Aria in F# Parfum by Christi Meshell for House of Matriarch 2017


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Hello to everyone out there in the world of fragrance!

Recently, I was thrilled to witness the live creation of a 99% natural perfume, note by note, learning excitedly from every detail shared. The experience was about an hour and it just flew by, absolutely enthralling – I was hypnotized and filled with awe! Christi Meshell graced the famous group Facebook Fragrance Friends with the honor of this masterfully blended treasure, with members voting on their favorite materials that were then blended right before our eyes:

Aria in F# Parfum by House of Matriarch 2017

Aria in F# Parfum by Christi Meshell


My notes below may not be perfectly accurate, but from what I recorded during the live event, Aria in F# is composed of:

Sandalwood Mysore (vintage and modern)
Amber accord
Whiskey accord
Rooibos Tea
Jasmine sambac
Cinnamon (a non-skin-irritating variety)
Ambergris tincture
Balsam fir
Leather accord
Orange blossom
Mandarin orange
Ambrette seed
Gaiac wood
Black currant
Tonka bean
Tuberose absolute
Pink pepper
Ylang ylang

The composition was built on a generous aliquot of vintage Mysore sandalwood as well as an equal volume of modern sandalwood. This genuine aroma is not super recognizable if you haven’t experienced it before. It has a powdery delicacy that sets it apart from the creamy, round sandalwood notes common in modern perfumery. After that, the materials that followed just had my heart leaping and aching with anticipation. The notes that I have listed at the end of this review speak to Christi’s dreamscape of materials and her gift of turning fantasy into reality.


As for my personal impressions of this parfum, Aria in F# is very complex, but fascinatingly, resonates within a tight wavelength. For me, if Aria in F# was music, it would be a heartachingly harmonious strings orchestra. When my fragrance synesthesia associates a perfume with violins and cellos, it’s always a good omen! At the opening, I sense peaceful precious woods with a flashing, ethereal morning dew of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. There is only one drop of carnation absolute in this parfum, but other notes lift and enhance and intensify this aroma such that I would go so far as to say that carnation features dominantly in this fragrance. Resins, amber, and incense are important to the blend, but they are uncharacteristically effervescent.

Overall, the parfum is deceivingly subtle on my skin, revealing hidden new facets with every anointment, and it lasts far longer than expected – especially for an almost purely natural work of art. I love this more every time I wear it, it’s fascinatingly passionate and tender.



I love how perfumers have been connecting with their fans to create semi-bespoke scents like this. Have you tried Aria in F#, or perhaps The Longing, or Destrier, or any of the other House of Matriarch fan collaborations? Which perfumer do you wish would create a fantasy perfume just for you?

House of Matriarch samples start at $22

Until next time, stay fragrant!
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3 thoughts on “Aria in F# Parfum by Christi Meshell for House of Matriarch 2017

  1. I got hooked on this house in great part because of you! I was also really interested in exploring American perfumery. I love her Alpha, Bittersweet Symphony. I have a lot of her perfumes, actually, buying on points and specials, and so have gone FB on Blackbird as well as Destirer, and the Longing. I recently acquired the 10 ml Epiphany and think it is one of the most unusual and lovely Lavenders, more for Lavender phobes. I think it would be a conversion lavender. Her work is different and leaves a distinct impression. Many of the scents have a highly herbal apothecary quality, evolve and are quite complex and make you think. The only scent I find annoying so far is Coco Blanc—lovely scent for a half-minute. It doesn’t last or project. I also tried her Fitessence and while I cannot say it necessarily provides a powerhouse workout, it does make me feel and smell great while working out and takes me from Gym to Store without any lingering sweat smells. I also get a ton of compliments when I wear Bittersweet Symphony which I love and think is a great winter/fall frag. I highly recommend Alpha too, even if you are a lady. It may be targeted to men, but I love its interesting incense amber warmth. So far this house just keeps growing and growing on me. Love most of the bottles (Bittersweet Synphony has a horrid bottle, but it’s in keeping with the theme I suppose).
    Thank you for this review—I’m absolutely going to try this! Whoo-hoo!


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