Scent Diary: 6.11 – 12.11.2017




Hello APJ Crew,

So much fragrance this week. A real cross section of my collection. Everything else has been happily low key. I enjoy the cessation of our usual madness for a week of calm and peaceful. There were still friends, food and fun. It was Melbourne Cup week and spring has definitely sprung around here.

Scent Diary: 6.11 – 12.11.2017

Monday 6:

Sat up watching The Good Wife till 2.30am munching on chocolate and chips. I know, NAUGHTY! It was gloriously relaxing though. Before I hit the hay a sneaky spritz from a decant of Montale Aoud Amber Rose, guess what? It smells like a jammy rose, synth oud and some treacly thick amber. Fairly disgusting and fun, I like it. Certainly cleared my head of any other thoughts before sleep.

Today I went and got the dogs back from the trainer, they were pretty happy to see me. As I arrived to collect them the heavens opened up and it bucketed down. Now my car smells like wet, happy dogs. Not the worst smell in the world but it is persistent.

This morning I spritzed with Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning. It’s a niche-y saffron/woods affair and I love it.

In the afternoon Jin and I went to look at a house we want to buy. It’s pretty darn good. Now we need to make sure our ducks are all lined up. Fingers crossed.

Then Jin went to work and I watched MORE The Good Wife till Trivia Q&A time.

Lez Nez Turtle Vetiver Front from a decant was my spritz de nuit. Loving it sick. Mechanical grass at its finest.

Tuesday 7:

Tuesday morning and I’ve been up since just past dark. I’m bathed and shaved. The dogs are fed and walked. It’s jacaranda time here in Sydney. I was in a hurry this morning so I didn’t walk to the shot of the purple lined boulevard but here’s a single specimen, blooming like crazy.

Today is Melbourne Cup in Australia, the race that stops a nation. What else would I be wearing than Parfum d’Empire Equistrius.

Just started doing my face for my daytime gig for the big event. It’s going to be a bit sweaty in our humid spring heat. GAK! Day drag is so gruesome.

Obviously we had a ball. 90 people, a band, me, buffet, booze and loads of silliness. Anna-Maria and husband Johnny were there, which made it extra special.

Came home, undressed and lay on my bed in a full face of make up till it was time to get going to Parramatta RSL for Turbo Trivia. We had a ball but my feet are SO SORE!

After a full day and night in drag I came home bushed. Straight into a bath I plonked then decided on Guerlain Santal Royal as my evening fragrance.

Jin and I went grocery shopping. Now I am going to bed, falling asleep at the computer.

Wednesday 8:

Bloody delivery woke me up. I’m up doing a little computer catching up but going back to bed for an hours snooze. Sneaky decant spritz of Ramon Monegal Agar Musk.

Evan came over today and helped me decant the Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. Currently I, the house, the street and the suburb are awash in this wonderful fragrance. Not very oud-ish though, sweet and creamy. So wearable.

Here we are for the Instagram crew @the.hug.project showing happy hug bliss.

Had a lovely nap in the afternoon with Paris. We cuddled up and slept for nearly 2 hours.

Jin and I went for dinner at a nearby Indian place. Food was excellent and as neither of us were very hungry we shared and entree, main and rice with a garlic naan each. HEAVEN!

Sorry I forgot to take pics today.

Thursday 9:

O M G! Suddenly;y it’s 5.30am and I’ve been watching The Good Wife for hours. Heavily spritzed Miller Harris Geranium Bourbon and off to bed.

Walking the dogs this morning I noticed this Crepe Myrtle trunk looking like a Van Gogh painting in the early morning sun.

This is my happy view from the back of the pack most mornings. Jin was with us today and his boy Jinx was really pleased.

Worked tonight and wore James Heeley Esprit du Tigre. I thought I smelled amazing but no one noticed.

Got home from work and there was this glorious smelling bunch of Muraya (faux orange) in a little vase on my desk. I have been so engrossed in other stuff I missed it but the smell was overpowering and I thought I’d broken a BWF vial or decant. It is intoxicating. Jin is such a nice man sometimes; what a thoughtful thing to do. Yeah, I feel pretty lucky.

Friday 10:

Up with the birds. Fed and walked the dogs. Spritzed a LOT of Guerlain Vetiver. It’s soft dry green-ness with a hint of salty oil and a cozy fur dry down were perfect for todays warmth.

Jumped a bus and train on my way to Sydney City.

Met with the Accountant this morning. It was FAR less dramatic than I expected. PHEW!

Lunch and a wander around the NSW Art Gallery with Rose. She’s such good company.

Then we went to David Jones Food Hall and had some fabulous Cheeses, Fruit, Bread & Biscuits and Proscuito with a very nice Prosecco.

Home to walk the dogs quickly and found these lovelies from LuckyScent. I had a fun cyber shopping moment a week or so ago.

