Saffron Veil by Irina Adam for Phoenix Botanicals


Erica Golding


Hello all, I hope your day is spectacular so far!

Today, I am letting a secret out and telling you all about the most beautiful perfume I have smelled in many years. I’m not exaggerating. It is UNREAL!

Many of you may have heard about Phoenix Botanicals, an up and coming natural perfume company. I’ve been digging Irina’s scents for years, and she was a 2017 Art and Olfaction finalist nominee for Vanilla and the Sea. I adore her vision and the trajectory of her talent, but nothing prepared me for the supernova of obsession that flared when I recently inhaled this masterpiece:

Saffron Veil by Phoenix Botanicals

Saffron Veil by Irina Adam

Saffron Veil Phoenix Botanicals FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Violet, Saffron, Herbs, Tuberose, Boronia, Sandalwood, Resins, Smoke

When was the last time that you tried a sample on your skin and almost fell over? That was my first impression of Saffron Veil. I curiously swabbed a drop on my skin, interested but not expecting much from the afterthought sample add-on to my order.

Truly, my knees gave out for a second and I had to sit on my bed.

The opening is boozy for a moment, as the grape alcohol carrier announces the aroma with a triumphant symphonic blast. And what a triumph it is – have you ever experienced genuine high-grade saffron absolute? Words can hardly approximate the experience, but this saffron exhibits a leathery richness like the finest buttery suede. It also has a touch of bitterness like vetiver grass, sunlit smoky hay. This saffron anchor, although a lower note in the fragrance, dominates the opening. Interestingly, the saffron also offers longevity even as it slides into its decrescendo.

Saffron Veil Phoenix Botanicals 5ml EtsyEtsy

As the saffron detonation begins to settle and equilibrate, the composition makes way for the most heartbreaking floral bouquet I have ever known. Hawaiian tuberose, magnolia, boronia, and violet harmonize like an unlikely squad of lifelong friends who are all incredibly unique and different. The tuberose is the primary note that I detect, and it is pure magic. This tuberose is the real deal, highly prized (and accordingly costly), and my self-expression shuts down into a sputtering of small words as I try to describe it: Wax, butter, sugar, lush, humid, sweet, green, tropical, delicate, voluptuous. Quietly humming at the bottom, I sense a hint of smooth sandalwood and perhaps benzoin and myrrh.

The perfume longevity on the skin is exceptional for a natural fragrance, especially one with such soul-smashingly breathtaking volatile notes. Saffron Veil lasts for several hours, and if I spray it onto my clothing, it lasts all day. It’s a bold fragrance, possibly a little daring for work but that hasn’t stopped me!

What a dream.


Saffron Veil from Au$69/5ml

I hope you will consider trying a sample of Saffron Veil, I would love to talk about it! I haven’t fallen for a perfume this hard in years.

Love and light,

11 thoughts on “Saffron Veil by Irina Adam for Phoenix Botanicals

  1. Great review Erica!! Haha love those moments when a perfume can render me speechless! (Speechless. You and me! Can you even??!!) Irinas’ work is so gorgeous this will def go on my list. Vanilla And The Sea is a stunner, so I have no doubt I will love this one as well. Into the budget it goes! Xoxo


    • Thank you so much dear friend! Saffron Veil was a sample I added to my blind bottle buy of Vanilla & The Sea after reading YOUR review! Thrilled to keep passing this beautifully scented karma along. xoxoxo


  2. Hey Erica,
    “Saffron Detonation”! Brilliant. I was smiling when I edited and smiling now. Excellent way to describe it.
    Portia xx


    • ❤ I simply adore you so very much. Thank you humbly for your beautiful compliments and for the opportunity to gush about perfume here at APJ! Love you!!!


  3. Here it is, the reason my website’s been blowin’ up with Saffron Veil orders all day! while I was running around..
    Erica this is so beautiful. You render me speechless 😉
    Thank you!
    I’m so glad you’re loving this perfume, my favorite to wear these warmer days (perhaps a tie with Lavender Noir?) xo Irina


    • Starstruck!!!

      Irina I am so incredibly touched that you enjoyed reading about my experience with your art, it means the world to me! I am elated that by being able to explain my impressions as best as I could, that other perfume lovers will now soon be graced with this precious, spellbinding, vibrant little pleasure! Thank you for everything that you do in order to share your visions of passionate bliss with the world. Your art matters and it is exquisite. Much love to you.


  4. My sample should be arriving tomorrow!!!! I love saffron and adore violets – can’t wait to try this!!!!! One of my goals is to try and grow my own saffron. I know you only get a few strands but it would still be amazing 🙂


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