Heart of Darkness EdP by Charna Ether for Providence Perfume Co. 2016


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Hello out there, you beautifully scented people!

I’ve waxed poetic about Providence Perfume Company many times before. Thanks to Charna’s latest creation, my love for PPC is newly aflame as if I had just discovered her collection yesterday! I’ve been on a woodsy kick over the last year or so, falling in love with scents that feature pine, moss, and other botanicals along those lines. When I read the notes for PPC’s new release, I excitedly set aside a few hours to visit my friend in her luxurious store in Providence and was smitten from the first inhale:

Heart of Darkness EdP by Providence Perfume Co. 2016

Heart of Darkness EdP by Charna Ether


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Oak moss, cedar moss, lavender, vetiver, espresso, nutmeg, tonka, cedar wood, rockrose

Heart of Darkness is a modern interpretation of the fougère, a historically masculine genre of fragrance that typically features lavender and oak moss. With Charna’s inspired creativity, this classic aroma is infused with vivid energy. My first impression was simply that I felt suddenly bold and vibrant, confident with an air of intrigue and mystery.

At the opening, I sense shimmering lavender, smoky vetiver, and dominant oak moss. Aromatic cedar wood and crushed pine needles dance from my skin, an enchanted forest. This wilderness is gracefully accented by a kiss of espresso and a slight hint of honeyed tonka bean sweetness. Overall, I feel like I’m surrounded by majestic ancient pine trees, their proud branches reaching into the atmosphere as sunlight filters through their needles. The forest floor is spongy with moss. The air is silent, saturated with tranquil fragrance.


To me, Heart of Darkness is more than an accessory spritzed on to complete an outfit. It transcends the typical utilitarian purpose of scent, and instead is truly a work of art that instantly transports me to my own inner peace. It’s complex and intense, assertive yet calm. You’ve never smelled anything like this before, you can’t prepare for it by imagining the notes intertwining. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s definitely not for beginners. It’s for wild souls who run in the woods, who jump in the water with their clothes still on. It’s for wanderers and pioneers who still make time for daydreams.

Providence Perfume Co. has $45/5ml
Providence Perfume Co. also has 8 x 1.5ml sample sets on sale currently

Have you dipped your toes into the wondrous world of natural perfumery? What are your favorite all-natural perfume houses and fragrances?



This week there will be 1 winner who will receive:
1 x 2 mL sample of PPC Heart of Darkness EdP
1 x 3 oz. complementary PPC Fern botanical hand cream: “Mossy green notes of tonka, lavender, fir and patchouli.”
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24 thoughts on “Heart of Darkness EdP by Charna Ether for Providence Perfume Co. 2016

  1. Hi hello fragrance lover I follow threw email RSS and would love to wear this at a fetish party here in Miami ass off as it sounds dark smelling sweetness 😍


  2. I think some all natural perfumes lack that development through the top to base notes, but have enjoyed sampling House of Matriarch recently. I would wear Heart of Darkness to yoga class, it sounds very grounding and makes me want to take a deep breath.
    I follow by email.


  3. Hi Erica, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I follow by email.

    I would wear Heart of Darkness when I finally have that chance to be still, and to give myself time to really think about where I want to be and who I want to be. I can’t put that off forever.


  4. E-mail follower here. I’m going to wear Heart of Darkness first at home in the evening while I’m just sitting around. 🙂


  5. Dear Erica, I feel like this is a most appropriate scent for a job interview! I am on the job-seeking wheel, and the pine-tree and moss combo of PPC Hart of Darkness seems to offer the balance I need to be confident and smart when I have to defend my resume!
    Thank you for the chance!
    I follow on Google +, FB and by email.


  6. As I’m mostly a homebody that doesn’t venture too far from my comfort zone, perfume is my gateway to anywhere within my imagination I want to go. If I could choose, this perfume seems to call for wearing on a lazy Saturday afternoon where rain has fallen steadily and gently all day, the type that follows a thunderstorm. Everything smells earthy and refreshed. Don’t think we get to choose the weather though! 😊 Anyway, said environment with a copy of Vogue or other inspirstional reading material, glass of white wine (and bottle on table) would certainly be my idea of relaxation!
    I’m exclusively into natural perfumes and have tried most of Charna’s creations as well as many other fantastic independent perfume houses. I would love to win this. Thanks for the intriguing review and opportunity, I follow via email ☺


  7. I follow by email. I would wear the sample, if I won, anywhere. I too have been interested in woodsy fragrances recently. There is something so primal yet soothing about them. Thanks for the draw.


  8. I follow via email and Facebook.

    I would probably wear this sample to bed. If I went to church, that would be a great place. Haa haa. Or, the art museum!

    My utter fave botanical/natural perfumer is Ayala Moriel. I like or love everything I’ve tried from her when I usually loathe the natural fragrances. Problem is that I can’t afford her. 😦


  9. I’d probably wear it on a trip to the bookstore or at home with a cup of tea at night. I follow through Facebook, twitter and email.


  10. I would wear my sample at home and then I’ll go to my friend’s house because she loves perfumes too and we will talk about Heart of Darkness))
    I follow by email. Thanks!


  11. Erica! Such a gorgeous review!! DNEM, but I would wear Heart of Darkness while casting spells under the full moon.❤❤❤❤


  12. I would wear Heart of Dakness while walking in the woods. Is all I can perceive. A deep dark forest!

    I follow via e-mail and facebook!

    Thank you! Wish you all the best!


  13. I follow by email. Originally I was going to say I’d wear this to work (since I wear pretty much everything to work), but to be more specific: I think I’d wear this to work on my days when I feel like I need a little extra oomph to kick some ass 🙂 Thank you, this sounds amazing!


  14. What a fantastic name for a perfume, bringing to mind the jungle, mystery and vague threat. I was always a Conrad fan.

    I would wear this on my chest. 🙂 Seriously, these woods, moss and coffee notes do suggest a great choice to wear to work on a cold, drizzly Melbourne day.

    I follow via FB and email.


  15. The notes in this are similar to my core preferences so I’d probably wear this anywhere! I love woods/mosses and I do love something different. I follow on FB and via email.


  16. This sounds wonderful! I would wear it on days that I steal from my schedule to visit some favorite haunts. I follow by RSS, thanks for the chance.


  17. Goodnight heavens, with a review like that, who wouldn’t want a sample?! I follow by email. I think i would wear it in a windowless room, actually, with the door closest and the lights off, in order to experience it with no external stimuli. Thanks for the giveaway!


  18. I follow by email. I’d wear it on a night when I’m just done with everything and everyone, to retreat to a secret place of scent. I haven’t yet tried any natural perfumes. Thanks for the giveaway!


  19. I would wear this the next time i visit the wild mountains of Donegal in Ireland. A special place for such a wonderful sounding perfume, I follow by email and wordpress. thank you for the draw,


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