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Hi there APJ! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the month of August. We are eagerly anticipating our upcoming trip to southern Spain. I am in desperate need for sunshine and heat – both will hopefully be in abundance.

“The dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul. Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of the gods”. Plato.

Music and dance are indicative of a culture and its people. Joie de vivre, cultural history and even weather plays an important role in the musical roots of a country. Every country has its own rhythym, its own heartbeat. Having lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I cannot imagine that city without the rhythyms of tango and the evocative dance associated with it. The same holds true for the Waltz and Vienna, Austria – a lot of structure to the dance and the music. I have always believed that the warmer the climate in a country, the more passionate and captivating the music and dance will be. This is only my opinion as I have had the pleasure of living in many countries and experiencing the music and dance.

Enter in Spain and the Flamenco dance.

Flamenco by Ramón Monegal 2017

Flamenco Ramon Monegal fragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange blossom, raspberry, violet, apple
Heart: Jasmine, rose, iris
Base: Cedar, amber, pine tree, cypress.

With all of that said and done, I am sure that you all know of Ramón Monegal perfumes from Barcelona, Spain. Ramón Monegal is one of the very few brands which excites me with their new creations and they have recently launched Flamenco. The Andalusian dance, the Flamenco, with its music (guitar, vocals, clapping and dancing) is seductive and sensual and was the inpiration for this new creation. When I watch a Flamenco performance I feel as if I am watching a deep magical dance from the soul of the people. It is a feast for my senses. I get lost in watching the rhythmic movements of the dancer’s arms and feet, the sway of her dress, the dust slightly coming off of the wooden floor, the musicians encouraging her and then the final culmination.

When I spray on Flamenco, it opens with a cloud of raspberries and orange blossom which is radiant and bursting with flavor and brings a smile from ear to ear on my face. A bowlful of berries, succulent with their juices, slightly sweet and yet marginally tart, is my secret haven for a warm summer evening. There is an underlying woody aspect to the opening which grounds it from turning into a fruit syrup. When the woods come into play they are warm and glowing which gives me a sense of comfort and well being. This perfume exudes passion, slowly working its way into my soul making me want to wear something red, dance the night away on a warm summer evening after enjoying a day of languishing in the sun.

The packaging for Flamenco is equisite; a book shaped box with a mirror on the inside of the lid holds the red bottle in a black and red cloth bag. There is so much attention to detail that surpasses anything that I have seen in a while. It is pure joy to use the perfume and adds to the sensorial experience.

Special thanks to Ramon Monegal for sending me this beautiful bottle

Perfumaria has €190/50ml
LuckyScent carries the Ramon Monegal line

Have you tried any perfumes from Ramón Monegal? Do you have a favorite? Or do you have a favorite dance?
Sandra x

11 thoughts on “Flamenco by Ramón Monegal 2017

    • Lucky you Old Herbaceous! When I do finally get to Barcelona I will make sure to stop by the shop. I would pick up Impossible Iris and a few others. Beautiful review of Lovely Day. Sandra xo


  1. Thank you, Sandra. What a beautiful review – and that bottle! Everything about it appeals to me. And it’s red, red, red!
    I don’t have any from Ramon Monegal, and I’m not sure where to find this in Australia, but I need to find out!


    • Hi Sue! Yes, I know what you mean about that bottle – RED! I love red, but a red bottle is special. I just checked and saw that Peony in Melbourne carry Ramon Monegal. Hope you can try them soon. Sandra xo


  2. I would buy this for the bottle and packaging alone, but I also love orange blossom! I will have to try to find a sample of this. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of this line yet. I will have to remedy that right away! Thanks for the review.


    • Hi Kandice! I must admit to being a sucker for a beautiful bottle – I understand you completely. I hope you can try them soon. they have some real gems. Sandra xo


  3. I’ve tried Monegal’s Cotton Musk and I like it, but Flamenco sounds wonderful. About dances…Flamenco turns me on, but from the past my love is the Can Can!


    • Hi Elaine! Cotton Musk is perfect on a hot summer day. I find latin music in general is sensual. The Can Can is GREAT. Thanks for answering. Sandra xo


  4. Hey Sandra,
    Lovely post. This bottle is freaking gorgeous. I may have to buy it just for that.
    Portia xx


  5. Ooh the bottle is gorgeous as is the fragrance i am sure. I hope you had a wonderful time in Spain, I heard the food and architecture are great. Love your post xxx


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