes the fragrance feel lived-in.


At 1 hour you get a jumbled mix of woods. Close to the skin there’s a sense of a soft wood hollowed out by fungus and then dried, and a blond grassy note. I got a lovely surprise when I caught a whiff of sandalwood in the silage. It was a perfect representation, and it was a gorgeous match for a hot and humid day.

But wait, there’s more. I was entranced by a sweet note during the dry down which I likened to strawberry jaminitially. Because the first time I noticed it I was in a home environment, I passed it off as being an anomaly. However on closer investigation on the sample’s listed notes, there is something called a marron glacé right at the very end of the spiel – my brain disregarded this the first few times around because I simply didn’t know what it was. However, what I was overlooking was the source of my sweet impressions! Marron glacé is chestnut which has been crystallised and then coated in a glaze – and there it was in my fragrance – a yummy sticky jammy sugary chestnut. Bloody brilliant.


I’m fascinated by the way Cologne Cashmere changes from being primarily hesperidic, through to dry and woody, and end up with such an unusual gourmand. It’s been very fun to wear and I’m sorry to see my sample running dry.

Le Manufacture has €65/50ml and samples

What is your favourite cologne?

Have a fab start to the week.

xx Tina G

4 thoughts on “Cologne Cashmere by Carla Chabert for La Manufacture 2015

  1. Hey Tina!
    One of the great things about living in Aus must be getting to use lots of lovely colognes. This one sounds like a good’un. Much more development and complexity than your average disappearing act.
    I love Eau de Mandarin Ambree but also got O de Lancome and Eau de Rochas at the swapmeet. The latter I think you’d really love as it has that lived-in patchouli back note.


    • Hey Tara!

      We’ve had an incredibly hot summer, so colognes and lighter scents are the go for me. La Manufacture are interesting, they tend to feature mandarine which is fab! I haven’t tried the three you’ve mentioned, but they’re on my radar. The Rocas has just moved up the list with your patch comment! 🙂
      xxxx Tina G


  2. Unless you count FM’s Eau de Magnolia, which I have and love and wear, I don’t have any colognes. But I want some. Eau de Rochas sounds good ……. Maybe I’ll investigate the genre this year. oh wait! I have Shalimar Cologne. I forgot. it’s amazing. But lasts so many hours I think of it as EdP. Hugs.


    • Hey Val!
      i love both FM Eau de Magnolia and Shalimar Cologne. Great fragrances. Not sure I’d count the FM in the category but then again I don’t know it’s % fragrance per vol, if you’re gonna get techy.
      Tara may have started a little lemming with Eau de Rochas. 🙂
      Is it hard to think of colognes when there’s still snow on the ground?
      xxxx chat soon
      Tina G


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