Guilty Pleasures – a Sydney sniffy meet up!





Perfume people are the best! It’s great to be able to chat online & catch up in real life to swap fragrance stories and smell different things. Group catch ups are fun afternoons, and we tend to go a bit crazy….there’s always some awesome frags on the table.

Simon and Kerri from FaceBook Aussie Fragrance Network lead the charge organising a sniffy on Sunday 11 June, with a general theme of ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Heh. I think that’s an umbrella statement that we all fall under at some point in time. We met at Hotel Sweeny in Sydney, a pub which has missed the renovation revolution having street-rescued sofas and worn sticky carpet, but with some interesting beers on tap – I did try Illawarra Brewing Company: Smashing Rumpkin which had a funky pumpkin note. Odd but tasty.

Guilty Pleasures – a Sydney sniffy meet up!

We met at the rooftop bar & spread out our stashes. We did a LOT of sniffing!! I asked Scott to bring along a range of Rive Gauche by YSL for me to run through, as I’d heard so much but never really sniffed, and I knew Scott was a fan. He brought along (L to R in the photo) vintage EDP, vintage EDT, current EDT 2006 and vintage parfum 1980s. Fab.

Some of the “Guilty Pleasures” people brought along were:

Amouage Gold Man: you spray this and it takes over the room.
Cool Water by Davidoff: the vintage stuff is still incredible. Done to death by uncles, dads and other male relatives but still fantastic.
Giorgio Beverly Hills: an overpowering 80s tuberose bomb that lays claim to 5 metres around itself at all times.
Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian: Undeniably pleasant though, and very affordable.
Dark Ride by Xyrena: a super weirdy that polarises people through its green, medicinal, water-park dankness.
Baraonda by Nasomatto: when you know you shouldn’t spend a silly amount of money on a tiny bottle, but you do it anyway because it smells like the best dark chocolate and roasted nuts and boozey goodness.
Scent by Theo Fennell: a spectacularly lush floral with a skanky underside, like a beautiful, rich, classy lady wrapped in furs who just doesn’t shower often enough.
Glamazon by RuPaul and Diva by Ungaro I suppose because I expected them to be awful – the price point and the tacky bottles – but they are both amazing and rich and tenacious – thus they became guilty pleasures
Gaiac 10, Sacred Wood, MDCI sets – all generous gifts from online friends that he had never actually met.
Pino Silvestre: this is an old favourite of many people, and cheap as chips.

What’s my guilty pleasure when it comes to perfume? Oh, so many…. But I think my top hit would be that I seem to be starting a collection of vintage Guerlain – Vol de Nuit, Mitsouko, and Apres L’Ondee. Oops. I love them though.

What’s your fragrant guilty pleasure?

Till next time
Tina G xx

19 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures – a Sydney sniffy meet up!

    • Hi Gina, they are all a bit fabulous and I don’t blame you for picking up Tragedy of Lord George – that’s my fave of that line.
      Tina G


    • Hi Anna Maria,
      It’s great, huh?
      Talking about guilty pleasures, I also know this is a small selection of Scott’s RG collection… hehe.
      Tina G xx


    • Monica that’s great! What a fun example of a guilty (but actually not guilty ‘coz I love it) pleasure. I’ve never seen that one before & I’m dead curious for a sniff now. Pretty bottle.
      Tina G xx


  1. Hi Tina G,
    My fragrant guilty pleasures are two:
    1) Vanderbilt! No, I am not kidding. I wear this to bed when I want to have fantastic dreams. It’s my magic dream potion.
    2) Ambra Aurea by Profumum Roma. This brew literally takes my breath. It’s so potent. It’s not a compliment getter until several hours later. Best appreciated alone.


    • Hi Lisilou,
      Wearing fragrances for yourself is such a fun thing. Vanderbilt a dream potion?? That’s awesome! I have a few fave frags which I might spray on when I’ve got a day to myself, for no other reason than just to enjoy. Yay.
      Tina G xx


    • Hi Kate – oh I don’t know that one. I just looked it up – whoa, look at those notes! How many snugly fabulous things can you fit into one oil. Sounds beautiful! 🙂 what a great choice for a ‘just for me’ scent.
      Tina G xx


  2. Scent by Theo Fennell is amazing. I got it in both edp and edt when we could still get perfumes from UK before royal mail went berserk.


    • Hi Fazal, I didn’t even realise it came in different concentrations until we were sniffing & chatting. I wish I knew which one we had, I’ll check. It’s a fun frag!
      Tina G xx


      • I can help you. If the whole bottle was glass with a metallic ring in the center, it was EDT. If the lower half of the bottle was metallic, it was EDP. I suspect you might have sniffed EDT since they are more common and easier to find.


    • Anastasia why don’t you try joining up with the Aussie Fragrance Network? We have some members from New Zealand, perhaps that could be a start? It’s not an easy thing to do, particularly if it’s your first time, but it’s very worthwhile!
      Tina G xx


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