Scent Diary 10.7 – 16.7.2017




Hey Hey Fumie Family,

Busy week and lots of great scents. It seems I’ve been playing catch up for a short while because living is completely taking over my plans for a lazy life. Thank goodness I have such a great team of mates to help buoy me.

Scent Diary 10.7 – 16.7.2017

Monday 10:

It’s 2am on Monday morning and I have a sinus headache. Been boiling the jug and putting near boiling cloths over my face and breathing, a modicum of relief and the only thing that really works for me. I’ve turned the heater on in our bedroom and will pop a Panadol before jumping into bed. No SOTBed tonight, it would be wasted on my ouchy nose.

Bloody Hell. I forgot I have to take the car for Smash Repairs. It’s 7am.

Who that has a choice gets up at 7am? Bloody hell. I’ve been like a zombie. Only now fully caffeinated can I look at the world with bright sparkly eyes. So, the car is at the Smash Repairs, my insurance company (NRMA) which I’m usually quick to denigrate have been freaking awesome. They include in my cover a FREE Taxi to the FREE Hire Car and back when the job is done. I got lucky with my lady (Hey Barbara) at Hertz too. She was going to give me some HUGE monster car but I talked her down to a little KIA with only 700km on the clock. YAY!

TinaG has been in the hospital 18 days. I went in today with a mission to get her at least down to the restaurant, we went one step further and got her out into the cool sunshine. You’ll notice I gave her an Hermès bag to attach to her drip so she can feel glamorous and loved. The bag came filled with teas from around the world and some frags for her to sniff should the mood take her. On the way back to her room we had a sneaky Gelato.

My body is suffering overload today, it just wants to sleep. I had a Disco Nap when I got home and woke a little refreshed.

Here is the moon as i walked the dogs last night. It seemed much more eerie and atmospheric in real life.

Q&A, I sat down and got all the Jackpot, Games and organised the basic 20 questions for the whole week. Then my mind went blank and I was finding it really hard to concentrate so I downed tools and set the alarm for 5am, or so I thought……..

Tuesday 11:

So, I actually set the alarm for 5pm! Woke up at 7am and jumped out of my skin. Went straight to the desk and started doing my Q&A. It was a MAD SCRAMBLE and I’m not sure it was a particularly good job but it was the absolute best I was capable of.

Scott and I in the office today. Wearing Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin to help me focus and loving it. We got loads done today and I’m really pleased.

Tonights ablutions included Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and DSH Perfumes Ma Folie de Noel. All the amber and all the trimmings. I feel like it’s Christmas in July!

Wednesday 12:

Someone texted me at 7am. I leave my phone on in case of friend-mergency so when people do early stuff it wakes me. GAK! Got up and grabbed Paris. We went for a cuddle in the spare room. Greyhounds are so warm, best winter cuddle buddies.

At around 8am I was ready to start the day and grabbed my new bottle of Serge Lutens Five O’Clock au Gingembre. This bottle’s opening dies off very quickly leaving a soft fruity melange that lingers for a couple of hours. It’s around regular L’Artisan strength, someone pulled its teeth.

Had lunch at Sushi Train with my BFF Kath who is camera shy. Good catch up.

Then had a cuppa with fellow fumie Cassandra. It was really nice to see her after quite a while. We laughed and chattered half an hour away.

Ainslie Walker and I then met up with TinaG at the hospital and had an ice cream and cuppa together. Ainslie gave us the first sniff of her latest fragrance release for a crew at the Strand Arcade in Sydney. It’s all terribly exciting and a wonderful new adventure for her. Smells AH MAY ZING!

Left there in plenty of time to drop my hire car off so I could go get my car from the smash repairs but then TRAFFIC! Arrived at Hertz at 5.07pm and it was empty of people, gates shut and chained. GAK!! Thank goodness NRMA were able to extend my hire car for another day. No worries.

Tonight was a roller coaster. Jin cooked Dumpling Soup. O M G! So good. He also did this weird but delicious Sweet & Sour Chicken dish.

Then while walking the dogs, DRAMA!

Seems to have smoothed over now but it was like a flash flood.

Thursday 13:

More Serge Lutens Five O’Clock au Gingembre this morning. We got the rental car back, went and looked at UGG Boots (fail) and then lazed around the house till I had to start getting ready for work.

