Madawi by Arabian Oud


Erica Golding


Joyfully scented greetings to you all!

I must say, tonight I had planned to write up a different fragrance, but a special delivery landed that smashed my plans into smithereens. Are you into Arabian perfumery yet? If so, you would squee with delight over this hidden gem! If not, seek out this bottle, it will blow your mind from the inside out:

Madawi by Arabian Oud

My gorgeous goddess friend Cyndi has brought tears to my eyes with her incredible friendship, and I am so thrilled that we have bonded thanks to our shared love of scent. Because of her kickassery of sample enabling, I unboxed a presentation today that I already knew housed a scent worthy of the glitz. The packaging is totally over the top, but it dazzled me tenfold because I fell in love with this perfume in a nondescript little 5 mL hex bottle.

What does it smell like? Well, miraculous is one way to put it. Rose petals cascade into an upswell of luscious fruit nectar, precious woods, a tasteful kiss of smoothly aged patchouli, and a silky white musk haze. It is insanely balanced, a very carefully composed blend that really is effortlessly sexy. It screams evening wear, this is a date night perfume for sure – but I know I will be rocking Madawi whenever I want to feel the power of feminine intensity.

From Arabian OudA Special fragrance inspired by the character of the contemporary women, the pride of time Al Aseel including the aromatic bouquet of apple, peach, pineapple melted memories of last longing, an anchor on the base of roses and flowers, patchouli and musk, deeply feeling of real satisfaction .

Have you heard of Madawi? Have you scored any other gems from Arabian Oud, whether hidden or a cult favorite or a fragrance legend? An Arabian Oud storefront opened in New York City not too long ago, I am physically aching to go. 🙂 Have you been? Tantalize me with your tales!

Arabian Oud has $150/90ml

Talk to you all soon, hope you spritzed wisely today!

Hugs, Erica

9 thoughts on “Madawi by Arabian Oud

  1. Hey there Erica,
    That certainly looks impressive. What lavish presentation.
    So affordable too.
    Portia xx


  2. I have an interest in Middle Eastern perfumery. Oud and​ rose are common but what fascinates me they all smell different. Your words make me buy it. But I promised​ myself no more blind buy. I put that on my WTB list. On the other hand, the bottle is just gorgeous. I have two Attar or perfume oil from the house and also have the kalemat. They are beautiful.


  3. Gosh. I have not been tempted by the Oud phase as yet… but then i read your review and … you guessed it – i am tempted and shall get to googling where i can find this to sample. It sounds very beautiful with all my favourite things rose, patchouli and musk.


  4. I have never heard of Madawi, thanks for bringing attention to it, I need to try it out.
    I tried the much lauded Kalmat by Arabian Oud but gifted it away it was sugary sweet for me. I also tried Sehr Al-Kalemat which was pleasant to wear but not for me.
    I adore Agarscents Bazaar, have some samples from Abdul Karim Faransi waiting for me to test.

    Please write more about Arabian Perfumes!


  5. I have been to the Paris shop, bought Ghroob and another one I don’t know the name of. The bottles are so pretty.


  6. I LOVE Arabian Oils. I was in Kuala Lumpur in April, my main goal being to visit Arabian Oud in Suria KLCC and purchase some oils. The lovely Saleswoman introduced me to this perfume, saying it was their best seller. WOW – this perfume blew me away, I love the packaging and the smell is amazing! It’s got a lovely musky, patchouli smell and I definitely get the pineapple. Thankfully, I don’t get the rose, as I cant stand overpowering rose in a perfume. It’s definitely a very sensuous perfume.
    My ultimate goal? DUBAI, to purchase more oils/perfumes :):)


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