Surrender by AbdesSalaam Attar for Surrender To Chance 2014

Hey Hey Perfume Junkies,

I have some incredibly exciting news for you all. Surrender To Chance have worked with La Via Del Profumo to create two incredible, all natural scents that will blow you right out of the water. I constantly hear and read complaints that many niche and indie perfumers are selling out and going mainstream, that the fragrances we are being offered aren’t pushing enough boundaries, interesting, skanky or outrageous.

I think I have something that might then tweak your interest.

Surrender by Surrender To Chance 2014

AbdesSalaam Attar of La Via Del Profumo


Righto, toxic, petrochemical oil slick jasmine straight out of the gate. There’s NOTHING quite so ferocious and fabulous as being punched in the nose by 4 million jasmine flowers and they’re ready for action. Like an ice cold river that is both refreshing and agony the jasmine here is frosty and full on. If you like jasmine but never think perfumers capture the freaky gorgeous scent bomb that is sitting just down wind of a full flowering bush at dusk then I have found the perfect jasmine for you.

It’s perfect for me too. Ah May Zing.

From Surrender To Chance: Surrender is a rich jasmine floral that blends different jasmine absolutes with licorice, carrot, myrrh, gourmand notes and hyraceum. We wanted this to be a plush, slightly naughty wedding perfume, but it can be worn by anyone, no wedding required. We love jasmine and we love what Dominique did with this. The addition of the hyraceum makes this fragrance sing! It should be noted that it is an ethical and sustainable source of animal pheromone which does not hurt the animal in any way as hyraceum is the crystallized and petrified form of Hyrax urine. Because of the nature of the ingredients in Surrender and for its function as a sensual aphrodisiac fragrance, animal pheromones have a sense and a place in it. 

You should get your sniff on this mad baby. I think you’ll love it.

How do you like your jasmine?
Portia xx


10 thoughts on “Surrender by AbdesSalaam Attar for Surrender To Chance 2014

  1. I like it dirty!!!! My fave jasmines are Atelier Jasmine Angelique, Etat Libre’s Jasmine et Cigarette and my fave of all time and most treasured bottle in my 450 collection: an unmarked Henry Jacques bottle that is jasmine and civet pure parfum in French crystal. Swoon. I scored it for $14. A $600 bottle of fragrance! Nothing will EVER beat that for me.


  2. Oh man, this has my name all over it!! I am SUCH a huge fan of Dominique’s work, pretty much everything I’ve tried of his has been stunning!! Thanks for this heads-up!! xoxo


    • Hello Handsome Robert,
      Yeah, the whole line speaks to me too. Can’t stop ordering the sample sizes and have a couple of bottles too. He makes great scents and seems to have a way with skank more deft and comfortable than any other.
      Portia xx


  3. I like my jasmine on my wrists, neck, sweaters, sheets, in my shower, as incense, candles, and…well, I just like my jasmine. Gotta get me some of this.


  4. Wonderful reminder that Surrender is on my wishlist to sniff someday. The pictured pink and white jasmine blooms make me wish spring were already here. Last year I planted that type of jasmine outside my window. I’m hoping for some eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head-delightful wafts of scent in a month or so.


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