Nuit de Bakélite by Isabelle Doyen for Naomi Goodsir 2017




Hi there APJ, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring or autumn. I am actually quite surprised that autumn is so much nicer than summer here in the Netherlands.

When we arrived in the Netherlands I made it a personal quest of mine to hunt down as many different flowers as I could get my greedy hands on. Not only is almost everything available, but the prices are incredibly low! I have been going through the seasons here looking for specific flowers, such as crocosmia in the summer, hydrangeas the size of basketballs, orchids of all shapes and sizes and this summer I finally, after many years of dreaming, was able to buy fresh tuberose. I have always loved tuberose perfumes, but after experiencing the real thing, my expectations have changed slightly. I no longer want creamy or buttery tuberose, or tuberose that is so difficult to smell because of added ingredients that are an onslaught to my senses. I want the real thing.

When I bought my first stems of tuberose I was taken aback at how complex the flower is. The flowers are so delicate in sight and to the touch – they are almost silky. I expected the flowers to be white, when in reality they are more ivory, tinged with pinks, yellows and the slightest green. The stem itself has different shades of green but not a dark green at all. Visually the tuberose is stunning and then there is the perfume. Oh my is it intoxicating! My home smelled divine for a whole week.

I love that the Naomi Goodsir website describes Nuit de Bakélite as “Floral (2017) The premise of a ‘narcotic lady’…”

Nuit de Bakélite by Naomi Goodsir 2017

Nuit de Bakélite by Isabelle Doyen


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Tuberose, angelica, artemisia, ylang-ylang, karo karounde, carrot seeds, cardamom, leather, styrax, green notes

Don’t take these notes too seriously as they differ on several websites because no note list was released.

I was hoping for something out of the ordinary, something new and bit surprising – narcotic. Let’s sniff…

Wow – what an opening! It starts out bright and fresh green – full of juicy (not sweet at all) slightly bitter green leaves. Usually, I shy away from such green perfumes because they are out of my comfort zone. Not to fear, this perfume surprises me with the turns it takes. After such a fresh green opening it stays that way for a while on my skin, only hinting at the merest inclusion of tuberose. As my skin warms and I am moving around, the tuberose becomes more pronounced, but it is not a soliflore at all. The tuberose is accompanied by a little bit of rooty and woody goodness. To make it more interesting I am sensing that there are other things going on here that I cannot pinpoint.

Then to my surprise once again, Nuit de Bakelite shifts slightly bringing in a leather component. It dries down to a wonderful tuberose leather scent sprinkled with woods to make it rounder. This perfume has all the colors of the blossoms that I smelled this summer. The green stalk, the blossom tinged with pinks and yellows all come through in Nuit de Bakelite.

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LuckyScent has $187/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $6/0.5ml

With this new entry into Naomi Goodsir’s lineup I will buy samples of all of the other ones.

Have you tried Naomi Goodsir? Which of her perfumes should I sample next?

Kisses – Sandra


(ED: All photos supplied by Sandra unless specified)

15 thoughts on “Nuit de Bakélite by Isabelle Doyen for Naomi Goodsir 2017

  1. Hi Sandra,
    It must be nice to discover that autumn is so pleasant in The Netherlands.
    I’ve only smelled Nuit de Bakelite on paper, thanks to Portia. It was a galbanum bomb but strangely enticing. I had no idea there was tuberose in there. I’d love to try it properly. I think Naomi Goodsir makes fantastic fragrances. I’ve found them all interesting and innovative, even if I wouldn’t wear them. I’d try Iris Cendre if you haven’t already.


    • Hi Tara. I hope you are also having a lovely autumn in London. I gave Iris Cendre a cursory sniff when it first came out. I will buy a sample with my next sample order. Thanks for the tip. Sandra xoxo


  2. Woo Hoo Sandra!
    NdB is wonderful. i love it too.
    Thanks for writing this post, I needed a reminder to buy a bottle.
    Portia xx


  3. Hi Sandra! I’ve been wearing this too. Albeit from a sample from ALZD. I really like it, but didn’t you get the shedload of iris in it? Very iris heavy to my nose. Yeah, I agree with Tara. They are all good. Nice small line. I need more samples. yxxx


    • Hey Val. Iris? Really? Nope – nada. Shame – I wish I could smell it on you. I think I will try to get samples of the whole line with my next purchase. Sandra xoxo


  4. I have tried it and really liked it. Need to test it more to be sure but probably FBW. I own and love Cuir Velours, Or du Sérail and Bois d’Ascèse. I like Iris Cendre too but for me it was too close to my beloved SL Iris Silver Mist to need a bottle of it too.

    We get fresh tuberose all the time at the farmer’s markets in San Diego, love to buy them and fill the room with that gorgeous scent.


    • Hi Tara, so nice to hear that you like Nuit de Bakelite and a couple of others too. Aren’t we lucky to be able to buy fresh tuberose? I love having it in my house. Sandra xoxo


  5. Hi Sandra, glad you are enjoying autumn so much in my country. it was really nice this year indeed. i loved Naomi Goodsir perfumes so far, till this Nuit de Bakelite. oh my, this literally made me nauseous. scrubbing it off did not help. It must have been those bitter green notes, oh it was truly the worst of the past 10 years. While I love Or du Serail, enough for a back up bottle. Also really like Cuir Velours so eagerly tried it… oh well, we cannot love it all! Stay warm now the temperatures have dropped here in The Netherlands.


    • Oh no Gerda! How horrible that even scrubbing it off did not help you. I am sorry to hear about your experience. I had a decant of Cuir Velours and loved every single drop of it. Will hopefully try the others soon. You stay warm too – it is freezing with the biting wind. Despite the cold the lighting is stunning now. Sandra xoxo


    • oh yes, perfect light for pictures, pictures with perfume bottles in the evening light. I do that a lot. Hope you will try Or du Serail when you can! Good night!


    • This was my experience too. I love all the rest of the line but this smelled horrible horrible on me. So bad someone else walked on the room and was ‘what is that? Make it go away!’ I wish I had smelled what others describe. On me it was all burnt plastic.


  6. I have never tried any from this line but may need to remedy that. Tuberose is one of my favorite notes, and I am always willing to try anything that includes it. Thanks for the review. It sounds truly interesting.


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