Off then back out the door to meet three generations of Chaloners. Mum, Eve and Lola. We had a rushed dinner with a star appearance by Jin and then the four of us went and saw Murder On The Orient Express. Sumptuous but ultimately Kenneth Branagh ruined what could have been a fun frolic. He was so annoying that I found myself drifting off.

Saturday 11:

SIX YEARS with Jin. Yes, today is our Anniversary. I was going to take him to a super luxe fine dining restaurant where we would spend a fortune to eat tiny portions of God-knows-what overlooking Sydney’s magnificent harbour. Then I got to thinking about Jin. He is not really that guy. I’m sure he would enjoy the experience but then on the way home he’d make me stop for a burger at McDonalds because he’d still be hungry. Then I thought we could do our favourite Korean BarBQ but it just didn’t feel special enough.

We have mates who own and run a fantastic seafood restaurant in Darling Harbour, Blue Fish. Jin loves seafood and it’s on the water looking across at Sydney CBD. Not expensive but good food served attractively.

I’ll pick him up after work. We can get a train and then wander down to Darling Harbour as the sun sets, which shimmers off the city buildings and water. We’ll have a cocktail at one of the bars then slowly meander to a late-ish dinner and I’ve asked if they’ll do a Happy Anniversary dessert plate.

Hopefully the night will feel like a delicious but low key event full of love.

What else for a special night but a LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath and Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur. I will be a spicy rose delight.

I’m pleased to tell you the night was a success. We had Daiquiris, Seafood, Creme Brûlée on a Happy Anniversary plate. The weather was perfect and we sat by the water watching the world go by and chatting amiably. It was exactly the way we like it, low key but fun and yummy. Best of all we were together.

Sunday 12:

Lazy day around the house. Jin was up and off to work by 4am.

Walked the dogs for an hour and bumped into locals I know along the way, it was a beautiful sunshiny morning.

Came home and did some laundry, computer stuff etc

At 11am I found myself hungry and there was a banana in the bowl. All I’d had so far was a large glass of 50/50 cranberry juice and water when I awoke. This banana was so perfect. Sweet like candy, not too soft, large enough to satisfy. YUMMY!

In honour of my delicious banana I went and grabbed some Guerlain Mahora and spritzed lavishly. MMMMMMMMM The ylang has such banana and I’m wafting it joyfully.

Had a Niki de Saint Phalle bubble bath and used Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely fragrance for work tonight. Excellent fit for a cool spring evening.


So what’s happening in your world? Did you do anything Fun or Fragrant, with Friends and Family or maybe even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

28 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 6.11 – 12.11.2017

  1. I always love reading these posts….especially the food parts 🙂

    Nothing new or exciting in my neck of the woods…but I like it that way…I am a wash, rinse, repeat kinda gal!


    • YAY! So glad you’re enjoying these CM.
      Quiet is good too. I thought I’d had a pretty quiet week too till I read my Scent Diary all together.
      Portia xx


      • I live vicariously through you 🙂 and btw, you still “owe” me an attar from India which was promised four years ago-LOL! Don’t worry, not holding you too it! Just keep writing these great posts which brighten my day 🙂


        • HA! That year we went to the Delhi perfume wallahs and they’d stopped making the old stuff and had started making oil dupes of shit western fragrances. There is almost none of the old style perfumery in India now that the sandalwood oil has dried up. Sorry.
          The posts will continue though.
          HA HA you live vicariously through me? I’ll have to start doing some super interesting stuff then.
          Portia xx


  2. Happy Anniversary gorgeous!!!
    Six years! How wonderful for both of you.

    I have to admit I do love OTT dinner experience but I know it’s not for everyone. 🙂

    Shame to hear about Murder in the Orient Express… I’ll still have to see it.

    I’m having a foot massage in Pattaya as I am writing this. How decadent. I’ll be in Bangkok tomorrow and be back home on Sunday… so needed this break. As scents don’t really last on my skin, at least I can’t smell them for long, in this heat and humidity I have been wearing on my clothes… Jub 25 has been performing well. Vetiver Fatal and Rose Anonyme don’t last 😦

    Looking forward to see you soon.
    XXX… T


  3. Happy anniversary to you two!!!

    Like Chocolate Marzipan nothing new or exciting here, just routine daily life, but fine by me. It’s getting cold here and I find myself using less of the spring floral fragrances and reaching more to the heavier warmer ones.

    SOTD is Diptyque Oud Palao. So gorgeous, I need to get a full bottle.


    • Hi there JH,
      I love it when the weather cools, the heavy hitters can really come out to play. Enjoy your Oud Palao.
      Portia xx


  4. Happy anniversary!

    So it’s you, me, amd apparently Emma Thompson who find Kenneth Branagh annoying. Har, har. I just can’t even with that Poirot mustache that looks like a squirrel on his upper lip.


