Scent Diary: 28.8 – 3.9.2017




Hey Fumie Family,

Some amazing fragrances and friends this week. As always we are chock block full of fun stuff but it has also been tempered by a LOT of time at the computer organising to be away in India for two weeks. All the Trivia Q&A needed to be written and the blog pre-arranged and editing in the Contributors, who all worked really hard to get their months pieces in on time (THANKS GANG!!).

Scent Diary: 28.8 – 3.9.2017

Monday 28:

It’s 12.30am and I am watching The Defenders on Netflix. I should be asleep but am totally engrossed. He He he. Watched the last 3 eps tonight but I want MORE!! It is so good.

Bedtime now 3am. Spritzing Queen by Queen Latifah. Citrus, booze, vanilla and resins. It is thick and ropey with a meaty patchouli.

Woke up late to a soft vanilla wash of scent and jumped up to walk and feed the dogs. On our wander we found a brand new greyhound living in an apartment a block away. I was chatting to him but our dogs said a hurried hello and then their heads were snuffling something interesting on the ground. I love that more people are realising greyhounds are perfect apartment pets.

Today is dedicated to getting as much APJ blog stuff ready as possible so I can start writing my Trivia Q&A for the two weeks I’ll be in India.

Jin and I went for Yum Cha this morning and the rest of my day was spent computer bound. So much done. It’s looking good.

Wafting some vintage Bal a Versailles parfum on my neck. Smells great.

My head is not co-operating tonight. Q&A goes very slowly.

Tuesday 29:

2am all Trivia done and now I’m going to have a Boucheron Trouble bubble bath followed by a mega spritz of the Boucheron Trouble EdP. Then I’m going to bed.

You won’t believe this. woke up this morning and my OTHER foot is sore. Must have kicked the wall in my sleep. OUCHIE WaWa. I’ll walk it out today and hopefully everything will be good. Enjoying Trouble so much I spritzed it again.

Scott and I did office work and running around today. It was a full, fun day.

Watched Green Lantern again. Vintage Miss Dior EdT for bed. MMMMMMM

Wednesday 30:

What an incredibly beautiful morning. Sun is shining and it feels like a perfect spring day. I’m about to feed and walk the dogs then today will be spent at the computer organising APJ and some Trivia Q&A.

After lunch decided I needed something a bit rich and woodsy so Guerlain Santal Royal got a triple spritz to the chest. Exactly what I was looking for. A sweet, smooth, creamy wood/rose/oud combo.

It was one of my BFFs birthdays this week, Phil. So three of us got together to celebrate. We went to my favourite Chinese in Sydney Lui Rose in Concord. It was a special night with champagne, laughs, food and presents. Happy Birthday Phil! You’re amazing.

Tried to do some Trivia Q&A work but my mind wasn’t having any of it so Parfum d’Empire Equistrius and bed.

Thursday 31:

Tina came over this morning and we walked the dogs together.

Then we had fresh bakes scones with passionfruit lemon curd, raspberry jam or honey and fresh whipped cream. Tea was a blend of Peppermint Green Tea created by Suzanne R Banks. Perfect last day of winter fare.

You can see in the left of the photo that the Hawthorn is blooming currently. The ,local council decided it was best to sheer 6 feet of it just before it flowered, assholes. I grabbed these branches and brought them home where they are scenting the room a soft focus green white floral. Very pretty.

We then did some blog writing team work which was really interesting to smell how differently our skins make scent smell. Tina makes perfumes greener, fresher and more stark, my skin amps sweet and creaminess. Very interesting morning. We are thinking of making it a regular thing because it’s nice to read both sides.

We had a look at the new Serge Lutens 100ml bottle. It’s quite snazzy and feels great in my hand. Tina said it was a little big for left hand spritzing but right hand is cool. So Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin was my fragrance this evening. Cherry roses with a peppery zing and a creamy patchouli/honeyed backbeat.

Friday 1:

First day of spring. Walking the dogs was heavenly this morning in 17C sunshine. Wearing Penhaligon’s Ostara to greet the new season.

