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Warmly fragrant greetings to you all, hope you’re having a fabulous week so far!

Question: Do you ever smell a fragrance that is hauntingly familiar and yet you can’t place it? Your brain says, “Oh! This smells just like…….” and leaves you hanging. Isn’t it so frustrating? I think it’s a pretty common experience, but for a perfume enthusiast, the quest to solve the mystery can easily become an obsession! Can you help me out?

I’ve been trying to figure out what this soap reminds me of, and it’s making me nuts:

Respect Your Elders soap by Lush

Respect Your Elders soap by LushLUSH

LUSH gives these featured accords:
Elderflower, Elderberries, Olibanum (frankincense), and Bergamot

About a year ago, I tried this soap for the first time and had an immediate reaction. The aroma is so familiar, I could just scream from not knowing what it reminds me of! I am so in love with the scent. If it was a perfume, I would just buy bottles until I was broke.

The label on my slice of soap heaven classifies the aroma as fruity, but I don’t agree. The scent is delicately floral, incredibly elegant, and really would make just the most breathtaking perfume. Why oh why doesn’t this exist as perfume??? The signature Lush shot of bergamot lends its own specific associations, but truly, my scent memory trigger feels so very distant, definitely from childhood (which, for me, was the 80s).

Is there a story behind the inspiration for this scent? Have you smelled this soap and been reminded of something else (pretty please)? I will just fall over laughing if it was inspired by Chanel No 5 or something that should be obvious to me!

Respect_Your_Elders LUSH female-cardinal-in-bird-bath PDIPDI

LUSH Australia has $6.95/100gm

From LUSH Australia: Black-berried elder. A tree of legend, but also a great way to describe this magical blackcurrant-scented soap. Elderflower infusion, elderberries and olibanum oil create a potent spell for warding off evil (niffs that is!) Respect Your Elders will leave your skin silky soft and beautifully scented. Everything you look at can be turned into a story, so we say cancel storytime and let this become a part of your daily ritual.

Until next time, Love and Light

7 thoughts on “Respect Your Elders soap by Lush

    • Oooo I can’t wait to hear what you think! I hope you get to try a slice of this one, the fragrance is so delicately beautiful! xoxo


  1. Like Portia, I have never tried this soap so I don’t know what it smells like. But I will be looking for it when I go to the mall this weekend! Your description sounds lovely and just like something I would like.


  2. I was at Lush this past Saturday, shopping for gifts, but didn’t see this. Boo! Is it maybe not in the U.S. or just not in my nearest store? Of course, it was a madhouse in there so maybe I missed it.


  3. Hey Erica! We seem to have quite similar tastes. I got a huge chunk of this about 3 mths ago. My boys went a bit crazy with it. I didn’t think they’d enjoy it, but there you go! I find it invigorating, yet calming. It enlivens the senses and would make a sensational room spray. Or even a mild fabric softener. I would LOVE my sheets to have a mist of this hovering. K xx


  4. Hmm. It has a slight Insolence (Guerlain) feel to it, but not. If something were layered with it to bring out the citrus aspect…maybe…


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