Cotton Musk by Ramon Monegal 2011




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Ramon Monegal has been in his own business in Spain for 10 years, before that he worked for and then was in charge Myurgia and later Puig. He seemed to make a huge splash in the world frag markets in 2012 and for the next couple of years but lately I hear less and less about his house. It’s a shame because I really love his scents, the bottles and his whole aesthetic. Even todays offering of Cotton Musk, while being almost polar opposite to the fragrances I crave most, still wows me with its ethereal beauty.

Cotton Musk by Ramon Monegal 2011


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Ward rose, Gardenia, Frankincense, Vetiver, Madagascan vanilla, White musk

I bought my decant that I’m reviewing from on Surrender To Chance recently and it arrived yesterday. I cap sniffed about five scents and though not my personal style there was something interesting about Cotton Musk so that’s the one I spritzed.

Musk, vetiver and rose open the show, they smell sharp and chemical originally, like when you accidentally get a heavily scented shower gel in your mouth while bathing. It only lasts a few seconds before everything gets fluffy, soft and downy. Suddenly I am floating in a cartoon cloud all warm and cozy. The smell of fresh bedlinen in the morning after your first sleep in the cool of autumn, it still smells freshly washed and your body is warm and you have that safe feeling of home.

Cotton Musk Ramon Monegal jingdianjiaju2 minimalist bedroom-7 FlickrFlickr

Cotton Musk is all this but surprisingly it doesn’t feel friendly. There is a cool austerity that reigns through the heart and I think it’s the vetiver and incense providing a grounding point to stop the whole fragrance floating off into space. Plush but sober, it’s an interesting dichotomy but Ramon Monegal does it with such finesse. Really amazing is such a sheer fragrance.

The bouquet seems fairly space age and even as the vanilla moves through to a more prominent position it doesn’t warm or humanise Cotton Musk. As the fragrance sinks into your skin though it does grow from being a walk into a recently used laundry back to being the morning of an autumn sleep in clean sheets. With different pieces of the puzzle sitting forward it is quite a feat to get me thinking the same cozy thoughts I had in the opening. Bravo Mr Monegal.

Cotton Musk Ramon Monegal Crumpled-Bed-Linen-Sheets-Bedsheets maxPixel

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LuckyScent has $185/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $5/ml

Do you like white musks in full laundry mode? Could this be your gateway?
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7 thoughts on “Cotton Musk by Ramon Monegal 2011

  1. Generally I am not a white musk person, but when I was very sick a few years ago and bedridden, it was the only thing I wanted to wear. Odd but true.


  2. Maybe, baby. I have grown to love musk, as used by Guerlain and Sylvaine Delacourte, so I’d give this a red hot go. Musk and rose seem to belong together.


  3. Hi Portia, I actually really enjoy Cotton Musk when it is a hot summer day. I have learned to enjoy musk perfumes in the past couple of years. You smell amazing. Sandra xoxo


  4. Ahh Cotton Musk! This is the first Ramon Monegal I have tried and really liked it! Your description really nails it. The smell of your skin as it’s “freshly washed and your body is warm.” Definitely. I love the soapy aspect of it. Clean, soapy, warm… comforting, like home. I found the soapy musk and gardenia to work really well to create a creamy, fatty accord. I need to revisit! Wonderful review 🙂


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