Blossom Love by Nathalie Lorson + Elise Bénat for Amouage 2017


Erica Golding


Hello everyone!

Have you ever been graced with a sample that you may never have had the chance nor motivation to try otherwise? Tonight, I am sampling a gorgeous decant of a brand new release, thanks to a dear friend’s incredible generosity and boundless kindness!!

Blossom Love by Amouage 2017

Blossom Love by Nathalie Lorson + Elise Bénat


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Cherry nectar, Rose liqueur
Heart: Ylang-ylang, Amaretto accord, Vanilla
Base: Tonka bean, Sandalwood, Cashmeran

Amouage Blossom Love definitely goes beyond the boundaries you may expect a pink floral to reside within. I can honestly say that I do sense every note disclosed, and they harmonize as beautifully as you may expect – but don’t be fooled, Blossom Love is not innocent nor simple! There is a twist!


The opening shimmers with the fresh, sweetly clean cherry blossom, while the luscious juicy-bright glow of the rose liquor hints at depths to come. On my skin, the note that makes this composition truly worthy of the name Amouage is the almond liqueur (amaretto accord). This amaretto features a strange bitterness that collides violently with the tropical ylang ylang, creating a storm front crackling with electric charge. The sonorous distant thunder that follows stays smooth and mellow, as the base notes vibrate a bit higher and feel more like middle notes. Velvety musk and honeyed tonka bean soften the edges, while the vanilla takes time to come forward.

Overall, on me, the amaretto note dominates even the blinding light of the jubilant, vibrant cherry blossoms. The effect is so weird and unexpected and fascinating, I just can’t stop inhaling this incredible creation!


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Libertine Parfumerie has the Amouage range
Amouage has £260/100ml

What is the latest sample you’ve come across that completely took you off guard and blew your expectations into the water?

Until next time, be well and stay scented!


14 thoughts on “Blossom Love by Nathalie Lorson + Elise Bénat for Amouage 2017

  1. I just sampled the entire discovery set of Histoires de Parfums and the entire line of Penhaligon’s Portraits. I want a full bottle of Penhaligon’s. Any of them. I love the bottles. I like the scents. If it weren’t for the bottle, I probably wouldn’t buy one but I must have just one!


  2. Hey Erica,
    This sounds so beautiful. Maybe not exactly what I would think to wear but I definitely want to try it.
    A couple of the Atelier des Ors surprised me how lovely and interesting they were, while still remaining extremely wearable.
    Portia xx


    • I was skeptical that it would smell like a generic fruity floral on me, and I was so fascinated by the unexpected contrasts and that amaretto bomb!
      Oh I’m excited, I have a few Atelier des Ors samples patiently waiting in my Luckyscent cart for me to pull the trigger!


  3. Praise be that I’ve been part of the stampede for this from one of our split angels….I must admit I adore Amouages because their beautiful perfumes have strength and character like I’m used to from the olden days…
    The last few samples that blew my socks off were several from Zoologist…Nightingale and Hummingbird, and Shieduna by purdistance. Incredibly there is an oud note in Shieduna but I’m finding it beautiful. I’m loving that By Killian in the blue bottle, the fruity tuberose/white flower one…aha moonlight in heaven. I’m teetering over Promenade de Anglais and blind buying the rose Musc by Rodriguez…


  4. Your review makes me want to try Blossom Love right now! I love many Amouage perfumes and I suspect I’ll love this one too.
    The sample I’ve tried maybe two months ago was Tiempe Passate from Antonia’s Flowers and it swept me away immediately. Needless to say that I have already a FB at home. It’s a flower bouquet of the dry kind, nothing sweet or herbal, just woody and creamy. A second skin scent.


    • I’m so flattered Neva, that is awesome! I hope it is just as interesting on your skin as it was on mine.
      And now I’m intrigued about Tiempe Passate, a woody creamy dry floral sounds sensational!


      • Tiempe Passata is beautiful. Ambery clementine that is gentle but so well blended. It lingers to remind me it is there. I so need a FB.


  5. This sounds like a glorious scent for a Spring or Summer day! It wouldn’t be in my wheelhouse, but your review makes me want to try it. It sounds like the absolute perfect something to wear with a gauze-y dress and sandals…


  6. I have several Amouages but the one perfume that really took my breath away and surprised me the most was Bracken Woman. It is so very different from all the other Amouages and it really is a stunner with amazing longevity and silage. It’s so very different. That was one that on the same day I sampled it I purchased a bottle from a store in Arizona. Since then I’ve been wearing it almost everyday. I love it.


  7. Hi Erica,
    The amaretto note in this sounds absolutely swoon-worthy! I will definitely put this on my (lengthy) to sample list.

    The green notes in the open of Bel Respiro EDP had thst effect on me and there’s a small birthday bottle in my future. Now I just need to eke my sample out for another two months 😉



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