LuckyScent Sample Shopping Haul




Hi there APJ,

Somehow the day got away from me. Dog Walks, Meetings, Lunch, Art, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and a Movie (Murder On The Orient Express).

While I was doing all this I had a VERY exciting box arrive from a recent Retail Therapy Session at LuckyScent. Con’t wait to get my sniff on these beauties.

LuckyScent Sample Shopping Haul

Histoires de Parfums Sample Set

J F Schwarzlose Sample Set

LuckyScent November Sample set

Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberose

GWP Parfum de Nicolai Patchouli Sublime and some extra Samples.

Thanks LuckyScent

What came in your mailbox this week?
Portia xx

21 thoughts on “LuckyScent Sample Shopping Haul

  1. Samples from Dame Perfumery…Monsoon, Sky Father, Leather Man, Honeysuckle Soliflore and Cassis, Rose & Sandalwood 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your new goodies!


  2. Ohhh! Lucky you. Cafe Tuberosa is an almost for me. I love its coffee-choc blast, but it settles down into “something” sweet. The first five minutes–yes. And I love the Histoires set–wound up getting a few 30 mls after trying it. I’m looking forward to hearing about these!


  3. I love Luckyscent packages. Looks like you’ll have a fun weekend with yours. This past week, I received my first Serge Lutens FB by way of a Luckyscent special. I am now the very happy owner of a full bottle of Bois et Fruits. The perfect scent for this season. I should be satisfied, right? Well, I am, but I’m also really really wanting a bottle of Ormonde Woman. Sigh. Will this insatiable desire for perfume ever end?


    • Yes, I’ll be wearing at least two of them today at some point Lizbee,
      Woo Hoo! Bois et Fruits YUM!
      Yes, there will come a time when you’re less insatiable. It hasn’t happened for me yet but most people cool off after a few years.
      Portia xx


  4. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Cafe Tuberosa. I love anything Tuberose but hear it’s quite patch heavy. That may rule it out for me without even testing it. Have fun with your haul!


  5. A friend and I each bought a split of VC & A Bois d’Iris. She received our package this week, and said that it was gorgeous, but I will have to wait to smell it until I see her next weekend. ☹️


    • Those VC&A Prives are very wearable, I like a few of them SunnyDay. Amber Imperial is the bottle I have, enjoy your iris.
      Portia xx


  6. Eau my Soul
    Samples of Eva Kant by O’Driu
    Explorer by Boadicea the Victorious & finally Liquidnight by A Lab on Fire

    Eva Kant I am in love with, Explorer is very well made dry smelling spicy & liquidnight I think is well made to but I think I need to do a lot more testing


  7. A 3D postcard from a mad Australian and a travel sized sample of the new, as yet unreleased Dusita, Fleur de Lalita. I shall give it away in December on APJ. It’s rather lovely. Bussis. xxxx


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