TRIVIA Q&A. All Day. Finished one weeks set of Q&A today.

After my bath I spritzed a new-to-me bottle of Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant. WOWSA! What a cool and smoky incense, it even has a dusty Asian hill temple vibe. Officially blown away. Thanks MB.

Jin brought home Korean Fried Chicken with chilli and wasabi dipping sauces. It was a FEAST!

Tonight I finished a second set of Trivia Q&A, just the main body of the game, not the games and the Jackpots are all finished. Feeling like stuff is getting done.

For bed I’m wearing vintage Bal a Versailles parfum. Yep, I smell like a very luscious and expensive courtesan. YUMMY!

Saturday 2:

Woke up before the alarm. I love that blissful feeling of rising from sleep like a submarine. It’s a Neela Vermeire Creations Rahele kinda day. Its cool fresh flowers juxtapose perfectly against the spices and woods, and then all overlaid with large helpings of osmanthus. Stellar.

4.30pm still TRIVIA Q&A. I’ve been sitting at this damn desk for so long it feels like I’m growing into it. I’m getting up and taking the dogs for a wee.

Jin went to work tonight and there’s almost no food in the house so I’m getting Chinese Take Away from around the corner. As always I ordered enough for 5 people so we can have leftovers!

Was looking for Lolita Lempicka EdP to wear for me Chinese Food Run but came across Annick Goutal Grand Amour first and felt the need to spritz it instead. MMMMMMMM

Tonight I’m concentrating on getting the APJ Blog Posts finalised. Busy day tomorrow and then I only have Monday afternoon/evening to get stuff done.

Sunday 3:

It’s late. I’ve stopped functioning and have been staring at the computer for about 20 minutes without adding any content. Spritzing vintage Guerlain Mitsouko parfum and bed. Night. XX

Went for a pedi with my BFF Kath and bumped into my girlfriend Bec at the jewellery store she is managing (Currently single and ready to meet the man of her dreams. Do I have any well heeled straight male readers looking for a trophy bride with smarts?).
Yes, I bought a couple of pairs of earrings, they are so outlandish I couldn’t walk past.

Then it was Father’s Day so we went and celebrated her Dad, who is also mine via adoption. Here’s Mum Waples and I after our Creme Brûlée that jane made. we are both on a sugar high, he he he.

Work tonight at Austral Bowling Club with Anna-Maria and her family playing. Guess what? They won the $1,000 JACKPOT!

Today I wore Hermès Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. That citrus/white flower given extra zing with mint and a soft overlay of petrochemicals. Sounds awful but it is the perfect spring scent, fits the day beautifully.


OK, enough about me. How was your week? Do anything interesting or fun? Buy or try any new fragrances? Wear some of your faves? How about Father’s Day, did you do something special?
Please tell us all in the comments. We’re dying to know what happened for you.

Portia xx

26 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 28.8 – 3.9.2017

  1. Love your weekly musings Portia….wearing Terry’s ombré Mercure a total blind buy I’m not sure about as it’s a bit screechy for me (if anyone wants my almost full bottle please let me know )..on the other hand (literally) i have vintage dune totally magnificent. As for Fathers Day I wouldn’t be we’re I am today without my wonderful dad Dave xx


    • Hey Chris,
      Isn’t Ombré Mercure weird. There’s a plastic note at the start that jumps out at me. Once it settles though I like it very much. Always gets compliments too.
      Portia xx


  2. Bon voyage for your trip to India, you sound so organised! We are back from our holiday and are thoroughly sick of pasta and pizza!
    Chinese takeaway…yes please!
    Had a nightmare flight from Rome, woman next to me kept sliding onto my shoulder, she had not washed her hair for a week and had dandruff. Phewwwww and people bitch about perfume! Sheeesh!


