Cookie Queen & Blondeswunder in London 2017


Val the Cookie queen

Hey APJ Family, Happy Tuesday!

As soon as Mummy and I landed in Brexit we met up with the lovely and good friend Tara. She whisked us straight to Brick Lane
for some Indian food. I had aubergine drenched in some kind of spices sauce. It was sooooo good that I asked how they prepared
the aubergine. Turns out they freaking deep fried it twice. THAT´S WHY! Hahahaha.

Of course we were sniffing and sharing our thoughts over dinner because Indian cuisine isn´t fragrant enough alone. 🙂

Cookie Queen & Blondeswunder in London 2017

The next day, after two cups of English tea and countless visits to various loos along the way, we finally made it to the Frederic Malle store. I was very pleased to see a handsome, well put together young male SA, Pawel. Sadly for me he has an Italian boyfriend. Should have known! We got to smell and spritz perfume all over our bodies. I couldn´t chose so just went with Carnal Flower, Dries Van Noten, Eau de Magnolia, and Malle`s newest, Superstitious.


Of course when I had no more skin space I discovered Lipstick Rose. OH MY GOOOSH. So good. So soft. So me. Pawel was nice enough to give me a 3.5ml sample bottle to try it properly. Tara, Mummy and I were ready to kill with our sillage as we left for our pre-booked tour of Highgate Cemetery. We ended the day in Camden Market eating street food and chips.

The Thursday saw us meeting a close family friend of ours, Kirk, The Softboy Scentmaster. (My mum pulled him down the rabbit hole a couple of years ago.) Somehow our plans got changed and Mother dragged us back into the Malle store. I grabbed four spritzes of Dries Van Noten and covered my hair in the Carnal Flower hair mist. (Which I need in my life!) We then proceeded to the Gielgud Theatre just off Piccadilly, to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. It was absolutely brilliant. (We kept smelling each others necks and arms, and getting looks from the people around us. I mean, haven´t they ever seen people smelling each other every two seconds in public?)


Early evening we got to meet up with The Candy Perfume Boy and his lovely husband, on the bank of the Thames outside the Tate Modern.

Even though I am 22 and my Mother occasionally drives me nuts (mostly because I seem to be turning into her) we had the best time in London. And I was so happy to see Tara again, she is one of the strongest women I know, and I so look up to her and what she has achieved. How great it is to find such friends and peace and joy in perfume.

What are your FM favourites? DO you like perfume to be private or do you like letting people know?


PS. Mother here – What can I add? I bought 10mls each of Dries Van Noten and Une Rose. I came home with big decants
of La Pausa 28, OJ Champaca, and Goutal´s Songes EdT and a Papillon´s Dryad sample. A non-perfumista friend went crazy for Outrageous! I missed Vanessa from Bonkers being able to join us, but shit happens. I feel blessed to have a daughter that actually wants to go away with me for a few days, she lights up my life with her humour and sunny character. CQ xxx


(Ed: Thanks for the photos Val and Hannah. Love them all)

25 thoughts on “Cookie Queen & Blondeswunder in London 2017

  1. Oh, I did enjoy reading about the trip from someone who knows Val as Mummy. 😉 Great photo record too – you all have such magnificently chic casual style. The street food sounds just up my alley, hehe, ditto the Malle sniffing in particular. I must retry Lipstick Rose, as it has been a while.

    To answer your question, I am a shocking foister and evangelist where perfume and ‘civilians’ are concerned, to annexe Tara’s marvellous term.

    And yes, I was gutted not to be up to the trip. Another time…!


  2. Hey Girls,
    What a wonderful break away and SO jealous that you got to catch up with everyone.
    Hannah, you write so well. I loved it.
    Portia xxx


    • It was such a nice trip 😊 Wish you would have been there. Next time’!!
      Thanks. 😍😘 lot of love.


  3. Yes, brilliant, humour-filled writing, Blondeswunder. Not easy in your first language, let alone your second. What a multi-talented star you are.

    Thank-you for your lovely words. It was good for my soul to spend time with you and your wonderful mum.

    Big hug!

    P.S. You really DO need that Carnal Flower Hair Mist 🙂


  4. Oh my god I LERRRRRRRVED this post! Holy merde, a mini Val-in-training! What a wonderful time it must’ve been, the pictures really capture the sense of joy and fun. Did Val happen to slip a bottle of Superstitious into her bag as well? 😜 Xoxo


    • I did not. I have my 10 mls and that’s hood for now. Very divisive huh? Love or hate. I think it will be up on A Bottled Rose tomorrow ….. For the record I spent most of the time drowned in Dries. Fabulous. Bussis.


    • Thank you sooo much! I sure am a mini val because one isn’t enough hahaha jk! Everybody who stands 10 min. With us together deserves a medal 😬😬
      So happy you enjoyed. Xoxox


  5. Heya Hannah! Wonderful post and wonderful memories. Sounds like a blast. You have me seriously curious about the Carnal Flower Hair Mist… Sandra xoxo


    • Thank you sandra!
      It is really really good. The SA said that it had coconut oil in it to make your hair shine.
      Hope you guys are all well. Xoxox


  6. I loved reading about your trip and seeing so many familiar names together in the photos. As I wrote once to Portia, sometimes I feel like you’re all some kind of family 🙂
    I know how proud and happy your Mum must feel when traveling with you, Blondeswunder. My daughter is also 22 and next weekend we’re going on a short trip to Oslo and I really can’t wait. We usually have so much fun together.
    My favourite Frederic Malle perfumes are Noir Epices, Dans Tes Bras and Le Parfum de Therese. I haven’t tried Superstitious but I have high hopes for it.
    Gruß aus Kroatien!


    • It’s so great to habe a good relationship with your daughter/mother. I really enjoy going places with her. 😊
      I hope you have an amazing time. Thanks for enjoying and reading my blog post.

      Hm…gotta try those out. The names don’t sound familiar.


  7. Such a fun read!!!! I adore Lipstick Rose – one of my absolute favorites 🙂 Considering getting the body wash and lotion 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂
      It wears off on me! But i do really like it. My boyfriend says it smells like soap hahaha but i don’t care.


  8. What a fun trip 🙂 Loved reading about it!

    Just starting to get to know the Malle’s myself and so far am a fan of Musc Ravageur and Parfum de Thérèse.

    Lil Xx


    • It was a lot of fun. Better than running around stupid shops all day buying nothing hahaha

      Musc ravageur is really nice. I loved lolita when i was younger so this is a good alternitive 😊


  9. So fun to read about your trip!! Looks like the weather was nice, too. I also love deep-fried eggplant and Dries Van Noten, but I think my favorite FM might be Vetiver Extraodinaire 🙂


    • We were so lucky with the weather 🙂
      Hahaha everything deep fried tastes good i am afraid 😛


  10. Yaaaayyyyy!! Sounds like you guys had a fun trip, Hannah. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂 xx

    Tina G


  11. What a great get away …the cemetery the food the sniffing. Lovely seeing photos together. Really good fun writing in your Post Blondswunder, very impressed. Looking good Tara and Val xx hugs ❤️😘


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