Respect Your Elders soap by Lush


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Warmly fragrant greetings to you all, hope you’re having a fabulous week so far!

Question: Do you ever smell a fragrance that is hauntingly familiar and yet you can’t place it? Your brain says, “Oh! This smells just like…….” and leaves you hanging. Isn’t it so frustrating? I think it’s a pretty common experience, but for a perfume enthusiast, the quest to solve the mystery can easily become an obsession! Can you help me out?

I’ve been trying to figure out what this soap reminds me of, and it’s making me nuts:

Respect Your Elders soap by Lush

Respect Your Elders soap by LushLUSH

LUSH gives these featured accords:
Elderflower, Elderberries, Olibanum (frankincense), and Bergamot

About a year ago, I tried this soap for the first time and had an immediate reaction. The aroma is so familiar, I could just scream from not knowing what it reminds me of! I am so in love with the scent. If it was a perfume, I would just buy bottles until I was broke.

The label on my slice of soap heaven classifies the aroma as fruity, but I don’t agree. The scent is delicately floral, incredibly elegant, and really would make just the most breathtaking perfume. Why oh why doesn’t this exist as perfume??? The signature Lush shot of bergamot lends its own specific associations, but truly, my scent memory trigger feels so very distant, definitely from childhood (which, for me, was the 80s).

Is there a story behind the inspiration for this scent? Have you smelled this soap and been reminded of something else (pretty please)? I will just fall over laughing if it was inspired by Chanel No 5 or something that should be obvious to me!

Respect_Your_Elders LUSH female-cardinal-in-bird-bath PDIPDI

LUSH Australia has $6.95/100gm

From LUSH Australia: Black-berried elder. A tree of legend, but also a great way to describe this magical blackcurrant-scented soap. Elderflower infusion, elderberries and olibanum oil create a potent spell for warding off evil (niffs that is!) Respect Your Elders will leave your skin silky soft and beautifully scented. Everything you look at can be turned into a story, so we say cancel storytime and let this become a part of your daily ritual.

Until next time, Love and Light

Scent Diary: 3.7 – 9.7.2017




Heya Fumies, Friends & Family,

This week was kind of unexpected. Stuff broke down at the Tasmania property so we had to go fix it. Sadly Jin was working so it was done without my personal tradie. He was missed.

A couple of things I forgot to put in last weeks Scent Diary from Sunday. Anna-Maria and Kim from the team Sluts United and me in full halo/God mode. Also Coffee Creme Brûlée with Cream and Ice-Cream. Hello heart failure, so worth it.

Scent Diary: 3.7 – 9.7.2017

Monday 3:

This morning I was up bright and early because my mate David asked me to speak to the seniors group from the RSL at their Church Hall. I was scared the whole thing was going to cave in around me. It was a lovely morning, the oldest in the group is 101 and they were all totally together and with it. Firstly I gave about a 15 minutes potted history of my life and family history which they loved and even laughed at my crap jokes, I even said bullshit and there were some hearty giggles. Then we did 12 Trivia Q&A and boy did they get into it. They were even giving me cheek! I was there around 40 minutes with them and enjoyed every moment. So sorry I didn’t take a picture of the group but I did get a shot outside.

I wore Divine EdP for the event and I smelled beautiful.

Then I was chained to the computer for the rest of the day with some quick breaks for four, dogs, washing some towels & mats and Jin was home so we had chats too.  Really good day. When life is this calm & good, it’s great to be alive.

Late in the evening I took some time to pack my bag for Tasmania with Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling, Guerlain Ambre Eternal, Hermès Muguet Porcelaine and Boucheron original parfum. A varied selection that should keep me interested over a three day stint.

Made some dinner and had a long hot soak in the tub.

Tuesday 4:

Up and walking the dogs in the very cool morning darkness of 4.20am. They were quite surprised at my early awakening. Me too.

