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Hello Vintage Fragrance Freaks,

I have a problem, well one we are going to discuss today anyway, let’s leave the rest. Recently I was trolling eBay, as we all so often do. One of my favourite sellers had a pristine 50ml white Nina Ricci refillable bottle with the gold trim. It looked virtually unused and the juice in lightly amber but clear condition. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t have a label. Yep, is completely unmarked.

Mystery Nina Ricci Vintage

So, my response was to snipe bid $7 above the unbid price and see what happened. That still kept my bid to around US$25 including postage. Well there were zero pre bids, but 4 snipe bids and mine won! Woo Hoo! So it arrived and smells fabulous. All floral powder, oakmoss and lightly soapy.

BUT I can’t work out what it is. There are quite a few Nina Ricci frags around here but I can’t seem to place this one. So I thought I’d share the joy and send some people samples.


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23 thoughts on “Mystery Nina Ricci Vintage

  1. Hi Portia,

    I think you have an 80’s or 90’s bottle of L’air du Temps there – which I’d love to sniff! (I follow by email.)

    It and Arpege were ubiquitous when I was growing up, and I never cared for either of them. But when I matured I came (alas too late) to adore them both.

    Is it recognizable, Portia?


  2. Pretty sure that’s L’Air du Temps as well. I bought my grandmother a vintage bottle just like that a few years ago as she loves that scent.


  3. via email and FB

    So many vintages that I love. I would have to say Balenciage Rumba is a fave. Or Ciara. I love spicy florientals.


  4. I did a little research and by research I mean I googled “nina ricci vintage refillable”. It turned out that it is a nina ricci nina eau de toilette. If it had doves instead of a woman’s head it would have been l’air du temps.

    I have always wanted to try a vintage cartier panthere.

    I follow via email.

    Thank you! Wish you all the best!


    • Hey MichelleU,
      I wonder if spritzing it is what makes it smell so different from my Nina splash bottles?
      Portia x


  5. dead armadillo huh lol that’s cool well I will be honest my wife only recently converted me to the larger world of fragrances and since then I have been thoroughly enjoying smelling all the new and incredible scents that are out there but there are still so many I’ve never had the opportunity of smelling. I’m also not exactly sure what is vintage or not but my favorite fragrance for the longest time was Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger, I was attending college at at OU when it first came out and tested it in the store and had to buy it. That was pretty much all I wore aside from Curve which I added later on until this last year when i started sampling lots of different scents at this moment I’m wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male and loving it! I myself am not really big on florals but my wife is so thanks for the opportunity and I’m following via email.


  6. The atomizer is Nina – love!!! the powder-y floral 🙂 I need to get back into search for scent mode for early Riccis 🙂 We follow on FB, blog, and e-mail….Thank you for being there!! 🙂


  7. Ciao Portia,
    what a nice blind buy! I love all the old Nina Ricci and tried to collect ’em all during the years.
    Most of them have that “floral powdery” kinda vibe, so that gives very few clues. Basing on the “moss” I’d say it can be Farouche from the ’70s (greener topnotes) or Nina from the ’80 (lots of sandalwood too). In fact I remember I’ve seen Nina in that white rechargeable sprays around.
    Anyway all of them are so romantic old school, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


  8. Great find Portia! I love vintages in general but I’d love to try vintage Diorissimo which I didn’t try back then.
    I follow APJ via email.


  9. Hi Portia, I love vintage fragrances,and would love to try vintage Dior Fahrenheit among a number of others. Thanks for the draw.


  10. The vintage perfume I love is the original Victoria by Victoria’s Secret. It was my signature scent in college and then it was, sadly, discontinued. I still have one treasured bottle which I occasionally wear. I follow by email.


  11. You have a dead armadillo basket? How the…whaaat? Haha

    I follow by email. Soon will commence my quest for a sample of vintage Shalimar extrait. Thanks for the chance!


  12. I love Diorissimo, but have only ever sampled the modern version. I’d love to sniff the original! And I follow via email. Hope you solve your mystery!


  13. As a few others have suggested, the white canister with the lady’s head is the old Nina. If the scent itself doesn’t smell like Nina, it’s possible that the inner refill is a different Ricci such as Capricci or Farouche(I assume you’ve taken the canister apart to check the base of the glass bottle?).

    As you know I love vintage frags, and I can’t think of any that I miss because I have managed to collect examples of the ones I love the most (using stealth eBay techniques like your own :-D) The old Riccis are among my many favourites.

    I would love to see a pic of your armadillo basket! Many, many decades ago, when myself, Mum and sis moved into an old farmhouse, we found an armadillo basket left behind in one of the cupboards. It was rather dusty and not in perfect nick. I recall the (real, dead, hollowed-out, upside-down) armadillo was ivory/grey-ish and, where the tummy used to be, there were folds of gold/chartreuse satin and grosgrain to make up the pouch. It was at once fascinating and disgusting. I have no idea what became of it… knowing my mum’s hoarding tendencies, it’s still somewhere up the back of the same cupboard!


  14. I follow via Twitter and Facebook and email. What a wonderful find that bottle is!!! I have a treasured mini of Jules by Christian Dior as my vintage love. It appears reading the above comments that the orig. Diorissimo is missed greatly. I would have like to smell the 1912 version of L’Heure de Bleu.
    Thanks for the draw.


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