Scent Diary: 17.7 – 23.7.2017




Hey APJ,

Most of my week was taken up with sewing and creating new stuff for a gig on Friday night. there were also great moments and fun with friends and fragrance. Honestly I’ve been too swamped to take photos or really document my week in any detail, sorry. You’ll see some of the main protagonists though.
Portia xx

Scent Diary: 17.7 – 23.7.2017

Monday 17:

TinaG is still in hospital but looking 100% improved. This is the view from the end of her corridor, doesn’t Sydney City look like a fairytale and how blue is the sky. We went and hung out in the patients common room, Alice joined us and we had a really nice visit.

From the hospital Alice & I went off to the Estee Lauder Staff Shop. I was hoping to find some discontinued Tom Ford frags, particularly Ombre de Hyacinth but there was only a small selection. I only walked away with Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess travel set and Tom Ford London, which became my SOTD along with a few other things I spritzed while there. Alice grabbed a few bits and bobs but was particularly pleased that her HOLY GRAIL moisturiser was $50 cheaper there. So happy chappies all round.

Jin was working so I grabbed dinner. I thought you should know that while we do eat fabulous foods from around the world generally, SOMETIMES we love to eat rubbish. So tonight I didn’t even want to leave the house so Dominoes Pizza delivered. Thin & Crispy Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Spicy Chicken and a Garlic Bread. Tasted so good and filled me up YUM!

Trivia Q&A writing night. I started earlier today and got quite a bit done before my usual start time. Wearing more Atelier Cologne Tobacco Nuit to write questions and I’m about halfway through my 10ml decant. It’s a really lovely wearable fragrance that doesn’t steal my concentration when working but smells good in the coffee breaks.

Tuesday 18:

Today was a write off. BUSY running and getting shit done. Sewing the foam bits for my new headdress and work.

Morning: Guerlain Black Perfecto

Work: Cacharel Liberté

One exciting thing happened. I finally got a little cuddle with one of my long term crushes at work tonight. He He he. Poor boy spent the whole time saying his girlfriend would be furious. He should bring her next time so she would know that it was all in the fun of an evening and not being unfaithful.

Bed: Miller & Bertaux A Quiet Morning

Wednesday 19:

Weather is perfect. Dog walk was warm, sunny and uneventful.

My mind is preoccupied. Friday night I have a gig that has decided it will be a Super Hero Party. I don’t know if any of you have noticed but all the superheroes are buff. No fatty superheroes. So I’m having to create my own version of a superhero. I’m calling her Super Chunky. Maybe Super Ceded. Anyway, I’m off to get the gear to create this new hero. GAK! Wish me luck.

My search for a superhero fragrance today is CHANEL Antaeus. This stuff is SOO good.

Jin loves Krispy Creme. Today I bought him a box. Well, I say I bought it for him but four of them are for me. One each of the fancy ones. Jin’s favourites are the regular ones but he will force himself to eat fancy if they’re there.

A Guerlain Shalimar bubble bath and then spritzed lavishly with Guerlain Shalimar EdP for work.

Wendy and I had dinner together before Trivia at Greystanes Hotel. We had 8 teams to start with tonight and it was a fabulously fun evening. I really love the crew that comes to play there and the food is FABULOUS!

Thursday 20:


Roger & Gallet Cedrat bubble bath, Guerlain Mitsouko EdT & parfum.


Friday 21:

Sewing. My pointer finger has two hot glue blisters. Ouchie WA WA.

Morning: MORE Guerlain Mitsouko

Tonight was the big gig. Sydney Stingers, the gay waterloo team are fundraising for their 2018 France Gay games Adventure. I had a new frock and new wig for the night and drenched myself in Madonna Truth or Dare. No, I only have this photo from the night and it’s not in the new outfit! GRRR!

Saturday 22:

Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning


Jin and I got Chinese food and watched Despicable Me.

Tonight is one of my BFFs, Scott’s, BIRTHDAY! I hate house parties but I love Scott so I felt honour bound to drop in and say hi. It was a fabulous party with the backyard turned into a Disney Fairy Garden and the Disney Princesses as the houses backdrop.