Bath time included B&BW Pretty As A Peach bubbles, Amouage Dia lotion and Amouage Dia Extrait. I forget how freaking enormous Dia is between wears and 5 sprays could be a little excessive. OOOPSIE!

For bed I’m spritzing Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur EdP. Night all.

Friday 14:

Had to go to town today to visit my dentist. Dr Ryan Nevin is a superstar, best known as Dentist McDreamy, and I’ve known him since he arrived in Sydney in 1996. I love to see him and he’s really good at keeping teeth in my head. We have been fighting to save about 6 of them for years and have only lost two. My decades as a drug addict that took little to no care of his teeth, or any other part of myself, did nothing to hurt the teeth themselves but badly affected my gums. We wage war on gingivitis, one we are mostly winning. Today Ryan was mightily pleased, so was I.

My idea to go wander the halls of Gallery NSW were crushed underfoot by busy friends, one of whom had me in for next week. So I jumped on the train and went home.

Once home, Paris & I curled up and napped for two glorious hours.

Jacomo Silences PdT accompanied me through my day. I spritzed at 9am and it still lingered through to 10.30pm

Walking the dogs was a complete joy tonight in the very frosty air and the sky seemed to go on for eternity. We only walked about a kilometre but I came home warmed through and invigorated.

Then I cleaned the house, chatted to Neela Vermeire for an hour and blogged all night long.

For bed I doused myself in Carner Barcelona Rima XI. Sweet, dry, sugar coated amber biscuits. MMMMMMM

Saturday 15:

BRRRRRR! It’s chilly this morning.

Mates Alice & Sam went and did a huge workout nearby in Parramatta Park so I told them to come over afterwards for a Morning Tea of Scones, Passionfruit Butter (Courtesy of TinaG. YUMMY!), Apricot Jam and freshly Whipped Cream with as much tea as everyone could drink. It was a perfect wake up and later when Jin got out of bed he finished them off. How cute are Sam & Alice in the photo? I looked at it and smiled, their great gorgeous personalities shine through brilliantly.

You know it’s these tiny moments of fun that make life worthwhile. I wish you could all come have a morning tea at mine.

Bathtime I finished Hermès Eau de Mandarine Ambrée in the bubble bath. I really liked the way it smelled and am going to miss it.


SOTD turned out to be Black Perfecto by Guerlain. Review and giveaway to follow.

Dinner tonight at my favourite Chinese restaurant in Sydney, the Liu Rose in Concord. Kath, Sam and Alice came with me to celebrate Alice’s new job! Woo Hoo! We had pink bubbles, Peking Duck, San Choi Bow, Shredded Beef, Crispy Skinned Boneless Lemon Chicken and Egg Fried Rice. Loads of laughs and so much to talk about. Bloody hell, how does anyone keep up with all the excellent TV being made this season?

Spritzed loads more Black Perfecto by Guerlain before bed. I’m not entirely convinced but maybe I will be. At dinner Alice said she LOVED it.

Sunday 16:

Got up late and walked the dogs. Wearing Black Perfecto by Guerlain again. The opening is noxious but once it settles it’s not so awful. HA! Actually, it is rather nice through the heart and dry down. Nothing special or groundbreaking but it smells good.

Bath time today I used B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar for my bubbles, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and Atelier Cologne Tobacco Nuit fragrance from a decant. Review coming next week. How did I miss this beauty, so good. I can see a FB in my future.

Work was super fun. First I bumped into our beautiful greyhounds’ trainer Charlie & his wife. They are super beautiful people and I love to flirt with Charlie who has no idea I’m doing it but laughs because I’m an idiot.

Then the crew were so much fun I wanted you to meet them all.

Last but not least, here am I saying time to put this show to bed for another week.


OK, you’ve read my week, time to tell us about yours please. Big, little, good or bad; share a story with us. We love to read about you.
Portia xx

36 thoughts on “Scent Diary 10.7 – 16.7.2017

  1. Mmm, fresh scones! I have been making them a lot lately, so good with double Devon cream and jam.

    Looking forward to sniffing Black Perfecto. The bottle is fab at any rate. 🙂 I am busy trying to psych myself up for a 100km bike ride Sunday, feeling a bit nervous as I’ve never gone further than 75kms. Once it’s over I’ll feel very relieved.

