Horizon by Oriza L. Legrand 1925




Hey Independent Perfume Lovers,

Back in 2014 while travelling with my mate Michael we went and met the guys who recreated the Oriza L Legrand fragrance line. The men were really sweet and seemed to be genuinely involved in trying to create an incredible fragrance house. Their shop in Paris is absolutely gorgeous and they took a couple of hours out of their busy schedule to give us a history lesson and to let us smell the collection. It was a lovely afternoon and we had a ball.

Oriza L Legrand

Horizon by Oriza L. Legrand 1925


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Petitgrain, tangerine, marmalade, rose
Heart: Cognac, amber, tobacco leaf, cacao, almond, oak, patchouli
Base: Benzoin, ambergris, white tobacco, vanilla, honey, leather, peat

OK some clarification, Hugo Lambert is Creative Director at Oriza L Legrand. He oversees the magic. I have erroneously put him down as perfume before. Sorry for the misinformation.

Citrus backed by a boozy amber and honey float straight off my skin. Chocolate and tobacco fold through like marbling on paper. It seems everything, every note, wants me to smell it at once. The opening fireworks are like the overture for a big show, all the major themes are played to give you a taste of what’s to come. Horizon lets all its secrets out in a fabulously symphonic rush and then calms to a sense of fragrance rather than a rush. It’s really fun, like a ride.


Warmth, dry tobacco and vanilla, dark and dense yet not a huge projection bomb. Horizon is a masculine leaning gourmand that would smell so Katherine Hepburn on a woman. A dark chocolate and patchouli heart with woodsy undertones and boozy tenors. Dry down is a patchouli rich amber with some leathered honey buoying it up. I can imagine wearing it as a go-to scent for someone who wants to smell really good, luxurious and interesting, but who sticks with a couple of scents for ease and through general lack of addiction like us.

Longevity is excellent, Horizon has lasted through a 3 hour vacuuming, floor steaming and bathroom clean.


Oriza L Legrand has €120/100ml FREE World Shipping
Surrender To Chance has a Sampler Set of Seven Oriza L. Legrand Fragrances from $17

Have you tried any of the Oriza L Legrand fragrances?
Portia xx

20 thoughts on “Horizon by Oriza L. Legrand 1925

  1. Oh Portia – this sounds really good. I loved Heliotrope Blanc and will buy a bottle one day. I truly enjoy the aesthetics of this company. Have a great weekend. Sandra xoxo


    • Hey Sandra,
      It IS really good. I think there are a few in the set you’d like. I wonder why so little is heard about these guys?
      Portia xx


  2. Oh yes, I am loving Reve d’Ossian because it is so unusual, it is incensey and balsamic
    and I must get to more of this house! Thanks for the reminder!


    • Hi there JackieB,
      Reve d’Ossian is gorgeous. I loved it too. There are a few in the set that speak to me.
      Portia xx


  3. I haven’t tried all of them (what, they’re up to like 17 scents now?) but my experience has been less positive than yours.

    As in, out of the ten Orizas I’ve tried, I liked one. ONE. (It was Reve d’Ossian.) The other nine were not just meh but really and truly awful on my skin. Chypre Mousse literally smelled like rotting garbage on me. Family members backed away horrified.

    But it must be my skin, because the house gets a lot of love from a lot of people. As March used to say, YMMV.


    • HA! Heya Mals86,
      Wow! You did have a bad run but I think you don’t like powder in your frags, is that right?
      Chypre Mousse was not a big win for me either. Everyone was raving madly about it when it was launched and it was a surprise to me.
      Portia xx


  4. I love this line so much. Rêve d’Ossian is very favourite Incense, Relique d’ Amour is a cool, mysterious beauty, the two Oeillets are glorious, Chypre Mousse is a fabulous green perfume, Deja Le Printemps is a gorgeous fresh fig…in fact there are none that I don’t enjoy. My only complaint is that they don’t do smaller sizes. But the packaging is beautiful and they’re excellent value for money.


    • Hey Mary,
      Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if they did a set of 30ml. I’d happily pay more for them. The good thing about 100ml is that it’s easy to share.
      Portia xx


  5. I love the thought of two young men bringing back this perfume house and their shop looks beautiful. Alas have never tried any of their fragrances. Might have to get some samples on lucky scent….


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