Gekkou Hanami VdP by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for DSH Perfumes 2017





Cherry blossoms are a common sight in Sydney during spring. They are planted along nature strips and road verges, for reasons I don’t know. There is also a Cherry Blossom Festival at Auburn Botanical Gardens which is hugely popular and a great ‘selfie’ opportunity for both old and young. I don’t know how this compares to the famous Cherry Blossom viewings in Japan, but I found Auburn very relaxing and fun.

My enjoyment of blossom season was enhanced by re-discovering their smell. Many spring florals, like cherry, intensify at night. You can stand under a cherry tree and find yourself surrounded by scent as it ‘falls’ down from the branches. I enjoyed the season so much that I started drafting an article on cherry and cherry blossom fragrances.


But then: I was side-tracked from writing by a visit to Portia for tea one day – he’d just received a bunch of adorable little roller ball samples from DSH Perfumes. He picked one out for me to try, and guess what? It was a cherry blossom fragrance!! The one he chose was Gekkou Hanami. Don’t you love a bit of synchronicity??

Gekkou Hanami VdP by DSH Perfumes 2017

Gekkou Hanami VdP by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Gekkou Hanami (Sakura gazing in the Moonlight)

DSH Perfumes

DSH Perfumes give these featured accords:
Acacia Honey Absolute, Green Rose Leaves, Osmanthus, Rice absolute, Sake (accord), Sakura Blossom (accord), Ambrette Seed, Frankincense co2 Absolute, Hinoki, Virginia Cedar, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Osmanthus Absolute, Rosewater, Waterlily, Tunisian Neroli, Yuzu

Gekkou Hanami opens clean and slightly metallic with a burst of green cut flower stems supporting a delicate floral note. The cut flower effect slowly fades over 10 minutes to reveal the subdued lemony-style citrus of yuzu. Over time a combination of woody notes comes through, I get a cedar but there’s something in there which has a subtle dry grey smokiness.

Reapplying the fragrance a few times over the course of a day strengthens the notes in different ways – sometimes I get more florals, other times it takes on a sheer shimmering quality. I’m fascinated by the combined strength & gentleness of this fragrance. It is a breath of spring air that brings you to your senses, uplifting and grounding at the same time. I really enjoy it and wish that it had been in my life during the season just past. I’d love to try this as a spray and see how it opens up the fragrance. As it is, the little roller ball has lasted me ages – I’ve worn and re-worn this over a two week period and only used half of the sample.

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DSH Perfumes have Gekkou Hanami from $6 sample vials

Thank you Portia for the chance to try this beautiful gem!

Do you own or have you tried any DSH Perfumes?

Till next time,
Tina G

13 thoughts on “Gekkou Hanami VdP by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for DSH Perfumes 2017

  1. TinaG,
    I love this post. You really showed some of yourself. It’s like we peeled back a little layer and had an engaging peek at your heart.
    Lovely review.
    Portia xx


    • Oh Portia, thank you! I loved the cherry blossoms this season. Most likely because I’d been cooped up for so long, getting out and seeing something beautiful made my heart sing. 🙂
      xxxxxxxx Tina G


  2. I have a few small bottles of DSH scents, the Giverny set, and they are lovely! I’ll have to add Gekkou Hanami to my sample wish-list. I too love cherry blossoms and sought out fragrances with that note after visiting Washington DC’s cherry blossoms, but was sadly disappointed to find that many of the ones I tried were more like the cherry fruit (which can turn into cough syrup!) and not like the flowers. This one sounds promising.


    • Old Herbaceous, I know exactly what you mean!! Many of the blossoms here are small and pink, and their scent has a slightly maraschino edge to it. I’m not a fan, and was surprised to smell it in the blossoms. I think it’s why I’m not keen on some cherry scents, like Petite Robe Noire. Gekkou Hanamai is not like that – the green notes at the beginning are fresh cut stems and the florals are beautiful. And there’s so much more to it – definitely give this a go. It’s lovely.
      xx Tina G


  3. What a beautiful breath of spring, Tina! Auburn Botanical Gardens sound wonderful.

    Cherry blossom perfumes usually sound sickly but it seems like DSH has got it right.

    Perhaps I should put the cherry blossom season in Kyoto on the bucket list…


    • Tara if you go, I’ll come with you. I’d love to see this soooooo much! Shame that the Korea trip is the wrong season, we could have done it all!!

      This one is beautiful, definitely worth a try.

      xx Tina G


      • Tina and Tara,
        I’m in on that trip too.
        Cherry blossoms in south Korea are very pretty as well.
        Portia xx


  4. My favorite DSH is Cimabue, such lovely spicy coziness! Have tried many others but this is the only one so far that hits the spot. Looking to try the new offering soon.


    • Hi Verbenaluvvr – Oh that sounds just glorious. We’ve got a cool damp day today, would be perfect right now. I’ll have to try it – Thanks for the suggestion!
      Tina G xx


  5. I too have the Giverny in Bloom samples, and adore them, especially the Rouges and the Bleus. I’ve also tried Souvenier de Malmaison (a very beautiful spicy Carnation scent). I like Deco Diamonds (even though it has gardenia and tuberose – which are not favourites of mine. I was also lucky enough to win a little sample of Cafe Noir – a spicy resinous coffee scent. I’ve also got Pamplemousse and The afternoon (both very light skin scents) I guess i have ‘Voile’ versions as that is the only way Dawn can send scents outside the USA. One of these day i shall get a friend to bring me home bottles Malmaison and l’Opera des Rouges et des Roses. Anything i have tried by Dawn, i absoutely love, and i fear it would bankrupt me to try to own her proliferation of scents – there are SO many i have yet to sample…. Ok i will shut up now —- and i, like you, love a bit of synchronicity Tina! Hope you are well and thanks for your lovely review. x


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