    • HA JackieB,
      Sick of pizza and pasta? I can’t believe it.
      OMG! How awful to have that travelling with you from Rome. What a bummer.
      Ack ack.
      Portia xx


  3. OOO! Trouble! My best friend just gifted me a vintage mini of it and I LOVE it….reminds me a lot of vintage Dior Addict (before reform) which I had a full bottle of and drained lickety split!

    enjoy India…I envy you 🙂


  4. Hey Portia. Fab to see Tina looking so radiant and Woo hoo for Anna Maria and Co winning the jackpot!
    I loved The Defenders too. So good.
    I also wore La Fille de Berlin this week. Adore that violet tinged rose.


    • Hey Tara,
      Lovely to see you.
      Everyone is brimming with excitement about your Australian visit. Anna-Maria near piddled her pants when I said it was a definite go. They were so excited to win tonight too.
      Every time I see Jessica Jones I think of you. She is SO you it’s uncanny.
      When you come to Oz we can marinate in La Fille de Berlin. 100mls, can you even imagine?
      Portia xx


    • Its true Tara you are staying at my place as long as you want! Cannot wait…good to have something to look forward to! woo hoo
      yes it was exciting to win the jackpot!


  5. I have been a little out of the loop in my perfume blog reading, but I just wanted to say that I am so glad to see Tina G looking well 🙂 Also, the scones sounded amazing. The new SL bottles look very modern, not sure I like them better than the old ones but such is life!


    • Hey Nemo,
      TinaG is looking very well. Isn’t she stunning?
      I’m only a moderately good cook but my scones are pretty good. When you’re in Sydney I’ll make you some.
      Yeah, maybe not better but they are nice. Lumens had to do something to grab our attention, we’d started ignoring them.
      Portia xx


  6. Reading the Scent Diary is my favourite way to start my Sunday. It’s a long weekend here and I am off to find out whether JM English Oak and Hazelnut really does smell like Sycomore, and perhaps score a Le Labo sample for a friend who can’t afford their regular prices, much less for a city exclusive.


    • Hi there AnnieA,
      So glad you’re loving the Scent Diary. Glad too that you have made it part of your Sunday ritual, thanks.
      Good luck with your sniffing. Report back please.
      Portia xx


    • I only had a sample of it originally Fazal so my memory is not perfect but it doesn’t smell highly changed to me. I’m not a perfumer though so really I’m saying it smells quite like the sample I had.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Anna-Maria,
      Yes, TinaG is thrilled to be out of hospital and eating food again.
      Thank you, fingers crossed.
      Portia xx


  7. Hello my week has been busy. The first of 7 weeks away from the pressures of the workplace. I spent Mon through to Thursday volunteering at the Ballarat Foto Biennale. I was ‘working’ the cloakroom of The Ballarat Art Gallery, for the main exhibition, David le Chapelle….very interesting pieces. I was still getting over last weeks cold, and couldn’t really smell anything properly until Thursday. I wore ‘soft’ frags ,like Rose Iskander and Poivre Saramandre {sp}, each by Hermes.
    On Wed I tried a few Chariol scents with Kate Robinson, the owner of Sweet Fern Perfumery… none of the Chariols ‘floated my boat’ lol
    Friday I became unwell…went to GP who told me I only had a UTI….I ‘KNEW’ I HAD A KIDNEY STONE…LOL…And at 1am Saturday morning….I was proved right..
    Sunday spent ‘resting’ and packing my bags for travel to Queensland.
    Enjoy your trip to India.


    • WOW Saffyishere,
      BUSY week there. Glad your cold is easing up.
      I really liked a couple of the Charriol scents. The green bottle had a lovely white floral and I remember an aldehydic floral too. Sorry you didn’t love them.
      You have fun in QLD.
      Portia xx


  8. So glad you wore Ostara for the first day of your spring! I just love it. Can’t believe it was so quickly discontinued. I feel very lucky to have a backup bottle! Have a wonderful trip to India; I’ll be interested to know what scents you experience and/or bring home! Safe travels!


    • Hey there OH,
      Yeah, the Ostara deletion so soon after release was a big surprise. Clearly no-one bought it till it was massively discounted. Then we all went crazy.
      Thank you. LOADS I hope.
      Portia xx


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