Sea Wood (Legno di Nave) by AbdesSalaam Attar for La Via del Profumo




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La Via del Profumo makes really good fragrances.They are not like what you’ll find at the mall. In fact they are quite the opposite. Deep, dark and moving rather than sweet and safe. They may help unlock the feral you that lurks behind the daily facade you need to wear to deal with the world on terms that will keep you employed, unfettered and engaged with society. Sometimes you need to loosen the restraints without causing damage, I find fragrance is the perfect solution.

AbdesSalaam Attar is the fragrant pen name of Dominique Dubrana who focuses on the use of natural fragrance. What he creates though is so intense and coherent, I love to wear his fragrances because they speak to me in a far different language than the department store and niche scents.

Sea Wood (Legno di Nave) by La Via del Profumo

Sea Wood (Legno di Nave) by AbdesSalaam Attar

Sea Wood La Via del Profumo legno_naveLa Via del Profumo

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Vetiver, patchouli, olibanum, sea notes, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, spicy notes

Cloves and the feeling of booze, like a very strong rum drink, open Sea Wood. It’s a big, intoxicating opening that then calm quickly and sizzles quietly. So spicy, I can’t pick the notes apart properly but I would have said freshly cracked pepper.

Not long into the fragrance the sweet, not quite urinous smell of resins and patchouli waft through. It’s weird but I smell honey and woods now. The scent smells thick and glutinous like trying to breathe in a vat of honey. I can imagine myself in the hold of a ship full of exotic cargo, maybe even some livestock on board and the inevitable ever-present underscore of salty brine.

Sea Wood (Legno di Nave) by La Via del Profumo Boat-Sea-Sunset-Ship MaxPexelPDI

The fireworks sadly don’t last long enough before Sea Wood softens to a slightly feral salty resin. It becomes a skin scent, only smelled if you put your head down into your shirt. The perfect scent level for being undressed by someone, or for office work and close quartered dates.

La Via del Profumo has samples from €18/5.5ml

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12 thoughts on “Sea Wood (Legno di Nave) by AbdesSalaam Attar for La Via del Profumo

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been wanting to try this house forever. Legno di Mare sounds like my kind of thing: as for the two samples, Gringo sounds like something to wear for a summer evening walk along the beach, and Cuoio del Dolci is clearly made for cool, rainy days. I follow by email.


  2. Thanks for the review and wonderful giveaway. A hidden perfume house that creates awesome fragrances. I have Mecca Balsam by AbdesSalaam Attar which I wear on special occasions. I don’t believe in gender and weather in perfume wearing. So I’ll wear Gringo and Cuoio del Dolci in any season.
    I follow via email


  3. I never heard of these fragrances but am curious to try them. I’d wear them anywhere and I follow by email.


  4. Thanks for the generous draw. I would wear it at home as I like to pay close attention to the fragrance evolution. I follow APJ by email and through FB.


  5. Loved your review on Van Der Faun and purchased after reading. I like to read the reviews on the website and I follow on Facebook, emails and check the website also. I would wear the perfume every day as it sounds like a great daywear perfume.


  6. OK, urinous scent better cautiously be worn first to the local park before wearing out with friends! I follow APJ via email and WP.


  7. Hi Portia, thanks for the draw; I follow by email. Were I the lucky winner, I’d wear my prize anywhere and everywhere! 🙂


  8. Another house that had completely flown under my radar. Dominique’s fragrances certainly sound different. Gringo sounds like an earthy rose, the sort of thing I like. Where would I wear it? It sounds the perfect choice to wear to the football on a crisp, sunny day.

    I follow via FB and email.


  9. Wow, sounds gorgeous and thanks for the giveaway. I follow via email and if I win, I would love to wear the scent to my date at AMF Bowling 😀


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