    • Thanks Kate,
      OMG!! Normally i love KB but in this he seems to make the Poirot character unlikeable. He should be engagingly eccentric, not a puffed up asshat windbag. He he he
      Portia xx


      • Poor KB.
        Hope you don’t mind me chiming in.
        I’ve always had a, probably unhealthy, crush on KB….
        I’ll make my own judgement after I’ve seen this.


        • Can’t wait to hear your verdict Tim. The rest of the cast is pretty good. Michelle Pfeiffer steals the show effortlessly.
          Portia xx


  5. Happy anniversary! My husband doesn’t like fancy gourmet places either, he calls it tweezer food (bits so small you have to eat them with a pair of tweezers). 🙂

    I love the jacarandas, they bloom here in southern California in the spring as well. When they bloom it’s the signal for us snowbirds to fly north for the summer again.

    Still feeling crap, this virus is endless. No perfume, maybe some Costes body oil.


  6. I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving so I ordered some more spices and blends from Penzey’s. I love their products and the message. Being inclusive and cooking with love! I also ordered Hendley’s new Auric extract! And some Memoirs of a Trespasser. Travel sizes but I’m happy to get my mitts on any of it!


  7. As mentioned in my previous commment to another post, Melbourne Cup for me this year was a ladies luncheon at The Langham. Well it was a disaster for me. I had a horrific migraine and spent the day on my sofa with my eyes covered. When I feel unwell I go for very very soft fragrances- Mashmallow by Mor, Powder Rose by Sohum, anything quietly lavender.
    By the weekend I was good to go. Sunday I went to a friend’s 50 th birthday luncheon, casual by yummy Casa Linga style Italian. I wore Rose body Lotion by Jurlique and D’role de Rose by L’ Lartisan P.
    I love 💕 your scent diary posts, they put a smile on my face .
    Happy Anniversary to you and Jin with many more to come.
    Bless ♥️🌹❤️


  8. Happy Anniversary Portia and Jin !! Your anniversary dinner was perfect, your week as usual was filled with lovely frags and TV binges, yay.
    I worked all week, and had fun at Melbourne Cup luncheon and caught up with school friends on Saturday. On Saturday night listened to my friends daughters singing practice of Latin Hymns! wow heavenly. I have been obsessed with my SJP Stash.Binged on Season 12 of Supernatural, still love their good looks and flannel shirts.


  9. What a glorious week you had Portia. not much happening for me – adjusting to this blast of hot weather we are getting. Doing some de-cluttering at home so throwing out plenty and shuffling things around. Aiming for the less is more approach – except for my perfume shelves!!
    Did some op-shopping with my niece and found some lovely shirts good for work.
    And i love The Good Wife – its a super show xo


  10. It is weird how people seem to like tobacco oud and describe it quite different from my experience. I found tobacco oud very cigarette ashy.


  11. Happy Anniversary, Portia and Jin. Your dinner sounded perfect!

    Same old same old over here except for the weather (turning cold, which I LOVE). I had one day jury duty to break up the week; I wore Tauer Dark Passage to go with the unexpected and also never happy reason for having to be there. I also had to show up to a meeting in person with some fairly senior management; thank goodness I wore Chanel No.19 for spine strengthening. With the weather turning cold, I will now be focused on wearing my heavier fragrances and will need to calibrate my spritzes to remain within office safe levels. I hope the coming week will go quickly because I have the entire Thanksgiving week off! Have a great week, Portia!


  12. Ah so the Melbourne Cup is like our Grand National. Got it.
    Yay for the meeting with the accountant not being as dramatic as you’d thought.
    I heard Kenneth Brannagh is distracting in that film. Not least his ridiculous moustache. I’d rather see Paddington 2.
    How cool that you came up with the perfect anniversary celebration for Jin. Perfect.
    I had a great time with Lisa and Mia on Saturday. I’ve booked an Aladdin panto for Mia next month. It will be my first one too.


  13. Love Vetiver Front and the ret of your choices sound great too.

    Congrats to you and Jin on your anniversary, and here’s to many more.

    Cup week does nothing for me really; racing just does not do it for me, so I just pottered around. I did a little op shopping, with quite a few great finds, including a 25ml bottle of vintage Equipage.


  14. Happy anniversary, and here’s to years of happiness together!

    mostly a ho-hum work week and a bit of a lack-lustre weekend of tiredness, and weird chores (undying my hair, for example.)

    The only excitement was a project I got roped into finally went live this week: it’s an ad campaign for a whisky company. The posters went up in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I’m… in there. (I got originally stopped in the street by the photographer when he was doing the casting). Brand new experience for me, as I usually hate being photographed and try to avoid it. It’s a little weird that there’s a made up quote to go with my picture, but I can live with that. I’m in the Edinburgh section:

    (weirdly, I’ve not seen the Edinburgh ones in the city yet, but i walk past two long displays of the Glasgow ones on my way to work.)


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