FRAGs and FRAGments From The Last Fortnight


Val the Cookie Queen


Felicitations APJ

It´s been bloody freezing here. Between like 1°c and 4°c. Snow flurries, and peach and cherry blossoms hanging on for dear life. It has at least given me the chance to get back to a proper gym routine. This week I will start spinning classes again and I am terrified. Been working out to The Doors, The Lumineers and the Easy Rider soundtrack.

FRAGs Worn

Frederic Malle Le Parfum de Therese. Sunny, tangy, sweet, dry and earthy. It´s a fascinating scent and makes me feel very grownup. Graceful and sophisticated.
Hermès Galop d’Hermès. Sunrise to sunset. A sparkly golden astringent opening, quince and saffron, a bright rose, and a long slow dry down to a dusky copper gold leather base.

Vero Profumo Naja. A green and floral tobacco. A blonde tobacco perfume, highlighted with neroli and bergamot, honeyed linden, and flecked with osmanthus.
Ormonde Jayne Tolu. Sumptuous but not overpowering. Subtly opulent. A vibrant herbal opening, contrasting beautifully with the rich amber heart. Resinous, warm and comforting.


B.blondeswunder stole my Portrait of a Lady for the Easter weekend away with the family of her boyfriend. (Note that they live in the boonies of Austria.) She applied four spritzes. Her boyfriend asked if she was wearing something new. To which she replied “Yep. Do you like it?” He replied “It might take me some time to get used to it.” Hahahahahahahahaha. Death by PoaL. I also came across a picture of MY Galop and MY cat on HER Instagram Story. I may have to lock my perfume wardrobe.

B.londesuwnder also practiced her drag make up technique on NoFear Chris, her long suffering Hero Dad.

BJTG (my seldom featured son) had a tattoo, not yet healed.

Great Grandmother turned 101.

A dear friend had a mild stroke. Total shit. Life is not always like it seems in the blogs.

Keep on truckin’

22 thoughts on “FRAGs and FRAGments From The Last Fortnight

    • Everyone doing OK actually. I mean parenting has it´s challenges, and in turn we are challenges for our kids. Hahahahaha. All in all I cannot complain. Yep, I find four fragrances over a fortnight about right. Don`t you? Epic laughing Bussis. xxxx


  1. Shit news about your friend Val. Really sorry to hear that. Hang in there. I enjoyed the rest of your post though and share your love of Galop. There’s definitely a FB of that somewhere in my future.
    Lil xx


    • Hi Lillibet! Thanks for your concern. A good week down the line and she is home and much better. There will be rehabilitation but she can do that by travelling to the city on a daily basis. Regaining use of her right foot and right arm happened really quickly. So it is all looking good. Sheesh. The very fact that I am reaching an age where my friends have strokes is quite weird. Salop! Do you? I absolutely love the stuff. At least the refill bottle is a LOT cheaper than the original purchase. Nice to see you. xxxxxx


  2. B.londesuwnder has great taste like her mum, that’s the problem. Her boyfriend is too sweet – what a diplomatic comment!

    Your cold weather hit us today. A bit of a shock.

    NoFear Chris is a Hero Dad for having the drag make-up done and you should also be known as NoFear Val after going back to spinning.


    • Hi Tara! I think the worst thing she did to her boyfriend was drown herself in Von Eusersdorff’s Patchouli. That did scare him spitless. He was not brought up any where near an old hippie or wacky baccy. I love VE patchouli, just for the record. Yep, Chris is a good sport. But you didn´t hear him complaining when he had to take it all off mind. The spinning was fine, I did it for three years and got straight back into the groove. But I did a stomach class afterwards and couldn´t bend over to tie up my shoelaces without crying, I hurt so badly. Back again for more though …….. See you soon. xxxxx


  3. Val, those drag make up photos are priceless! Love it. Glad to hear the family are all kicking along ok, but sorry to hear about your friend. Best wishes.
    Tolu is great, Tara gave me a sample which I adored.
    xx Tina G


    • I received the bottle of Tolu as a gift from OJ, thanks to a lucky FB draw. I have grown to really love it, it´s gorgeous. I´m in London at the beginning of May and am heading straight to Fortnum´s to try the Fortnum´s exclusive that blew Pia´s socks off. Can´t remember the name, something amber ….. but there´s iris in it. Hmmmm. I will keep you posted. Yep, kicking along is about right. Hugs. xxxxx


  4. Hi Val, Chris is a hero dad for sure! Love the pictures. So sorry about your friend. I hope she recovers quickly. Fingers crossed for a warmer May. Sandra xoxo


    • Oh my gosh, we are seriously hoping for better weather. It´s still bad. The day started with sunshine and it was 22 degrees at lunchtime. Now it´s cold, raining and we are expecting a little snow again. Crap. Thanks, our friend is well on the mend, but it is rather scary, the very word “stroke” …… xxxxxxxxx


  5. Val, so sorry to hear about your friend but glad it was mild (my dad had a mild stroke and recovered, fully. Well at least as fully as his crazy-assed self could recover! 😉

    Chris is Hero Dad! Wow! And he looks GREAT, both as Chris and DragChris.

    xoxoxo to you and yours.


    • Oh that is funny, crazy-assed is a great hing to be – like Chris. 😉 ! Good he recovered. My mother had a major stroke at aged 63 which took her out in three days flat, so I know from experience that is not always the case. Big hugs to you. xxxxx


  6. Hi Val, sorry to read about your friend, hope she recovers soon from her mild stroke. Brilliant way to keep your daughter from using up your perfumes, you should hire her boyfriend! Great photographs! Loved to see them all. Xxxxxesperanza


  7. Sending wishes of a speedy recovery to your friend. Loved the rest of your news. I plan to wear PoaL tomorrow (it’s one of a few perfumes left from my Top 20 that I haven’t worn yet this month) but since I’m going to the office, most likely, it’ll be not more than 2 sprays.

    Your cat and your perfume are great! And the fact that your daughter shares your love to both, is wonderful.


  8. So sorry to hear about your friend that had the stroke. What a mixed bag life can be. But mostly you had fun – and things nicked! And your husband made up to look like the very best pantomime dame ever. And I so want his lip gloss. x


  9. PdT just gorgeous, dont let her get away with stealing that one,OR the divine feline for that matter 😉
    Love the family update, it makes me feel I’m not alone in crazyland.
    You reminded me that I have to try Galop, and thanks for reminding me too that life is not all it seems on the blogs…


  10. The cat and hubby photos are priceless Val. Sorry to hear about your friend, strokes are shit, my brother Frank had one too.
    Good on Great Grandma 101, what a character 😘


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