A*Men Kryptomint by Jacques Huclier for Mugler 2017




Heya Perfume Peeps!

If you’ve read APJ over time you may remember that I was one of the Squirt Bitches for the launch of the original A*Men at a nightclub. We spritzed so much of it through the night and it stuck in my nose & throat for the next week to the point of nausea. It took many years for me to even be able to be in the same room as it. I would get headaches and feel physical disquiet. For me to finally find an A*Men that i’m comfortable enough with to purchase is a huge breakthrough.

We were in Luxembourg earlier in the year and there was a FABULOUS perfumery across from the central station, nothing posh but extremely well stocked in the designer ranges. They were also having a 20% off sale!

A*Men Kryptomint by Mugler 2017

A*Men Kryptomint by Jacques Huclier


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Peppermint, sage
Heart: Egyptian geranium
Base: Patchouli, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, tonka

There’s no denying that Kryptomint is an A*Men flanker. From the first whiff that famous choc-chouli madness is well apparent. The feature note of peppermint given a lightly green gloss by sage and a crackle of clove-ish geranium gives this flanker and completely different personality. Suddenly what was loud, abrasive and sickening to me becomes fresh and fun. All this zingy peppermint is just silly enough to make A*Men a joy. Even as I write this admittedly crap review I am smiling like a fool.

The peppermint stays all the way through and I feel like I’m wearing Mint Slice perfume. Combining two of my absolute favourite things: chocolate and mint. MMMMMM

Longevity is stellar but projection is only moderate if applied in normal amounts. I admit to wearing it quite heavily when I’m alone, you have no idea how huge it becomes. Basically I’m dry cleaning the apartment with my nuclear sillage.

Want to try it?
See below.
Portia xx


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18 thoughts on “A*Men Kryptomint by Jacques Huclier for Mugler 2017

  1. One of my current favourites is Alien Liquer de Parfum 2009. A gorgeous boozy Oriental Woody that made me swoon at first spritz! I follow via email and FB!


  2. I follow through my email. I’m not really a fan of A*Men, but Mugler Cologne is a good staple for the spring and summertime


  3. Alien (the original) is my favorite. It is like fanta grape drink to me, and that was and has been my favorite fizzy drink. I literally drench myself in it. Follow via email.


  4. Ifollow by e mail,facebook and twitter and I would say Angel Eau Sucree makes me smile because it makes my daughter cringe with its sweetness,but I love it


  5. I follow through RSS. I enjoy some Angel flankers, Cuir and Muse esp. And the coffee one. Sometimes I waft huge clouds of Angel original around the house. Thanks for the chance.


  6. These are the only Muglers that I have tried:
    Alien Les Parfums de Cuir
    Pure Wood
    Miroir de Voluptes
    Pure Havane
    Pure Leather/Les Parfums de Cuir
    I own a full bottle of A*men, Pure Wood and Miroir. A*men is my fave though Miroir was when I first tried it. I love the top, dislike the middle and am disappointed by the softness of the bottom. If you’re going to give me an oud scent, give me oud.


  7. My favorite Mugler is Angel Extrait though I admit I can never wear it everyday. But I also love Havane and Malt, the two best flankers in my opinion. If you like Mint, what you thought of Zest? I follow APJ by email and Facebook


  8. I am only just getting back into wearing perfume again and am now on the search for my signature scent. Previously I wore Gucci Rush, Gucci Rush 2, Gucci 2 and Coco mademoiselle. I have recently discovered decadence by Marc Jacobs and my GF used to wear Agel all the time. I however have not tried any Mugler scents on myself. Portia, I need to tap into your scent knowledge 🙂


  9. Follow by Facey and email…my current fave is Angel Tonka but Muse is also very well done, a smoother dialled down version of the original 😊 I also have a coveted bottle of pure coffee which is perfect for this time of year….hubby would luuurrv to try the kryptomint why do I want to say kryptonite? 😝🤣🙄


  10. Mugler Angel Etoile des Reves makes me smile. It’s the first fragrance I bought (just last year!) and I’m still amazed by how exquisite it is.

    I follow by email.


  11. One of my favourite summer scents is Mugler Cologne. I love its big neroli and bergamot blast, and it lasts really well on me.

    I follow via Facebook


  12. I can’t think of any Mugler scents I’ve tried, though I have smelled Angel wafting around a great many others!

    Thank you for the draw; I follow by email.


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