Scent Diary 1.5 – 7.5.2017




Hi there fellow fumies,

I’ve learned a new put down. Don’t Get Thin Lipped With Me You Scrofulous Harpy. HA HA HA HA! Isn’t it heavenly, so deliciously awful and will have your opponent diving for their dictionary. Just so you know, Scrofulous is in reference to the tuberculosis illness and general degeneration, Harpies were mythical beasts with womens bodies & heads, birds wings & claws. I know, fabulous isn’t it.

Scent Diary 1.5 – 7.5.2017

Monday 1:

Not exactly sure what’s wrong with my baby Paris but he did another wee, this time in the house. Jin is off later in the week and we are going to take both dogs to the vets to get them checked out.

Paris Stretching May 2017

We caught the train to town. Jin wore Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling and I slathered myself in Mona di Orio Eau Absolue. We smelled wickedly good.

Mona di Orio Eau Absolue May 2017

On the train Jin Portia May 2017

Our beautiful girlfriend Alice is going home to the UK for a month.  Jin & I were able to catch up with her in town today for lunch. We went to one of my all time favourite venues the David Jones Food Hall in Sydney city. It’s a really wonderful lunch venue with loads of choice. I grabbed us an antipasto plate for entree and then we all had steak at The Grill. It was a totally fun way to farewell our mate and not very expensive either. The butcher has some of the best meat ever and they will soon be doing home delivery.

Farewell lunch Jin Alice Portia May 2017

After much we went for a bit of a sniff through the city shops. I added Amouage Bracken Woman on my left arm and Estee Lauder Modern Muse on my right. So I was completely fragrant for the ride home too. We felt the need to take a SMELFIE.

SMELFIE Sniffing Diptyque Jin Alice portia May 2017

OK, so I’ve become obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. Can’t seem to prise myself away from them. Tonight I kept watching one more episode until VERY late and then fell asleep without finishing my Trivia Q&A. OMG! So naughty of me. It won’t be long now because I’m already in season 6.

Tuesday 2:

Had to get up and finish the Trivia Q&A which took till noon. I am a wretched boss feeling very guilty.

I gave myself another healthy spritz of Mona di Orio Eau Absolue to write my questions. I have been trying to finish a 15ml decant for ages and now that its gone I am finally using my bottle. I find it balmy and smooth, TBH I thought it had lashings of lavender in it but it seems to have zero.

Tuesday is beard dying day. The white beard looks very lame with drag so I have to keep it dark and lustrous. I do admit though that I also like it dark as a bloke. It’s youthful, though I am not. I did get excited about my bubble bath today though because I used the last of my gorgeous gift from Jocelyn Fullerton of Cult of Scent. Golden Dreams is TO DIE FOR! Sadly it’s not regular range, special for me. You can get her fragrances and candles from the Cult of Scent site though.

Golden Dreams Cult of Scent May 2017

Over my bubble bath scent I spritzed liberally with Guerlain L’Heure Bleue EdP, I think it’s this century. Very nice, perfect for how I’m feeling tonight.

Guerlain L'Heure Bleue EdP May 2017

Home now, walked & fed the dogs and back to the Gilmore Girls. Chat tomorrow.

Wednesday 3:

It’s Wednesday late morning. Dogs are fed & walked. I took them by my favourite local coffee joint and grabbed one to go as we wandered the streets. It’s cool and there are some clouds flitting by. Though the dogs are excited to be out and wandering I find it peaceful to wander aimlessly, chat to locals, see the seasons changing. EVERYONE that loves dogs wants to pat the boys so we get quite a bit of chat time, I like it a lot.

Wearing Sonoma Scent Studio Rose Musc. It’s very pretty, red roses and leaves in a bottle. It was a perfect wandering companion. Later, through it’s life a fabulously animal musk came through, not dirty or loud but a friendly musk that wears subtly underneath red roses that last for hours & hours.

May 2017 Sonoma Scent Studio Rose Musc

Tonight for work I’m wearing 5 big spritzes of modern Guerlain Shalimar EdP and 2 of vintage parfum, this scent is my happy place.

Thursday 4:

Woke up with a jolt, wide awake and jumped out of bed. Fed and walked the dogs on a beautiful autumn morning.

Then I got caught up on a small slice of the Office Work that I’ve neglected. Hopefully Tuesday next week will get it cleared. I love having an empty inbox and all the bills paid and taken care of. There’s some mail still going to the house I sold over 2 years ago. I thought we had redirected EVERYTHING but clearly some stuff slipped between the cracks because the couple that bought it called and left out a BIG bag of it. I just collected it last week and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

BFF Kath’s Mum has been moved to rehab after a nasty tumble, breaking 3 ribs and fracturing her arm. Grabbed Kath and we went up to see her today. Yesterday was her birthday and it was a sad & sorry one for the poor girl. I think we brightened up her day just a smidge.

Mum, Dad & Kath Waples Portia Rehab may 2017

It’s cooler today so I wore a few spritzes of Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles. Sweet, spicy chutney & herbal woods. Excellent choice.

