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Hey Hey Frag Family,

Today we are looking at a scent that Kate Apted sent me in a fragrant care package. One of the wonderful things about this addiction hobby is the joy of sharing and Kate was extremely generous. THANKS!! So I have a few new to me things that I’m snuffling happily.

Oyedo by Diptyque 2000

Oyedo Diptyque FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Lime, Mandarin, Orange, Lemon
Heart: Caraway, Thyme
Base: Woody notes

You feeling down? A bit blue/ Dog tired/ Maybe you are just exhausted from running the rat race. Oyedo seems to be the perfect foil. Even though I’m at that 3/4 way through the year slump lately, plus being super busy, and turning my ankle somehow Oyedo makes me want to jump back into the fray.

Citrus backed by herbs that seem smooth as resins. A citrus with poopy, sweaty background.A citrus as vibrant and fresh as the farmers fruit markets on an early Saturday morning. Cool and alive and zinging. A jolt of lively scent that makes my eyes pop open and my body lighten its load.

Oyedo Diptyque farmers Fruit_market WikiMediaWikiMedia

The citrus stays right through the heart, still zingy like a mixture of their zests. The herbs really smell to me like they have labdanum or elemi helping them to stabilise and give a lovely smooth growl purring underneath the rest.

I can so imagine Oyedo being someones go-to spring or autumn scent and them using it to get everyone around them on board with fun and ideas. Longevity is pretty good and you stay quite fragrant for over two hours before the perfume softens off considerable. Basically the woody base is hardly relevant because the citrus/herbs/resins stay around getting softer and a bit dryer.

Oyedo Diptyque oranges flowers field pixabayPDI

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Citrus. Are you a fan? When do you wear it?
Portia xx


12 thoughts on “Oyedo by Diptyque 2000

  1. I love Oyedo and many other citrus scents in general. I tend to wear them on steamy New York City summer days. Other faves are Eau du Sud (which I wear a lot, year-round), vintage O de Lancôme, which I was delighted to find again after it being a great favorite when I was young, and good old 4711, which I keep in the fridge. I’m sure I have a couple of others, but I can’t recall just now.


    • Hey there Francesca,
      What a lovely surprise. I hope you’re happy & well.
      I underestimated the Indian heat and humidity for this time of year and was caught out wearing Myrrh Casati today. It worked but I was wishing for a citrus or chypre.
      Isn’t Eau de Sud divine? I love it too.
      Portia xx


  2. Citrus is a tricky one. It has to be interesting or effervescent for me to enjoy it. I am growing away from eau de cologne type citruses lately. As much as I find the inclusion of grapefruit in nearly all post 2000 Chanel main lines really boring, I admit the grapefruit note is growing on me. I adore it in Jour d’Hermes Absolu. Kxx


    • Hey Kate,
      I’m wondering if they are using grapefruit in exchange for some banned aldehydes, much like we are seeing oudh used as a panacea for the lack of base notes available in large quantities?
      Portia xx


  3. Huge citrus fan and will wear it year round…years ago my go to was vintage cristalle but current formulation doesn’t move me as much and vintage has lost all its top notes so it does not smell the same…same for O de Lancolme….current fav would have to be Berdoues Grand Cru Assam of India (Portia, you would adore the bottle with little elephants on parade!) with notes of lemon, assam tea and mysore sandalwood..also love many from the Atelier cologne line including Orange Sanguine…


    • OMG! I was in Assam yesterday. How extraordinary.
      What a bummer about your frags changing on you.
      I like a bunch of the Ateliers and love a few, Rose Anonym, Trefle Pur, Tobacco Nuit and one other I can’t remember off the top of my head. MMMMM
      Portia xx


    • YAY TaraC,
      Glad to have hit your citrus sweet spot. I reallyt like it too and wish I’d brought the decant on holiday.
      Portia xx


  4. Definitely a citrus lover here. I recently discovered HDP 1828 – Jules Verne, a citrus aromatic (it carries eucalyptus), which I consider quite a beauty; unfortunately it does not stay with me very long.
    I also love A Jardin Sur Le Nil, by Hermès. Great in hot weather!!


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