2017 Top 5 by Cookie Queen


Val the Cookie Queen


Yuletide Greetings APJ

Although there has been a ton of new stuff launched this year I cannot pretend to have been interested in much of it. I try to select a few that spark my passion out of a sea of dross. Call me a bitch, I really don’t care. My selection comes in no particular order. If was to chose one that heads my short list, there would be no prizes for guessing which one it would be.

2017 Top 5 by Cookie Queen

Naja by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo

Please note that Naja is a voile formulation and not an edp. In truth it is parfum strength and needs to be treated as such. I feel a deep connection to Vero Kern and had the privilege of accompanying her on the creative voyage as she brought Naja to life. It was a bloody hard trek. Completion took nearly three years of pleasure and pain. The rich tobacco and deeply fragrant osmanthus is narcotic.

Superstitious by Dominique Robin for Frederic Malle

Freaking fabulous. Jasmin, rose, peach, amber, incense, a vetiver that melts into patchouli.
All wrapped in waxy aldehydes. I was stopped at traffic lights the other day, and took a moment to close my eyes and sniffed my wrist, until I could breathe in no more.
As the car behind me beeped, and I opened my eyes, I saw the bloke in the car next to mine staring at me. I am still laughing. My ten mls has nearly gone.

811 Absolute by Mathilde Bijaoui for Giovanna Antonelli Perfumes

A deeply aromatic spicy oriental. This was the surprise of the year. If it hadn’t been for The Silver Fox telling me to get a hold of the collection, I would have written off the perfumes
Fronted Giovanna Antonelli, a Brazilian actress. I mean, really? The 811 lingers for hours on the skin, and I swear there is a golden tobacco running through it. I took the bottle to my hairdresser a couple of
weeks ago to grab a SOTD shot for Instagram (yep, I am a sad person) and left with every stylist wearing it. Came home and did two decants.

Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noir for Guerlain

Commercial and fairly mainstream – meaning I can buy it in a store not 3 km away from me. Black tea, black cherry, black licorice and an marvelous black bottle. With the almond and a slight smokiness it´s just the bizz in our frosty and foggy winter. I would go so far as to say I wouldn’t wear it in the summer

L’Animal Sauvage for Marlou

This is the first perfume from Marlou. Claire from Take One Thing Off recommended I give it a go.
I wore a musk from the head shop when I was about seventeen. My mother would tell me that I stank like a polecat. And really since this time I have not explored the musk shelf, although I did use up 10mls of MKK from Lutens a couple of years ago.
This is sexiness pure, wrapped in florals that lie to you.

I have also worn a lot of Hiram Green´s Arbolè Arbolè, Malle`s Portrait of a Lady and Dries Van Noten, and Luten`s La Fille de Berlin.

Perfumista highlights 2017 would be meeting Portia and Jin in Milan, and finally making it to Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance up in Germany.

Perfume tips for 2018 would be Dusita`s Fleur de Lalita and Hiram Green´s Slowdive.

That’s it. A fabulously scented year, as always.
Tune back in on the Feast of Stephen. I´ll give away something you might like.

Thanks for tuning in.
Have a Cool Yule.
Misteltoe Bussis.


(ED: Photos by Val)

29 thoughts on “2017 Top 5 by Cookie Queen

  1. Fabulous picks Val! You’ve reminded me I need to try superstitious again. Love the traffic light story! All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

    Gabriella x


  2. WOW Val,
    What a wrap up. The only ones on your list I tried were Black Perfecto and Naja.
    You’ve been testing WAY more than me.
    Portia xx


    • Hardly Portia. I tried very few. Remember I was at ALZD and tried nothing. hahahaha. Came home with Malle. My love and addiction is strong as ever, but the need to try everything new is gone, if it was ever really there. Love ya. Xxxxxxx


    • Hi Francesca! Niiice to see you here!! As with all of Vero‘s work, absolutely worth trying. She remains unique in her work. Hugs. Val. Xxxxxx


  3. annnnnd thank you Val for “making” me buy the trial coffret from Giovanna Antonelli Perfumes 😉 But really, EUR 65 for 3x15ml seems a fab deal! I love me a classic chypre….