Tonight at Turbo Trivia we had a completely full house. It was an excellent night and so many of my favourite teams were in the house. It was loud and people were having fun.

I wore original Trussardi Donna, every time I wear it I love the light leather of this fragrance.

Spent an hour or so chatting to Neela Vermeire tonight. She is so funny, we laughed and nattered and fixed all the problems of the world.

Friday 5:

Friday dawned bright, crystal clear and sunny, not too warm and definitely hoodie over T-Shirt weather.

I had a fullish morning planned. The door guy had to come back and add a door closer to our screen door but he didn’t give me a time, hoping to be here by 2pm. When he did arrive the job took less that 20 minutes and he is a sweet man so it was nice to have him come back and fix the lack. Now we have a Self Closing Screen Door, which is what we paid for. YIPPEE!

If the door guy had come early I wanted to go see Kath’s Mum with her over lunch but things didn’t work out so when Jin gets home we can go visit.

Around midday I realised I was hungry so I made myself a little late morning tea. MMMMMMM Toast with Peanut Butter and Vegemite and a cuppa. I sat out on the balcony with the dogs and they were very well behaved. After the initial excitement that it might be for them they skedaddled right back to their beds and watched me eat with hungry, loving eyes.

In my free time I’ve been blogging. YAY! Yes, getting stuff done for next week and organising the Perfume Posse pieces for May. It’s a really relaxing when I put my mind to getting something done and then let my creative juices flow. Industrious, cleansing and cathartic all at once. It also has the added benefit of getting stuff done so I’m not worried about it. WINNING! Currently I smell like MFK Baccarat Rouge 540, Rochas Byzance and Aether Citrus Ester. There is a note in the Baccarat Rouge 540 that reminds me of Aether Methaldone.

Jin arrived home, we went and saw Kath’s Mum in hospital. On the way home we grabbed LOADS of Chinese food, watched the 2017 Winter episode of the Gilmore Girls. It was weird seeing them after 10 years but the good news is Logan Huntzburger, played by Matt Czuchry, my favourite character looks better than ever and they even have a storyline between Rory & him that feels super 21st century.

Fed & walked the dogs. Now Jin has gone to bed and I’m tap-tap-tapping away at the computer keys. Bliss.

I wanted to buy some Grand Soir and Baccarat Rouge 540 from MFK tonight but my mind was on other things and I bloody forgot to get the grand Soir. I’m a bloody idiot.

For bed I wanted something vanilla floral sweet but not too heavy so I went with Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia. Perfect.

Saturday 6:

Saturday and Jin went off to work around 4am. Usually I sleep right through but today I woke up. Wide awake. He usually trots the dogs quickly downstairs for a wee when he wakes. He noticed I was awake and brought the dogs in to cuddle with me. It was so lovely. I had to change the bedsheets anyway so no harm and the dogs & I lay around in bed till 9am feeding and walking. CHANEL Boy was my morning accompaniment, lovely soft balmy lavender for an autumnal wander. There’s even more air in the bottle since this show was taken.

When Jin got home this evening it was Chinese reheats (MY FAVOURITE) and the 2017 Gilmore Girls final three episodes. So good. we laughed, we cried. Matt Czuchry is even more enthralling, I melted every moment he was on screen. PLEASE let them do a new series…….

In honour of the Favourite Vintage Scent Question I wore vintage Miss Dior extrait around the house tonight. It was cozy and perfect.

Sunday 7:

While walking the dogs they became very excited and it turned out to be a little Australian Noisy Minah that had wandered from its family, fallen from its nest or something. He would definitely have become cat food during the night so we brought him home and are feeding him a mixture of minced beef, egg, egg shell grounds and lorikeet dry food. He’s so bloody cute we called him Finbar and he’s nearly ready to fly free. We’ll take him to the vet tomorrow and see what they say.

First thing this morning we went to the Sydney Harley-Davidson centre in Strathfield. Jin needed to do some paperwork, buy a new helmet and jacket and show me his Mid-Life Crisis Impulse Buy. While I’m shaking my head at his ridiculousness it’s not so bad. So far he has pierced his nipples and bought a Harley. Any day I’m expecting him to start at the gym and bring home a Toy-Boy. One thing I am proud of him for though is that he is living his life as he chooses, has a solid debt reduction plan to lower the mortgage and pay off the bike and has not overcommitted himself. He even has Life Insurance just in case and is almost the highest level of Health Cover. That’s all pretty good for a man not quite 40 who came to Australia with a suitcase and almost no money in 2006.

