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Hello APJ Crew,

Veering slightly off topic today. A couple of the comments on Scent Diary lately have loved how many friends we fit into our lives every week. It’s super important that we catch up with the inner crew but also there are mates that we see much less. This is one of the ways I manage to keep seeing as many of the crew as possible.

Just so you know I’m sitting in a lovely cloud of CHANEL Antaeus Pour Homme vintage EdT. It is fairly gorgeous.

Friends: Circle of Pedicures

Here’s the trick.

Choose a day that’s really easy for you 90% of the time. This is about YOU having a group of friends around. If some people can’t fit your schedule, no worries, others will.

We chose 10am Sunday morning. We are the first people in the shop and even if it takes an hour we still get to Yum-Cha (Dim-Sum) before it gets too busy to find a table.

Find a good nail shop somewhere in the middle of you all. Look up reviews online. It needs some kind of food next door or nearby. We prefer Yum-Cha but a cafe, restaurant, milk bar is fine as long as you can sit and chatter some more.

Select about 20 people that you like, love or would like to know better and find out which of them gets pedicures done. This bit is best done face to face to get the most positive response. People will make up excuses in their head if they’re not looking at your earnest, honest face asking to spend extra time together. Currently on my Pedicure list there are 12 people. As time goes by you’ll delete and add to the list, some people get busy on the day you .

Every 2-4 weeks send your group a text asking who’s free and interested. You will rarely get everyone but it is an excellent way to catch up with whoever is available. Also, as soon as your Pedi Time becomes a thing new people will want to join.

Sometimes I only target the friend/s that I really want to see and we go as a two/three/four some.

We find it a zero stress way of getting together, exactly the right amount of time for catch ups and no one has to clean their house for guests.

Some people will choose to skip the pedi some weeks and just come for the food or vice-versa. No sweat, whatever works for them.

Always ring the Pedicure Store two days before so they can have enough staff on hand.

So there’s the trick, it works a treat.
Portia xx

Yes, I know. My hairy Hobbit feet look funny with polish but I don’t care.

20 thoughts on “Friends: Circle of Pedicures

  1. Portia you are such an inspiration with your ideas for friends get together. My mum always used to say;” people come to see You, not your house.” Yeah, right. Another fun and fab pal said “I don’t clean for friends”…BTW that green polish certainly woke me up 🙂


    • Hey Bernadette,
      Your Mum is right but it doesn’t feel good inviting people when my house is a shambles. We are two guys living together and sometimes it looks like we are teenagers.
      While I only do a boy clean for my mates if they’re coming and the house is shambolic, I still take an hour or so to do that.
      This way cleaning is off the agenda.
      Glad the colour gave you a jolt.
      Portia xx


  2. Great idea! Sometimes get togethers are like herding cats, it is good to have a gang who may or may not be able to come along.
    I will have to think of an activity that doesn’t involve toes…because, ballet feet!


    • Hi JackieB,
      Make those ballet feet sparkle. Might as well be proud of your dancing war wounds.
      Portia xx


  3. Portia, I don’t know anyone who is better at friendship than you. You make such an effort to keep in regular contact and always make your friends feel valued and thought of. It’s a rare but special talent.
    Your Aussie friends are extra lucky that you take the time and trouble to arrange regular get-togethers like this. What a brilliant idea.
    I am getting a sparkling pedi next time I go to the salon. Fabulous.


  4. Yes dear one you are a ray of sunshine! Just feeling your loving energy up here in Gods waiting room makes me feel happy! Xoxo


    • Hi there Marion,
      “God’s Waiting Room”? Do you live on the Gold Coast in Queensland? That’s what my Dad always called it, though I’ve never heard anyone else call it that.
      Portia xx


    • Thanks Tatiana,
      We are all about zero stress get togethers, you should do it with a few of your mates.
      Portia xx


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