Grenats by Keiko Mecheri

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Here is an interesting thing, depending on where I read I learn that Grenats, or Grenades on some sites, was created by either Gabriela Domecq or Yann Vasnier in 2001 or 2005. GOSH! I love it when there is a mystery.

From First In Fragrance: Les Parfums Keiko Mecheri
Born in Atami, Japan, Keiko Mecheri was originally an artist and through painting found her way to the world of fragrances. With her partner, Kemal Mecheri she founded in the 1990s the “Bazaar des Senteurs” where they produced perfumed toiletries and candles. “Les Parfums Keiko Mecheri” was created in 1997 in Beverly Hills, California.

Grenats by Keiko Mecheri

Grenats Keiko Mecheri FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica Gives these featured accords in one line:
Pomegranate, citruses, pomegranate rind, rose, angelica, musk

OK, so I don’t understand why Greats doesn’t get more love. It’s not a blockbuster but a sexy stealth frag. It’s all green, fruits and musk with a softly spicy rose. Pretty is the wrong word for it but one that keeps popping into my mind. It’s an unsweet, in modern terms, rose/citrus. Why aren’t non perfumistas buying this by the bucketload. It reminds me of the feel that the softer DIOR Prive fragrances have. Very luxurious, quiet but insistent, elegant sweet nothings.

Not as tart as pomegranate seeds but with the lightly dry bite of pomegranate juice and melding seamlessly with the bright sparkle of citruses. The musk is pithy and plush, fluffy and whipped and a watercolour wash of green keeps Grenats interesting without being intrusive.

Loads of people love the laundry fresh scents and if you don’t then this burst of sunshine just might turn you around. It’s better, more glam than the others in the genre and perfectly wearable at all times.

Grenats by Keiko Mecheri fresh laundry 113images PixabayPDI

From LuckyScent: Vivid, fresh and sparkling, this pomegranate based scent is for the free spirit. If you’ve banished the blow-out and revel in your curls, if you feel comfortable mixing the wispiest vintage blouse with the toughest leather belt, if you are ginger ale in a diet cola world – this one is for you. Clean, light and utterly charming.  

Further reading: From Pyrgos
Essenza Nobile has €149/75ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml

Where do you stand on Grenats? Love it? Hate it? Never bothered with it?
Portia xx

7 thoughts on “Grenats by Keiko Mecheri

  1. I have never tried this one but I do like pomegranate as a note (love JM Pom Noire) so my guess is I would like it! I am most definitely ginger ale in a diet cola world-LOL!


    • Yep, I too am Ginger Ale. Had one today and I particularly love a Brandy & Dry, it was my Mum’s drink of choice CM.
      Portia xx


  2. Never bothered with it and now probably won’t! Laundry… the ad copy about curls, blouse and leather belt from LS is also too contrived though I appreciate LS very much. This one is a pass.


    • Hey Shiva-woman,
      It doesn’t really read you. Good to find something every now & then we don’t want to buy.
      Portia xx


  3. I haven’t tried this, frankly hadn’t heard of it before, but sounds like something I would really like. Adding to my list!


    • Woo Hoo! I hoped it would resonate with a couple of people Verbenaluvvr,
      Glad to enable a happy find.
      Portia xx


  4. It’s easy: this perfume, same as most other perfumes from this brand, do not get more love because they are almost not available anywhere in stores, so it is extremely hard to get to test them. Even with that, I own two of their perfumes.


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