Sunday 23:

Lay in bed, walked dogs, went to Pedicures with my mate Rose. YAY! We wandered IKEA afterwards and I got some incidentals.

After Pedis we grabbed some lunch and went visited our other mate Phil and hug at his place for a while.

Then home, bath and work. I had a lovely Robert Piguet Bandit bubble bath, used Amouage Dia lotion and Guerlain Black Perfecto EdP. Was swamped with fragrant compliments and everyone LOVED the new hair. I hope you do too.


OK, you’ve read my week, time to tell us about yours please. Big, little, good or bad; share a story with us. We love to read about you.
Portia xx

23 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 17.7 – 23.7.2017

  1. OMG!
    Did someone say TF London?!
    Love that one!!!

    OMG! OMG!
    So glad to see TinaG looking and feeling better.
    Speedy recovery dear.

    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    Love that new hair do gorgeous!!!

    As for me… I saw two plays this week which is a rarity for me: I think Australian Graffiti may need a bit more work but Cloud 9 is just amazing!!!

    Having Monday off for a long weekend so looking forward to some ‘me time’.
    XXX… T


    • Hey Tim,
      Yes, TF London is yummy.
      Seeing TinaG today and will pass on your well wishes.
      HA! Hairdo is fun, I’m thrilled to have a new one.
      Enjoy your day off Princess.
      Portia xx


  2. Mmmn, Mitsouko.Our little family had a three day Gold Coast thaw out. Friendly folk there who know how to look after tourists. On final day the World Traveller messed up check in time with result we missed baggage checkin in by **this much** and forfeited the flight. $1000 later we were booked out that day with el cheap orange airline. BUT the ground staff of both airlines were super nice, given our bad news. While chilling in the Q lounge 28 young hunks from the local rugby team sat near us – and proceeded to play ‘500’ ! 🙂 xx


    • YAY! Love the Gold coast. Amazing how many Sydney siders are making the move.
      GRRRRRR! Missing flights is a drama, so much angst. Sorry they couldn’t shove you on the next flight, what a bummer.
      HA! Did you play cards with them?
      Portia xx


  3. New hair great…but check your fab eyes!
    This was my last week of mid year break so planning next semester most of the week. Also my Shalimar body creme arrived, and it is the most decadent thing ever!
    Found a sample of Terre de Sarment tonight, it is lovely with smooth cinnamon and benzoin. Bed scent, zzz


    • Hi JackieB,
      SHALIMAR BODY CREAM!!!!! How freaking gorgeous. Good on you.
      Love wearing fragrance to bed, so civilised.
      Portia xx


  4. The new hair is fantastic! Divine. My week was a bit quiet. I have had back problems for three weeks now. So, I work, commute two hours per day, care for a horse then try to rest. I did go to dinner with a friend for my belated birthday and to a Ukrainian festival with mom.


    • Thanks Gina, I’m pretty proud of the outcome,
      GRRRR Back pain is shit, hope it gets better.
      Happy Belated Birthday.
      Portia xx


  5. Another week done and dusted!

    I admire your patience, Portia. To bring that wig to life is a huge achievement. I used to make hats and jewellery; pre kids. I wonder if I might reignite that creativity… hmmm.

    Been a challenging week. Being over tired is a killer for me. All my obvious autistic traits come rampaging into my life. I lack the energy to curtail them. I am trying to embrace them, but it is hard. The funniest one is that I’ve noticed is that if I say Brooklyn Fragrance Lover out loud, it comes out as Brooklyn Flagrance Lover.

    Perfume wise, I’ve been leaning heavily on my comfort scents. No room for new trials. I do, however, need to remind myself that Boudoir isn’t for the gym. Faux pas big time because it is a tiny gym.

    I hope you all have a week full of laughter, kindness and some sparkles.


    • Hey Kate,
      Tired is shit for everyone. I can’t even imagine adding autism into the mix. Sometimes when I’m exploding at Jin I have to ask myself how much sleep I’ve had (he he he)
      OMG! Boudoir at the gym, you ole ho pantied sexy monster. Must have been hilarious.
      Portia xx


  6. I, too, love Krispy Kreme. Years ago they were in trouble and closed many of their locations in the US. I wish Krispy Kreme were as ubiquitous as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in the US because I would buy them at least once every week.


