Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Fabrice Pellegrin for Diptyque 2016




Hey there Rose lovers,

There’s been a LOT of rose chatter on the blogs for February is now the month of roses. Chemist In A Bottle, Undina’s Looking Glass and others are doing roses, roses, roses. The guys at LuckyScent do samples and this rose fragrance arrived recently so I thought I could do a one wear share of how it was. That’s right, the whole 0.7ml decanted and spritzed in one go.

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Diptyque 2016

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Fabrice Pellegrin


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Rose essence, Rosa centifolia absolute, Rose oil, Red fruits, Honey

HA! Roses. Burying your head in a sweet, fruity garden rose. If roses straight up are your thing then this would be a great addition to your collection.

You know the feeling in the back of your throat when you have been sucking honey straight off your spoon? Add that to a slightly dry, tea-ish, sweet rose. The berries aren’t fresh, they’re glacé and sticky. The honey comes front and centre through the heart and it creates an animalic overlay that is quite wild. Happily ferocious honey drizzled roses. Bloody good stuff. The price is super good too.

I can imagine this glorious rose/honey combo becoming a signature scent and for those that have one display bottle at a time this is so fabulous. I bet it feels amazing in your hand too.


From LuckyScent: For 2016, Fabrice Pellegrin chose perhaps Grasse’s most iconic flower, the soft, sensual and spirited Rose de Mai. And what an interpretation it is: Essences Insensees seems to positively sweep us into the springtime meadows of southeastern France, to sunstruck bucolic countrysides where men and women in straw hats weave through fields awash in stunning pink flowers, selecting the lushest and freshest among them for the honor of undergoing the intricate steam distillation that will help them live forever.

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Diptyque Pierre-Auguste_Renoir WikiCommonsWikiCommons

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LuckyScent has $180/120ml & Samples

I know some of you love your roses. Are you wearing them for rose month? Which ones?
Portia xx

11 thoughts on “Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Fabrice Pellegrin for Diptyque 2016

      • Hi Portia,

        JC Ellena created it. It is a tangy fruity blackcurrant rose. Always makes me think of what rose potpourri would be like if instead of dried petals it was made of juicy and tangy fresh ones.


    • Ooo – yes i love La Fille de Berlin – my very favourite rose scent. also loving Viktoria Minya Hedonist rose right now. How strange, i had a dream the other night and dreamt of a YSL bracelet that i found. Then i saw your post about YSL In Love Again and it sounds perfect. Perhaps it is a sign for me to check this one out! Many thanks. 🙂


    • Hi Neva,
      Totally different. Mohur is a rich, colourful tapestry with rose woven in as the main contender. Rose de Mai is a soliflor with fruity and animalic bells & whistles.
      Portia xx


    • Hey there RobertH,
      Lovely to see you buddy.
      I have ordered a FB to do a split here in Australia among the AFN crew. Split filled in an hour!
      Portia xx


  1. Recently I had roses on my mind 😉 (thank you for the link <3), so now, of course, I want to try this one. I was looking for it the last time I was at Diptyque counter but they didn't have it (yet?).

    I have one more perfume to wear this month – Hermes Rose Ikebana.


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