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Hey APJers,

You may remember that I met the owner of Detail and his wife at the Milan hotel we stayed in for Esxence? Louis and his wife Christine. He was so sweet and passionate about their fragrances. Even made one of the newest range especially for Christine, with her involvement. She was wearing it to breakfast so proudly.

As we chattered over breakfast about his company Louis told me that they’d released some new fragrances recently. I tried a couple but the one I liked for me was Bois d’Oud. He gave me a bottle right there on the spot and Jin & I have both enjoyed wearing it since then.

Bois d’Oud by Detaille 2014


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Agarwood (oud), bergamot, labdanum
Heart: Saffron, cedar
Base: Tobacco, agarwood (oud), cedar, patchouli

As I was wearing Bois d’Oud I was telling him what I thought I smelled. Synth oud, loads of pencil shaving cedar, honey & patchouli. Well, I was almost all correct and Louis was thrilled that I had been able to place some notes. Really he was a complete gent.

Bois d’Oud opens with a lightly fecal synth oudh that quickly calms into a animalic, creamy, resinous labdanumwith only hints of the oudishness. Very nice, comfortable, easy. Then the cedar mines in underneath and you can smell it almost rising through thew scent to become front & centre. It’s beautifully played and smells good to me.


As the hours pass the tobacco, which smells delightfully honeyed and browned, and patchouli float through. Patchouli is pretty clean, no headshop shenanigans going on here and all backed by a soft blur of creamy oud. Smooth, the whole fragrance is very smooth.

It’s a nice, wearable, synth oud. Not too skanky, won’t scare the Grandmas or the teens away, and has a very comfortable wear. Bois d’Oud is not a groundbreaking perfume, won’t challenge the wearer and is at the cleaner end of the oud spectrum. It is a very nice version of what it does though.

Detaille has €90/50ml



This week there will be 2 winners who will receive:
1 x 10ml decant of Bois d’Oud by Detaille
P&H Anywhere in the world


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16 thoughts on “Bois d’Oud by Detaille 2014 + GIVEAWAY

  1. I am insanely in love with oud. I think my fave is Boadicea Complex. It smells like sex with Satan and all the minions of hell. It’s this smoke, brimstone animal scent that is like everything is burning rubber. I also adore Kilian Incense Oud for a pretty oud, Memo Shams Oud makes me swoon, Molton Brown Oudh Accord and Gold for an ambery creamy oud, Penhaligon’s Halfeti and Levantium, Atelier Oud Saphir if it lasted longer, and Rasasi Naswah for that skanky, dirty, sex oud.

    I follow on email and Facebook.


  2. I have a teeny vial of Cambodian oud oil, would never wear it as it is like a cow pat, but in blends I really like oud. MFK Satin Mood is a current favourite, lots of rose. Also like Annick Goutal 1001 Ouds (or something), slightly more medicinal.
    Bois d’Oud sounds easy to wear. Follow by email.


  3. I am a really really big fan of oud fragrances, I love all type of ouds, the fresher woodier ones like Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud, Byredo – Oud Immortel, the skankier ones like Orto Parisi – Stercus, LM – Black Oud and the creamier ones like Bond No.9 – Andy Warhol and Tom Ford – Oud Wood, also love to try out things from houses that I never tried anything before so I am looking to try out Bois d’Oud I am more than sure I would like it, thank you for the amazing giveaway, good luck everyone 🙂
    I follow via e-mail


  4. I follow by email. I’m really liking Dasein’s Winter Nights. There’s just something about it. I’m finding that I like woods more and more, especially in combination with spice. Thanks for the draw.


  5. I follow via email and I enjoy oud/wood fragrances because of my acidic skin. One of my many favourites is Nirvana by Evocative. I brings back memory for me of growing up in SE Asia.


  6. My favorite current oud fragrance is Oud Wood by Ford. I actually like it more than M7 vintage though I admit M7 is more artistic. I follow APJ though email.


  7. Oh just getting into this one on time!

    I follow via Feedly RSS reader

    I dont have a lot of woody or oud fragrances so it would be nice to expand. I have an AMAZING sample of Slumberhouse Ore which I would potentially buy in full size had I the $$. Its quite dry and maybe feels a bit too mature for me though I am so in love with his other scents; even Norne which on paper sounded like it would be too much for me but I love it. That one is a fougere but it FEELS like a wood cos it transports you to a forest. Quite amazing. I am only a new reader so I haven’t searched your archives, but if you’re not on the Slumberhouse train you should be! 🙂


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