Thought For The Day from Harry Winston




Hi All,

Here are two looks from long ago in the 20th century. Below that you’ll see a Harry winston quote that I have unwittingly lived by most of my life.

This post is just a gratitude post for how amazing my life is and has been, and to show you what I was doing long before perfume took over my brain….

Sitting at the desk in a cloud of Guerlain Mitsouko vintage EdT. It’s so beautiful ย my mind floated back to my younger years in the big shows and how fortunate I was to often be in the right place at the right time. It also inspired me to look for pictures where i’m wearing gold, doesn’t Mitsouko smell golden?


Thought For The Day from Harry Winston

So what fragrance takes you back in time to the glamour years of your life? Do you earn stares or shun them?

Be well and waft on,
Portia xxx

17 thoughts on “Thought For The Day from Harry Winston

  1. You have fantastic pins Portia!

    “Fleur” by Lentheric. Funny you asking that because I ran across a bottle for sale on ebay the other day and seeing it instantly took me back in time about 20 years. I loved that frag.

    Lil xx


  2. Dear Portia,
    You were beautiful then, and you’re beautiful still. What fun to catch this glimpse of you from back in the day! And I am going to pin that quote on my wall. Thank you for the inspiration.


  3. Hi Portia,
    I’m so old that almost everything I love harks back to more glamorous times. Currently trying to create a new glam that works for myself. I think I will start with some old Sirocco by Lucien Lelong, ๐Ÿ˜€
    Azar xxx


  4. Portia, thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts and your beautiful open heart. You are forever gorgeous. I loved seeing your photos. The Harry Winston quote is fabulous. As I get older I agree more and more. A wise friend told me that there’s no sense in allowing other people to decide how happy I am, whatever they may say or do, just move along and keep on smiling.

    As a young girl I mostly kept myself to myself and aimed to please my parents and teachers. But I had a bad habit of filching my parents’ scents, Dad’s Old Spice, their shared Chanel No. 5 Eau de Cologne, and Mum’s L’air du Temps. They didn’t mind when I came home from the corner drugstore reeking of my newly purchased Houbigant Chantilly. It made me feel glamorous though I bought it with money I earned babysitting. Good memories.


    • WOW! Love your Chantilly story Tiffanie, Great that your parents had stashes of fragrance to test your teeth on.
      Keep on smiling is really tough some days. I aim for it too.
      Portia xx


  5. you know, every time I think of sliding back into that Slough of Despond I think of the conversation you and I had on the bus in LA – really helped me redirect my focus. You make the choice to see the world always in color and I am so grateful to know you!

    I had a pretty awesome yout’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ with men buying me perfume (really) based on just having seen me! and a couple of jewels (not Harry-level, but nice) and a fur or two (back when none of us gave it much thought)…….now, in my later years, I find myself returning to that, albeit in a more sedate way (I can’t see myself tottering through gravel in mah Manolos)…but I’m back to wearing makeup, doing mah hurrs…and wearing the living crap out of the heavy hitters. Today I am in enough Baiser Vole to stun a rhino. You can smell me on the moon. And I. Don’t. Care. xoxoxoA


  6. Oh Portia you beautiful golden you! So happy you live by that quote. In doing so you light up our lives as well xxxl ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฆ„


  7. Hi Portia, those legs … amazing, the three of you look fabulous.

    I love reading your blog, it has such a positive feel and your attitude to life is wonderful. To quote Musette I had a bit of a Slough of Despond yesterday and reading your blog and seeing the pics made me smile; also, what never fails to bring me joy is my perfume collection – I just love, love, love to gaze upon those gorgeous bottles and this undoubtedly leads to removing the lids and inhaling that precious fragrance, it just makes me incredibly happy and I can’t explain why, it just does.

    That quote is so true, love it.


    • Oh Gail,
      My bottles do the same for me. Unbeatable downward spiral breakers.
      So glad you’re loving APJ, we work really hard to bring you content so a comment like this will make me smile all week.
      Portia xx


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