Scent Diary: 20.2 – 26.2.17




Heya APJ,

This week has gone by in a blur. In between all the fun times I’m currently trying to get all the Trivia Q&A done for the 4 weeks we’re away and APJ posts up and ready too. Things might vibe a bit light on for this holiday, I seem to be running out of time and Jin’s buddy, all the way from South Korea, comes to stay with us on Monday morning for the week before we fly out.

Yes, busy, busy, busy. Happily so though.

Scent Diary: 20.2 – 26.2.17

Monday 20:

Wearing my Nina by Nina Ricci. Sparkling sweetly like our cool summer morning. Did a whole bunch of reorganising and engaging with my Turbo Trivia crew today. We are going to try a few new things in 2017. Fingers crossed for happy outcomes. As the business expands we want to keep it fun and flexible. A few big ticket bills paid today too.

I also went on a perfume spending spree. Bloody hell, sometimes the devil takes control and I go crazy. Bought Amouage Opus I, Burberry Brit woman parfum & EdP, a couple of vintage Miss Dior parfum atomisers and a Serge Lutens Bas de Soie that’s been on my list for ages.

We had dinner with a girlfriend, Korean BarBQ, came home and watched the second Divergent film, Insurgent. The casting for these films is wonderful: Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, Jai Courtney, Miles Teller. Jin finds Theo james unwatchable but I really believed him in the part. My problem is with the lead, Shailene Woodley, she is supposed to be playing this waifish, shapeless, conflicted, young girl and she acts and looks like your favourite wealthy, private school bred aunty at a wedding. The film is gorgeous though and has some excellent Sci-Fi tricks and ideas.

Tuesday 21:

Woke up early and took the dogs for a wee, then went back to bed till 10.30am. Jin & I did some grocery shopping in the morning, came home and Jin cooked French Toast and Bacon. O M G he is the best. It was delicious, I’m spoiled.

We watched the third Divergent film Allegiant. Jeff Daniels, Octavia Spencer and Naomi Watts join the cast, it’s bloody ripper.

Bath time and I used up the last of my Korres Christmas Set from Vera. The Korres Basil & Lemon Shower Gel has left my skin feeling soft and smelling fresh. I’m going to wear Niki de Saint Phalle to follow the green scent trail and also because she is a designer. Perfect choice.

Basil Lemon korres Feb 2017

Tonight I came home from work and decanted my .7ml Bass Solo by The Vagabond Prince vial into a spritz and spritzed the whole lot on at once. If incense and woods are your thing then this is a Must-Try. Review coming.

Wednesday 22:

Morning. Beautiful sleep in this morning. HOT day. Lolita Lempicka original EdP. So sweet and fizzy. Love it.

Today in the mail I received vintage Metal EdT by Paco Rabanne and a Guerlain Samsara PdT in Meteorites bottle. Also the Australian Agency de Parfum new releases for Winter 2017 with some new Penhaligon’s, Floris, Atelier Cologne and Lalique, EXCELLENT! Also a bunch of splits that I’ve bought. Good day in the mailbox.

Jin & I had to return the Divergent DVDs so we popped over to West Ryde and there is a stellar Korean restaurant that feels like you’re in a small town South Korean shop. So real. Jin adores it. He’s a really simple guy, it’s easy to make him happy.

Jin went to work this afternoon and I lay down for a snooze. When I woke it was 8.30pm and the room was dark. So basically I wasted a whole day that should have been spent getting posts ready for APJ so there’s some content while I’m away in March. GRRRRR. I’ll walk and feed the dogs then get some action stations ready and work through the night.

Tonight I tried the Metal by Paco Rabanne. The spray mechanism is dodgy but I got some on my skin and it is amazing. A fabulous green chypre. Review coming.

Thursday 23:

Nothing this morning. Hardly slept last night, little bit zombie.

Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids to fit with Lucasz at Chemist In A Bottle‘s rose month. Deep, dark, swampy roses with a sunrise in the heart that shimmers and sparkles before dark descends again. Gothic roses.

Olympic Orchids

Went to work and it was a little quiet at KPT. We still had a great time. Here’s one of my fave teams, the Mulligans.

Not quite sure what’s wrong with me but I’m trying to work tonight and my head is not co-operating. Chucking it in tonight and going to get some shut eye. Spritzing Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire before bed.

Friday 24:

Jin & I took a mate, that I’ve had since around 19 years old, and his partner to brunch. He’s turning 50 while we are away so we did a Yum Cha in a restaurant that Jin has long wanted to try. Best fun. They are interesting, well travelled, fun guys who are great conversationalists. So much to talk about because we hardly see each other anymore. Busy lives. It’s nice to relax into the ease of long friendships. Can’t help thinking how lucky my life has been friendwise, and so grateful that I still see most of the dear ones.

I have continued with Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire all day and night. It’s bloody fabulous in the Sydney heat. The violet and iris are cool and very classy on open.