    Also planning a sniffing spree in New York mid-August with the Basenotes crew, it will be so fun. Haven’t been to NYC for a few years.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Yeah, scones are the BEST! I love making them.
      O M G! 100kms on a PUSH BIKE? I hardly even do that on my motorbike.
      Well jell of your ability to pop up to NYC for a sniffy meet.
      Portia xx


  2. Love these posts so much, Portia. I had a video chat with Tina yesterday but I think she did more for my spirits than I did for hers. Great to see that you got her out in the fresh air. I wore Mandy’s excellent Curious for most of the week but Rose de Nuit last night to celebrate a friend’s birthday in town.


    • It was great to chat with you, Tara! I’m finding I’m using FaceTime & Messenger chats more & more.

      I’ve yet to delve into the frags Portia brought me, might be a fun thing to do today, actually. And wow: Ainslie’s new fragrance was so special…. Quintessentially Australian.

      xx Tina G


      • Trying those frags will be a nice distraction if you’re up to it today, Tina. It’s impossible to try a new fragrance and not be in the moment.
        Fascinated by what qualifies a perfumes as “Quintessentially Australian”. I hope you can do a post about that when you’re back to it!


    • Thanks tara,
      Tina is a fighter. It was wonderful hanging with her again this morning.
      Curious is a WINNER!
      as are you. Miss your face.
      Portia xx


  3. I’m seriously jealous of your scones and tea, what a lavish spread. Thank you for sharing the deliciousness, beauty, and fun in your days. It’s a reminder that there is so much good in the world.

    And can’t wait for your review of Black Perfecto. That bottle is fabulous. Wondering if that is bottle completely opaque. If you hold it up to a bright light can you see the fragrance in side?


    • Come over Tiffanie and I’ll make you scones and take you though some of the frag wardrobe.
      The bottle of Black perfecto is opaque. 100%
      Portia xx


  4. Dying to hear about the Black Perfecto! So sorry to hear that TinaG has been in hospital!! Please send her all my love and healing prayers for a swift recovery! Busy week with 2 trips to the mainland for doctor shit, but all is well thank god. Xoxo


    • Hey Robert, thank you, much appreciated! It’s a long haul but I’m heading in the right direction.

      xx Tina G


    • GET WELL Robert,
      We all love you too much. Good luck with the doctor visits.
      I’ll tell TinaG you send love.
      Portia xx


  5. I just love your scent diaries, Portia. Everybody should have a friend like you!
    Haven’t been wearing much perfume this last week except for my comfort go-to Shalimar because we are packing up and moving, so by Thursday we’ll be living at a new place. It’s exciting but also very stressful, like calling Telstra in Mumbai. For some reason I always feel homicidal after being on the phone with them. When all this is over, I’m going to reward myself with a new fragrance. Something to look forward to, but haven’t decided yet what I want.


    • Ingrid,
      You are sweet. Maybe included in the post-move-reward should be a couple of days in Sydney?
      Good luck with it all. Moving drives me bonkers, I do not envy you.
      Should you need me to grab you something fragrant from Sydney I can, it’s easy to mail it up. Giving you the thrill of shopping out of town and the thrill of getting a parcel.
      Portia xx


  6. I’m glad TinaG is getting some APJ love. Hospitals are such maudlin places, so the company you bring must liven things! Get well, TinaG; spring is round the corner and it is waiting for you to enjoy.

    What I am learning from our perfume community is that there are some truly wonderful souls. Thank you all for bringing joy to each other.


    • Hey Kate,
      TinaG is special. We visit her as often as we can. The curtains around the beds are in fabulously bright stripes, like being ill in a circus tent.
      Fingers crossed we get her back for spring adventures.
      Portia xx


  7. Oh my gosh Portia, what a week!! I love these posts of yours, just so much fun.

    I’m going to get out the samples you gave me & have a play today. I have also worn Ainslie’s fragrance (loved it!) and I had a sneaky wear of Lys 42 this week. Gosh that was a perfect floral for hospital – cool and refreshing.

    Lots of love
    Tina G xx


    • Yeah, big week. Doing the posts is really fun for me too TinaG.
      Did you get out those samples? We didn’t talk about it.
      See you Saturday!
      Portia xx


  8. These scent diaries are my favorite part of the blog. I am fascinated by cultures and how it is like to live in different countries and these scent diaries give a little glimpse of life in Australia.


