Durga by David Moltlz for D.S. & Durga 2017




Hi there APJ,

I was wearing this beautiful scent with no idea how much it costs. It came in a bunch of new scents split by a mate of mine. Blissfully unaware I spritzed with abandon and really enjoyed the way it smells.

This morning it is cool and crisp and the weather feels like it’s perfectly attuned to todays fragrance.

Durga by D.S. & Durga 2017

Durga by David Moltlz

Durga D.S. & Durga fragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica Gives these featured accords:
Top: Tuberose, melon, chrysanthemum
Heart: Ylang-ylang, orris, orange blossom
Base: Tuberose, jasmine sambas, musk

Creamy tuberose, made awkwardly and sweetly juicy by the juxtaposition of melon and mums. It is a catchy opening that sideswipes my expectations. Smelling smoothly resinous, clean tuberose and this freaky undertone that is skating around the drop to disgusting but manages to pull itself or keep itself nice. The opening is not traditionally beautiful and is chock full of florist floor realness. Stemmy offcuts, discarded flower petals, bucket water and road dirt. Durga smells like some of the best, most interesting and slightly challenging independent perfumery. It’s raw and not all the rough edges are smoothed to a glasslike finish.

The heart comes through and reads as a bouquet to me. All notes working in harmony to create something other, something different, yet still encompassing the notes list. If you know perfumes DelRae Amoureuse then you will recognise this tightrope walk between hideous and heavenly. Though not smelling the same the feeling is similar.


Then somehow at about the 15-20 minute mark Durga becomes all heavenly symphony. A sheer tuberose out front and everything backs and supports.

From LuckyScentWhat does floral nirvana feel like? We’re not talking about an overdose of girly, cookie cutter fruity-florals, or a powder-drenched grandma scent, but rather, in D.S. & Durga’s own words, “palatial doses of the finest floral absolutes, ” a no-costs-spared approach to creating the ultimate limited-edition fragrance. So what does it feel like? Rapturous.


LuckyScent has $350/50ml and Samples

$350 is a lot of money for 50ml. Is that a deterrent to you?
Portia xx

11 thoughts on “Durga by David Moltlz for D.S. & Durga 2017

  1. Yes it is. I would feel obliged to wear this all the time because of the money invested. I dont want to feel guilty when I choose for variety.


  2. Money is always a deterrent. Especially when one has children to support. Still, IF I absolutely love a scent, I’ll buy it. I haven’t found one that pricey per ml yet that I love that much. Oh, hang on. Let me consider that a second. *guilty look at parfums I own*


    • HA! Kate, we often do it but it still gives me a shiver of disbelief. $350 is hard to earn.
      Portia x


  3. This is, indeed, expensive and kind of hard to predict what to expect, even after reading this article. And even if it is really good tuberose, there is no shortage of other great tuberose creations like vintage Poison, Sander No. 4, and Carnal Flower.


    • Yeah, sorry for being so obtuse Fazal,
      There are a LOT of wonderful tuberose frags, it’s true.
      Portia xx


      • oh no, I was not criticizing the article or you. I was talking about the price and value of this perfume which is not very convincing.


  4. Hi gorgeous.

    This is not a brand I’ve smelt before. At USD$350 per 50ml, which is 50%+ more expensive than Tom Ford’s private blends, it is prohibitive for me. I have deliberated long and hard before my previous Amouage and TF purchases so I’d even be afraid to try it in case I love it… despite the fact that it does sound interesting.

    In fact I am more likely to purchase Puredistance M before I get this. They are similarly priced but M is at least in Extrait concentration. Of course if money is no object and I really love this then I will buy it.

    XXX… T


  5. It’s a bloody ridiculous price and we all know it. (Problem is we all have a rough idea what rhe perfume costs to make, a tiny fraction of what is charged. Knowing this we have to decide if we are willing to pay it. And don’t even start me on the “rare and treasured” raw material card.) That’s a no from me then. No costs spared, finest floral absolutes ……? Sighs.


    • Heya Val,
      It’s a lot.
      I wish I knew these manufacturers. I might try and find them. In some cases the cost is well reflected in the production etc but as we all know there are then the majority who are flagrantly aspirational pricing to look posh.
      Portia xx


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