Tonight Jin & I are trying a pub down the road that I’ve been interested in going to for years. Well, we were going to that pub but the bistro is under construction. We went around the corner to another pub and had the most delicious and melt in your mouth steaks ever. MMMMM. We walked down and back, then walked the dogs when we got home. I feel ultra healthy.

Over the last couple of weeks jin & I have been watching a show called Please Like Me. It’s an Aussie series about a gay guy and his outrageously dysfunctional family. It’s REALLY GOOD. Just finished watching the last of the third season and I’m going to miss the characters, they’ve become my friends.


Bedtime has me spritzing Maison Francis Kurkdjian Cologne Pour Le Soir. Feral and sweet, like an outdoor urinal in India coming to you on the breeze from about 100m away. The sweet rancid smell of decomposing urine, dusty roads, transportation, humanity and livestock. Why does this smell so good?

Saturday 25:

We had some rain overnight and the world is slightly cooler. I love to walk the dogs through cool drizzle and we came across so many other dogs and their masters out for a stroll. Grabbed a coffee at the local cafe. Sadly the murray is fading al around the suburb so I’m not getting the outrageous wafts of skanky orange blossoms but wet earth and concrete aplenty, the eucalyptus fragrance now subtly overtaking everything. Monsieur Li by Hermès, excellent walking companion and designer to go with my weeks challenge.

Had a bath in Madonna Truth or Dare bubbles, went out to see the Greyhound races but they were rained out. It was cool fun though, we met Alice & Sam and had some dinner in the bistro. Jin shouted us a super cheap bottle of pink bubbles and Alice bought us soft serve ice creams for dessert. Sounds like a shit night but it was great fun. Jin was in vintage CHANEL Antaeus (a present from me) and smelled absolutely freaking gorgeous. I wore original Agent Provocateur EdP, roses and stuff, with a little hint of my baths white flowers playing sotto voice.

For bed I wore vintage 1000 EdT by Jean Patou. Over the top of the Agent Provocateur remnants it lifted the roses and created a shimmering field of gorgeousness.

Sunday 26:

I think I’m a bit tired. Woke up this morning a bit Jin’s head off, then continued to chew him out most of the morning. He did get huffy and we had a soft core fight. I feel infinitely better for it, like the air is clear. We didn’t yell or scream, just bitched at each other.

So this week on Aussie Fragrance Network is Use Your Samples Week. I’ve started by wearing some old formula, whoa nelly, in your face Sables by Annick Goutal. This is so freaking gorgeous.

Righto! Off to work in Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo. Very Fleur, not so narcotic. I like it though. Pretty lilies, bit swampy and green. Very wearable.

How about your week? Anything interesting or fragrant happen?
Portia xx

23 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 20.2 – 26.2.17

  1. Portia, you’ll never regret buying vintage Miss Dior and I bet Bas de Soie will be fab in the Sydney heat.
    You must be feeling much fitter with swimming and walking the dogs. Brilliant.
    I’m doing the Month of Roses too aside fro testing a few new samples. Wearing Wild Roses by Aftelier today.
    Love how happy Jin always looks with a good meal in front of him!


    • Hey Tara,
      Oh yes, that Miss Dior is getting hefty wearings lately. So gorgeous.
      Bas de Soie, silk stockings, best frag name ever. It’s taken me a while to catch on.
      LOVED Wild roses, so good. Mandy Aftel is genius.
      Jin, he is sweet as pie. I’m a lucky man.
      Portia xx


  2. I was back at work this week, and have to be wary of strong perfume in ballet class….can maybe sneak Cuir Beluga or Shalimar body lotion.
    But today we had a meetup of WA frag heads and have loved sampling Fort and Manle, Zoologist, and those new Penhaligons with the funky animal heads.
    Have a good week ahead!


    • Hey JackieB,
      EVERYTHING is right with Shalimar Body Lotion in a ballet class. That will lift your jumps and add hang time if anything ever could.
      Getting together with other perfume junkies is so much part of the fun. I bet you guys had a ball.
      Portia xx


      • Much more interesting and complex than their others…I liked Clara and Radcliffe but can’t remember which animal they are!


      • Hey Mals86,
        The Penhaligon’s series are very nicely done frags, nothing terribly groundbreaking and longevity issues for me. The Duchess is very wearable, green chypre but I don’t get 40 minutes of scent from it. The duke also was lovely.
        Portia xx


  3. Hi Portia – Your week sound fab, and I am in awe of your collection. I’m not what you’d call adventurous. Also, I am behind the times – where are you off to for four weeks?

    I didn’t know (consciously) that it was rose month, but I bought some Sephora rose facial wipes for when I’m lazy, and having them makes it easier to be lazy. Should have foreseen that, I guess – so I’ve been wearing my Fille de Berlin sample. I wasn’t wild about it when I got it, so I shoved it back to the back of the pack, but now I must say it’s grown on me, or I’ve grown into it. I don’t think it will ever be a FB for me, but I could easily see buying a decant for those days when rose is just right.


    • Hey Empliau,
      Yeah, the collection is broad. If you’re ever in Sydney come over for a sniff.