    • Thanks Fazal,
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying them. I keep forgetting to take photos of stuff though. Trying my best.
      We have Jin’s nice coming next month so you’ll see oodles of Sydney I’ve not shown you before.
      Portia xx


  9. I just love reading about your everyday life. You are lucky to have lots of friends around you. Hope Tina G. is trending back to normal soon.

    Even stretching my imagination, my days last week weren’t anything to write about. I went to the gym in the mornings and to work in the afternoons. Everyone seemed grumpy because it’s so freakin’ hot and dry here, as it is every summer.

    This weekend I’ve escaped to Mom’s with the kitties and they have been having a ball being outside helping with chores. I changed the oil on two vehicles with a loud purring in my ear today as my feline helper could not be dissuaded from laying down next to me. She was just so pleased that I was on the ground!


    • Hey MikasMinion,
      Totally lucky to be surrounded by mates. We know how lucky we are and are super grateful.
      How good are you going to the gym in the morning? Part of me misses the routine of that (clearly not my belly which loves its increased portion of my whole body)
      HA! The kittens sound adorable. Totally cute. I wish there was a picture function in the WordPress comments.
      Portia xx


  10. Thank you Portia for your openness and generosity through your Scent Diary. What a wonderful scented gift of yourselves and the fragrances for Tina G! A connection to the world beyond the hospital rigidity. I must be your sister in another life Portia: what sort of person texts or calls other than an emergency at 7am??


    • I’m glad Val,
      My nose smells the opening as a hot synthetic mess. Like fly spray. It’s momentary but as long as I miss those first 5 seconds I’m good.
      Portia xx


  11. I really enjoy your diary Portia, especially the pictures. Your makeup is always fantastic and I like your wig very much. Is it new? I don’t remember seeing it before…
    Your friends are really lucky to have you. You are so thoughtful and caring. Speaking of that, I’m sending positive vibes to TinaG.
    Last week I had the walls in my apartment newly painted. They used to be bright yellow and now a friend of mine who does interior decorating suggested various shades of grey and beige. I like the outcome and I’m looking forward to some more changes. I’ll take care of that after my holiday. The painting and cleaning was stressful enough for me for the time being.
    Perfumes were a bit neglected last week but I was finishing some sample vials: Hermessence Epice Marine – the only lavander I can bear, Aedes de Venustas Pelargonium – elegant and woody…and mostly used the Rituals body spray Sweet Orange & Cedar.


    • YAY Neva,
      Glad you come and read them.
      TinaG is super glad of all the wonderful positivity coming her way from all the APJ family.
      I had bright yellow bedroom walls as a teen. Neutrals are WAY easier to live in. I hope you find them peaceful.
      It’s hard to wear fragrance when your house smells like painting.
      How good is Epice Marine? I really love it.
      Portia xx


  12. After the previous week’s excitement, last week was a big come-down. The “highlight” was that I had root canal surgery on Tuesday. No way was I mentally ready for this. I had the initial consult and the only time he could fit me in for weeks was four hours later! I had something like 8 needles, including one directly into the nerve. Not fun.

    Here’s my scent diary:

    Monday: ELdO Je Suis Un Homme
    Tuesday: Nothing, bearing in mind Saturday’s discussion about when one should forgo fragrances – at the dentist was one.
    Wednesday: Montale Aoud Musk
    Thursday: Arquiste Anima Dulcis
    Friday: Gucci Guilty Absolute
    Saturday: Parfums d’Empire Cuir Ottoman
    Sunday: Helmut Lang EDP


    • Hey there Greg,
      ROOT CANAL! Darling I feel your pain.

      You had a great week of fragrance though. Particularly love your weekend choices. Friday, Saturday & Sunday you smelled fabulous, even more than the other days where you smelled fine.
      Portia xx


  13. Hey! Great write up, as usual. I must get some Truth or Dare lotion. I want to tell you about the Water Pik water flosser I use. It’s great for the gums but not sure if there’s much effect on bone loss. I had bad pockets but now I don’t! Take care, Portia ❤


    • Hi Claudia,
      LOVE the Truth or Dare lotion, it has a softly generic amber scent that melds well with anything amber-ish.
      Jin has a water pik and he used it for a couple of months. His gums never stopped bleeding from it and he gave up. Interesting that you really liked it. We have almost all my pockets 3 or below now but once we get a rogue it’s hard to keep clean.
      Portia xx


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