    • Hello Wendy! That is really a good price huh? I mean tha is 45mls of perfume and they are all lovely and totally wearable. I am about to take my hair stylist the 15 ml of 811 as I now have a full bottle of it. It remains my favourite and smells soooo good on a bloke. Busses. Val xxxxx


  4. Great list, Val. Superstitious and Naja are magnificent. I’ve been drawn to furry musks lately and would love to find one that isn’t too skanky, so very intrigued by L’Animal Sauvage.


    • Magnificent. Exactly. That is the perfect word for both of them. I just love this musk, I really do. Thinking of wearing it to my next date with my PT. Hahhahahahahahahahaha. Wonder if I am brave enough. Stay tuned. Lot of love. Xxxxxxxx


  5. Hilarious and wonderfully pithy run down of your faves from the year! With you on Naja, don’t know the others except Superstitious, which was marvellous on Tara for sure. She rocks aldehydes in every shape or form. Because you are so ‘selective’ ;), any scent you love makes me sit up and take notice. Doblis, Geisha Noire, Naja, so much memorable enabling you have done…


  6. I like perfume lists of any kind so I am happy about yours. Why am I not surprised that Naja is on the list…? 😉 I definitely must order a sample at ALZD since the tobacco-osmanthus combo sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy the fragrant holiday season!


    • Hi Neva! Lists are really just a bit of fun. NAJA became a very personal scent for me, tagging along on the creative process was so cool. Nevertheless, I cannot wear it every day. But today I will! Like Superstitious, sprayed from a distance and not too much. Divine. Bussis. Xxxxxx


  7. I ordered Naja, but with all my menopausal hormone issues, I can’t wear it right now as it makes me queasy. I hope at some point I can enjoy it.

    I can wear Twilly, Black Perfecto and Dries Van Noten though. 🙂 Khol de Bahrein is on the verboten list now, but Taklamakan is still okay. Looking forward to receiving my new Bruno Fazzolari bottles of Feu Secret and Ummagumma.


    • Be careful with NAJA. Light spritz. Like Superstitious, if you spray too much it’s too much. I have to be in the mood for NAJA, it is not a grab and go. Menopausal hormone issues ….. aaaargh. Hugs, Val. xxx


  8. Enjoyed your post as always Val. You make them all sound so fabulous. I’m familiar with and enjoy your also rans but I’ve never tried any and haven’t even heard of most of your top 5. Wow!


    • Hi SonomaVelvet. Good to see you. Really? Hmmmm. I thought the top fie were fairly widely known, except perhaps the Marlou. Well good, nowyou have some homework! I can tell you though, my most worn this year, without a doubt is Dries Van Noten. Cannot get enough of the stuff. Have a good holiday season and pop by again soon. Busses Val xxx


  9. From your list I tried only Superstitious, which didn’t work for me but was absolutely gorgeous on Tara – so I’ll agree with you on this one.

    Will have to check my records to see if I tried enough new releases to do even 5 best 🙂


  10. I love this list! I recently bought the Marlou too and I just love it. So sexy – clean and raunchy at the same time.

    Also a big fan of FM – The Dries Van Noten is perfection – will be buying that for the cooler weather!

    Excellent list all round!


    • Yes Esz! Exactly, clean and raunchy. A deceiving scent. Cannot wait for some heat to where it in. I’ve worn more Dries than any other scent this year. Can’t get enough of it. Love your clothing. Following now. Cheers for dropping in. xx. Val. xxx.


  11. Gah!! I am DYING to try Antonelli’s scents and anything by VK, but you know the story…The Land of Oz isn’t that of milk and honey. We have the tyranny of distance.

    Anyway, Black Perf is kind of on my very vague ‘one day’ list. I do like it a lot. But as I have 2 other LPRNs and a L’Homme Ideal edp, I need to finish 2 of 3 to justify another.

    L’Animal by Marlou – ohhhh vavoom, baby! A modern Bal a Versaille, but much less haughty and more boudoiresque. The kind of scent I want my dream guy enveloped in.

    Superstitious requires me to have not touched any No 5 variety for at least a year to give it due credit. I know…I am biased.

    Kick on 2018, Cookie Queen! 💖


    • Hey Kate. Sorry I’m late. L’Animal is beautiful huh? I’m gonna let my trainer try it. 😜 I don‘t think Black Perfecto is essential, but it is a great mainstream Guerlain. Heaven knows they come in for enough grief from the snotty perfumista brigade. And I totally enjoy wearing it. Lots of love to you, Val. xxxxxxxxx


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