      Fille de Berlin has been on my To Buy List for a while. Isn’t it nice when something grows on you, each wearing unlocks deeper secrets.
      Portia xx


  4. Hi Portia,
    What a great scent diary! I’ve got several of these out to grab and spritz as needed! Looks like life is good down your way😀
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      Wonderful to see you. How are you & Brad?

      Do you ever read Muse In Wooden Shoes scent diary? It was my inspiration and sometimes I get out my frags in her list and spritz too. Nice to see I’m not alone.

      Life is chugging along nicely indeed. Busy and comfortable.
      Wishing you guys the same.
      Portia xx


  5. Ok… Now I feel like I do not have enough Miss Dior back-ups… 🙂

    Great perfumes, nice week (but the part of a slightly unhealthy diet – I mean heads of loved ones 😉 ).

    I’m continuing with the Rose Month (2 more days to go): there are so many great rose perfumes! I’m glad I got to re-visit some of them.


    • HA! Yes, I’m crazy Undina. Those 7ml perfumes disappear so quickly though once you start wearing them.

      Is that an Australian thing? When someone snaps and barks at you we say, “No need to bite my head off.”? Yes, unhealthy if done too often.

      Yes today I wore Rose Anonyme by Atelier Perfumes, it’s fun to have a reason to rose.
      Portia xx


    • Heya Hage,
      We do eat out a lot. Probably 4-6 times a week. There’s not even a decent reason for it either, we are both stellar cooks. Jin even worked as a cook in Korea for a while.
      I do like the way Jin & I converse when we’re out, there is a much more flowing conversation and interchange when we both are sitting at a table being served.
      The lack of organisation and clean up time is another factor. Both of us work disparate hours and when we do get time to spend together it feels quite special and important to have a restaurant meal, even 5 years on and having done it all along.
      Also most of our friends live in the inner city so when group eating we choose places half way between to make it fairer on everyone.
      And yes, I do know how lucky I am/we are. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with gratitude that my life turned out as it has. It was never a given.
      Portia xx


  6. Sweet Portia! Thank you for being honest – I have been snapping the head off my beloved lately too, and it helps to know that it’s natural and that sometimes one just can’t help it. I think it happens most when I am tired or in pain and I reckon you must be mega tired with all that you have been cramming in lately.

    Yes, you are lucky in so many ways, not least because you have the gorgeous Metal. And the Samsara. Looking forward to reading your take on those.


    • Hey there Jillie,
      Yeah, bit tired, little bit overwhelmed at times with all I’ve put on my plate. Nasty combo.
      Oh yes, the newbies will be posted about ASAP.
      Portia xx


  7. Ok, I almost stopped reading right at the beginning, my brain couldn’t process any further information – Amouage Opus I ❤ I adore it and still did not buy a FB…
    The best day was the mailbox day – Paco Rabanne Metal! Again one of my dearest older perfumes. You know how I love the eighties in perfume. Can't wait for your review.
    So you have to understand that I could't fully concentrate on other details, except for the word TRAVEL. Lucky you…but you've deserved it 🙂


    • Heya Neva,
      Yeah, mailbox day was pretty damn spectacular.
      How cool is Metal? What a frag.
      Opus I! How did it take me so long to get it?
      Portia xx


  8. I love these scent diaries of yours Portia.

    I had a bit of a mixed week last week: vintage Tabarome and Ricci Club being the highlights. IIRC, Hyde Park, Russian Tea, Cuir Ototman and Pamplemousse Rose got a run as well.

    I love the Ricci Club on a hot day but, sadly, I think I’m reacting to it, so it will probably have to go to the back of the drawer.


  9. Hi Poria,

    I must try Bas de Soie again. I purchased Gris Clair instead as I loved the decription of “fresh grey skies and stormy clouds” and I do love the colour and atmosphere of a stormy approaching; however I also love the “silk stockings” analogy and I am a sucker for a good fragrant yarn in regards to the inspiration behind the scent. I am also going to try Lolita Lempicka again. I was drawn to that gorgeous bottle when it first came out, I spritzed it & liked it, but somehow in all these years haven’t tried it again. The Equistrius has me interested also with two of my favourite notes – iris & violet.

    My goodness, that meteorites bottle is gorgeous on the Samsara. The meteorite pearls packaging is also really lovely too. Have you ever used them?

    Our murrayas are not flowering at the moment, not long finished though, but when they do, oh my . . . the scent wafts up to the house and is just heavenly, especially early morning during our aussie summer and again at dusk. Then when they have finished there is a luscious white carpet where all the blossoms have fallen and starts to meld with the earth, gorgeous.

    It sounds like you need a day to just rest, clear the cobwebs and refresh yourself, take care.


    • Heya GailW,
      Gris Clair is yummy too. Great choice.
      I bought one of the Meteorite bottles a while ago and fell madly in love with it. Now overtime I see one for a price I can afford at the time I grab it. They are fabulous.
      We have murray in a hedge out front and down the side of our apartment block, if I have a bath and come back into the living area it is beautiful and takes my breath away.
      Yeah, rest days when I’m dead. He He he
      Portia xx


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