Maison Mona di Orio: New Launches 2017


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Good Afternoon from my computer, Wimbledon playing in the background!

It astonishes me that within the realms of a heavily saturated niche perfume market, that there is still the desire to create more. These two new MdO´s are niche as it should be, edgy and enthralling, but wearable. Accessible to anyone wishing to branch off from the more mainstream perfumes, yet still graceful and alluring. Those who want to smell of dead animals and bodily fluids are surprisingly enough, in the minority. Both Suède de Suède and Dõjima will charm the perfumistas whilst opening up a world to those just discovering niche fragrances.

Frederik Dalman is the Swedish in-house perfumer for Maison Mona di Orio.

Maison Mona di Orio: New Launches 2017

First Impressions


Dõjima by Frederik Dalman for Mona di Orio 2017

Rice accord,nutmeg absolute, ambrette, jasmin, orris, clary sage absolute, labdanum CO2, sandalwood, musks

Inspired by rice, and named for the Dõjima Rice Exchange founded by Samurai in 1697 in Osaka, Japan. Dõjima opens with a vivid green, slightly astringent, warmly spiced top layer; a nutty rice note hovers. There remains a greenness throughout, wrapped in a creamy sandalwood, a possible dash of vetiver, who knows? There is some jasmin and orris but I don´t wanna sniff myself into a coma trying to locate them, it takes away the pleasure. An aromatic delight.

Suède de Suède by Frederik Dalman for Mona di Orio 2017

Cloudberry, Sichuan pepper, suède accord, cedar wood, osmanthus, strawberry leaf, castoreum, patchouli, musks

A soft buttery suede/leather wrapped in a sharp berry shell. Frederik Dalman uses cloudberry, they have a distinctive tart taste, and feature in a number of Swedish culinary delights. The zesty berry opening melts into the supple suede, ripples
itself throughout, and remains until the end, preventing the suede from dominating. Osmanthus and strawberry leaf keeping
the cloudberry alive, castoreum, patchouli and musks giving the base. This is a year round leather and one to invite your civilian friends to try. Sensual.

Please take a look at Mona di Orio for the full scoop. Thanks a million to Jeroen, Frederik and Vera for sending me the beautiful box with enough perfume to wear it properly.

Launch in September. 180€ for 75mls

I have a number of MdO miniatures, and an original bottle of her Vanille. I would love a bottle of Mona´s Musc.
Any MdO lovers out there?

Bussis my dears.
CQ xxxx

26 thoughts on “Maison Mona di Orio: New Launches 2017

    • Hello Tracy. Hmmmm. I am afraid I cannot answer that. Perhaps you can take a look at their website, or send and email and ask It might depend on where you live. Sorry I cannot be more helpful than that. Love, Val xxx


  1. Woo Hoo Val,
    I love it that you’re first with the news.
    These sound extremely YUMMY and i can’t wait to get my sniff on them.
    Portia xxx


    • Well, not quite first. Hahahahahah. One of the advantages to living a stone´s throw from Amsterdam and the Campomarzio connection with Jeroen. You´ll like these I think, especially the Dõjima. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Mona’s Musc is great but that Suede de Suede sounds wonderful.

    This is niche done right. Not mainstream aromas with aspirational price tags, yet still wearable.


    • Heya Herr Houndy, These two are lighter than the BB but still carry the lovely signature of Fredrik. It is going to be so interesting to watch his career bloom. Bussis. xxxx


  3. Hi Val! I have a special place in my heart for MdO perfumes particularly Musc and Tubereuse. I really look forward to sniffing these two. Sandra xo


  4. Hi Val, loved this post and the perfumes look interesting but wearable. This is actually quite hard to do and I also like it if it’s in a nice bottle if you’re paying a fortune but that’s just me. MDO do it well. I actually love Myrrh Casati but I feel as though I’m way behind on this house. xxx


  5. I have the original version Cuir. It is the ‘ASHiest’ perfume I have smelled. I admit I am not the greatest fan but may keep it since it is Mona’s creation and quite daring.


    • Hi fatal! Why on earth would you not keep it? Especially if it is the original. I need to retry Cuir. It was one of the first hardcore leathers I tried and it was too much for me. But that was a long time ago. 🙂 xxxxx


      • Don’t worry about name. Maybe your Autocorrect thinks I am fatal for women’s hearts like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp 😉 It is just as you say, it is a bit too much. Certainly not something you can wear in a social setting!


  6. OMG cloudberry in a fragrance?!? Swoon….. just when you thought there was nothing new in the world! Cloudberries are the most magical little things, reminds me very much of a holiday romance in Norway once upon a time. Le sigh.

    MdO have some really fabulous fragrances. I’m a fan. My sister in law interviewed Mona before her death, comparing sense of smell in fragrance to senses used in wine tasting. Unfortunately the transcript got lost on an old computer transfer.

    Thanks for the run down of these two. Look forward to trying. Cloudberry!! That’s just made my day 🙂

    Tina G xx


    • Scandinavia. Countries I have never been to. I so want to go but seem to always head in every other direction except North. This really needs to be remedied. I even have friends up there. Hmmmm. MdO remain totally unique, quite an achievement. Bussis. xxxxx


    • Hi LJG, Yeah, Mona´s Oud is absolutely unique and quite beautiful. I have two minis, so around 8mls. I have often pondered a bottle but don´t wear it that often. So we shall see. Lots and lots of love xxxxxx


  7. I’m looking forward to trying these both! They sound lovely! The Vanille made me a fan of vanilla when it’s usually far too cloying; there’s enough depth and dimension in that particular scent in this line to add interest, and these sound even better.


    • Hi Shiva-woman 🙂
      I love the Vanille in the heat, and as I mentioned need to get around to buying the Music for the cooler months! Vanilla can be quite a difficult note actually. Hope you get to check the new ones out soon. Hugs. xxxxx


  8. Whoo,these do sound different indeed, but not too out there. Am more drawn to the suede-y one – so good they named it twice – for whilst I love rice notes, vetiver can be problematic. That Hiram Green one that was very green didn’t work for me? Arbole Arbole. Another one they named twice. 🙂

    I wonder what scents they are wearing on court?


  9. They both sound interesting. I have 8 bottles of MdO scents, but only the ones actually composed by her. My favourite is Chamarré.


  10. The only MdO’s perfume that worked for me so far is Vanille (so I just had to get a FB of it 🙂 ). Most likely, these won’t be “me” as well but I look forward to trying them anyway.


  11. I love and own quite a few MdO’s: Tubereuse (FB), Eau Absolue, Vanille, Rose de Hollande and Ambre in travelsets. Val Parfumaria in the Netherlands has a bottle of Musc on sale for 125 euro’s; it is the old bottle. As far as I know they ship everywhere. I look forward to trying the new releases some day!


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