    • Hey Fazal,
      We even have Krispy Kreme in 4 packs at the Gas Stations here, delivered fresh each morning. They have two original and two fancy. At the end of the day they are half price and I sometimes grab them for Jin as a present. Makes his day.
      This is the first time I’ve ever bought him a big box.
      Portia xx


  7. Big week here, today was my 100km bike ride (yes, a push bike!) and it went great, yay! Weather was beautiful and I felt really good. Celebrating with a massive dose of Mitzah!

    I also baked bread, cookies and cherry pie. No Krispy Kreme here in Montreal, but we do have loads of delicious French pastry shops. 🙂 My favourite is the almond pistachio croissants, yum.


    • Montreal, I have lots of relatives there, one in Laval, Rivieres des Praires. Also went there on my honeymoon 1989. Beautiful city!


  8. TF London is a cracker.As a coffee addict, it’s one of my favourites.

    Very eventful week for me this week, centred on delivery of my new toy: a new Honda Civic hatchback in glorious male menopausal red. I promptly took it for a spin in the Yarra Valley on Monday.

    Wednesday I checked out the grandson, who remains solely interested in sleeping, crying and feeding, and is terminally cute.

    Friday I headed off to the Henry Buck’s sale in search of something warm for winter. I lucked onto a gorgeous Inis Mean cable knit jumper. To cap that, I overheard the SA mention that they were selling their testers at 50% of retail, so I scooped up unopened testers of Penhaligon’s Endymion, Floris 89, Floris Elite and Floris Santal. So that’s me set for a while.

    While shopping on Friday I also had a chat with Marco at the new Mason’s boutique. They are importing Philippe Starck’s range, and Marco was kind enough to give me samples of all three frags. They are also carrying Meo Fusciuni, which I’m keen to try in the near future. I like that they’ve decided to carry only niche fragrances to go with their niche clothing, rather than fragrances that can be widely obtained.

    On the weekend we took the new car on a jaunt down to Phillip Island to do some bird watching and catch the sights. Brrr. The winds were almost gale-force all weekend and it was bloody cold, especially while parking my rear on a concrete slab for an hour at the Penguin Parade. The Inis Mean got a real workout and I must say it kept me warm as toast. I still have it on; I might just love it more than my new car.

    My week’s fragrances were:

    Monday – Diptyque Tam Dao
    Tuesday – Penhaligon’s Hammam Bouquet
    Wednesday – MDCI Invasion Barbare
    Thursday – Guerlain Mitsouko EDT
    Friday – YSL M7 (vintage)
    Saturday – Philippe Starck Peau de Pierre
    Sunday – Philippe Starck Peau d`Ailleurs


  9. Your headress is amazing in real life Portia and heavy too!
    I love the black velvet coat in one the photos.
    I tried the Tuberose by Mona di Orio, it is still on my wrist since last night. I like Tuberose. Been wearing Doms Chloe parfum this week, a bit light for me but lovely. I wore Hugo Boss to work, it worked lol.


  10. I love your headpiece, told you already last week. Now Ißm curious for the superhero outfit…Super Ceded, LOL!
    Since it’s been extremely hot here in Croatia, I avoided cooking as much as possible so I’ve also been ordering food most of the time: pizzas, enchiladas, chicken wings and cold salads.
    My perfume choices for the week were ELDO You or Someone Like You and Arancia di Capri by Acqua di Parma for the day and Estee Lauder’s Private Collection (vintage) for the evenings.
    Glad to hear that TinaG is better and I hope that soon she’ll get out of the hospital.


    • Woo Hoo Hot Lady,
      ELDO You or Someone Like You is wonderful.
      TinaG is out and about. I was with her today. Recuperating well. She’ll love that you care.
      Portia xx


  11. WoW! What a week of fragrance and activity!
    that pic of us turned out great! You can even see the mark where i dropped a hammer on my nose 😛
    Thanks for dropping in, I appreciate it X


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