I finished off this lovely Angel style bubble bath today. It’s a cheapy from Bath & Body Works that smells great and bubbles like crazy. Mountains of them. YUM! Because my base is so obviously sweet I have overlaid Michael Bublé By Invitation. You have no idea how good I smell. SWEEEEET

So, what’s been going on in your world?
Have you seen, done or smelled anything interesting?
Please share your life in the comments below. I love to read about your weeks too.
Portia xxx

24 thoughts on “Scent Diary 1.5 – 7.5.2017

    • Yes, that’s the 2017 ones we watched. Weren’t they terrific?
      PLEASE let there be another whole series.
      Portia xx


    • Thanks Lynda,
      It’s nice to read that you’ve enjoyed reading.
      I LOVE doing these scent diaries, there will definitely be more.
      Portia xx


  1. Well been a full week for you…me?, bitten by spider, at home with Leia and researching Iceland for next year!!!
    And MY perfume of choice all week has been Armani Si ….the black bottle!!…


    • Bitten by SPIDER Kerrin? What sort? Shit, are you OK?
      ICELAND. I think we won’t be coming in 2018. Jin has his heart set on the Trans Siberian Railway.
      Si, you smell sweet.
      Portia xx


    • Thanks Ingrid,
      Yes, he is chirping away this morning. I think the vet will send him on to the wildlife crew Wires.
      Portia x


  2. Love to read your perfumed updates and fun photos each week. Please keep them coming.

    Enjoyed seeing your beautiful bottle of L’Heure Bleue, I am infatuated with that fragrance these past few days. It is glorious — iconic and approachable at once. Can’t stop spritzing it, even over the top of other fragrances. Now I’m wearing L’Heure Bleue with the remains of yesterday’s Insolence EdT, an easy-to-sniff pairing.

    Hope your lovey puppers Paris is now right as rain, and kudos for taking in that baby bird.


    • Hey Tiffanie,
      Oh yes, L’Heure Bleue is the bomb.
      Paris visited the vet today so fingers crossed.
      The baby bird has been passed along to the authorities that deal with Australian Native Wildlife. We would have loved to keep him but this is better and safer.
      Portia xx


  3. Finbar!!
    This week have been craving unusual non girly scents…Tobacco Rose has fit the bill, like it almost as much as Anubis.
    Sultan Pasha also had a wearing at the street fair yesterday on a perfect sunny day.
    On the dog subject, it is so wonderful walking round the neighbourhood chatting to people. I have made so many new friends this way.
    Thanks for your diaries!


    • Hey JackieB,
      Yes, Finbar is the cutest. He was a hungry little critter and so cuddly but we sent him off to WIRES. He’ll receive the real deal care there.
      Tobacco rose, girl you smell fine.
      There are two types of people with dogs that meet our dogs. the ones who pick their dogs up or walk them to the other side of the road and the ones who cooly and calmly allow our babies to have a sniff. We already know which ones we want to chat to.

      Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting.
      Portia xx


  4. aaaahhhh….sigh! L’Heure Bleue, one of my favourites, so sublime and gorgeous. I have been wearing Le Labo Iris 39 the past few weeks (birthday gift from hubby), I just adore smelling it; it’s my perfume crush at the moment.

    Boys and their toys, love it, we all need our little escape/dream. My hubby has always had a motorbike and has just bought another to fix up and tinker with when he retires early (hopefully) in a few years at 60.

    I hope all goes well with Paris and it is not anything too serious. Your little minah bird looks like he/she is quite content perched on your finger. Over the years we have had a few birds and a sugarglider rescued and taken to Wires to hopefully rehabilitate and set back free. They do a great job.

    Have a good week.


    • Hey GailW,
      Le Labo Iris 39 is one of the few I haven’t sniffed from the line figuring there are ample bottles of iris-centric frags around here. What makes it special? Should I investigate?
      All Paris test were done this morning. Fingers crossed.
      Yes, WIRES are wonderful. They even release in the same street the bird was found.
      Portia xx


      • I find Iris 39 an interesting composition. On me, it opens crisp and green with a hint of lime and also a slight sweetness. As it develops the soft powderiness from the iris surfaces along with violet and a very subtle nuance of rose. This all seems to morph into a lovely musky creaminess.

        I love the balance of it with that lovely greenness consistently humming through it and the sheerness of the violet despite still being present hours later. I love the simpliçity of the subtleties within this.

        Longevity was about 7 hours.

        If you go to Meccacosmetica you can try it there.


  5. I hope the bird makes it and Paris is okay! I always enjoy reading your perfume diaries, and I also love Mona di Orio Eau Absolue. I rarely read about other people wearing it, so was super excited to see you mention it 🙂


    • Hey Nemo,
      They’ll both be fine I reckon.
      YAY! An Eau Absolue fan. It’s not mentioned much is it? So good though. I bet you smell fabulous in it.
      Glad you love the diaries, doing them is fun too.
      Portia xx


  6. Yes…scent diary goodness.
    As always I admire your perfume choices Portia.
    Haha cute what you say about Jin, he is ok xx
    Hope all well with Paris and Finbar the bird.
    Noticing that people are layering their fragrances lately, even I have done a few times.


    • Hey Anna-Maria,
      Yeah, Jin is OK. Just being himself.
      What have your lucky layering experiments been?
      Portia xx


    • Hey Ruby,
      Thanks, blessings received with thanks.
      Yeah, Finbar will be a fine noisy squawky adult within a fortnight we think.
      Portia xx


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