Jin drove me to the airport on his way to work and we were both a bit bleary on the drive in. Met up with Johnny, the best plumber in town, and we hopped a 7am plane to Launceston, Tasmania. How cool is it that Sydney Airport runway is right next to the water, could not have asked for a more perfect winter day. Johnny and I both had windows so the views were spectacular till we hit the Tasmanian clouds, which were still lovely in their own way.

Once there we hired a car and drove up to George Town, there to fix an ailing kitchen and bring the laundry from the garage into the house.

It was a busy scramble and our tenant Dale worked solidly beside Johnny and the boys got loads done. We had a few conferences through the day and had to do some surprise shopping but so far we have only blown out the shopping budget by 15-20%. Not bad considering there were some surprises.

For dinner I had talked up the local burger joint. I was so excited to get back there and have one of the best burgers in my memory. Sadly the shop had been so quiet that they turned off the stoves 1.5 hours early and we had to make do with some very ordinary schnitzel sandwiches. BUMMER!

The cottage I rented us was super cute. 2 bedrooms and a beautifully comfortable living room. The bathroom was a bit weird though and not very private. We were fine and staggered our ablutions so it was all above board.

So it’s 9pm, I’ve been running on under 3 hours sleep all day and now I’m bushed.

Wednesday 5:

BLOODY HELL! Early morning, straight to it. I ran Johnny to the house then came back to our cottage and showered. It was lovely to have a moment of peace amongst the madness. After the shower I doused myself in Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling. So funny. Down here in Tasmania the air is so clean and clear that the fragrance was 100% huger. It was like I had done 20 sprays.

After the shower I went and bought some postcards and organised the mens lunches. In both shops I apologised to the shopkeepers for wearing so much perfume. Really it felt like I had 1980s amounts of scent on. Fortunately both women said they loved my fragrance and that I was wearing exactly the right amount (Sweet lies).

Johnny and our tenant Dale got so much done today and then we went to Bunnings in Launceston as a group with Katie (Dale’s wife) and their two kids. We had Bunnings Sausage Sandwiches, a total win. The men were like kids in a candy store and took hours to get their shit organised. Katie, the kids and I went through the garden section and then had coffees & cakes while one of the kids jumped around in the kids playground.

This is my new husband Craig, really Jin couldn’t complain if I brought home a tomboy, could he? I’m nice, I share my toys.

We came home at 6pm and Johnny cooked himself some bacon sandwiches. He was so freaking proud of himself and happy eating them. Then we had cream buns for dessert! Not my favourite bakeries ones but pretty good nonetheless.

Now it’s time for bed. Goodnight.

Thursday 6:

If you think yesterday was full then today was 150% more action packed. We had plumbing, electrician and helper doing the garage, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We added extra things in all day long and still managed to finish 20 minutes early. It was a wonderful day, everyone working together and helping. Sure, I spent a bunch of money, basically a years rent but we expected to have big bills in the first year and these are them. Fingers crossed that we can leave the houses alone to rent peacefully for the next couple of years.

First we went to the Simpson house where the tenants are moving out Monday. They have left the house about 170% more beautiful than it was when we bought it. Even the gardens are pristine.

Johnny the plumber works fast, is clever and I trust him to go full steam ahead all day long. The extra it cost me to bring him was easily made up for in sheer hard work and the joy of having him around. Can’t praise hips work ethic enough. He knows all the tricks to shortcut expense yet end up with a perfect finished result. Calarco Plumbing if you need him.

We used Tasmanian Electrical Services for the sparky work because Jin was working. Greg came and he was a lovely man, full of fun and went to with gusto. Though he is a bit slower than Jin he did his best and got all our extras done in tidy and finished manner. I’d call him again.

The big surprise though was Dale, our tenant, who took three days off work and was the best supporter we could have asked for. Nothing was too hard, dirty or boring for him. He ran to the hardware to get extras, helped, joked, worked like a house elf and was excellent company.

I know, I’m raving but the three men got five days worth of jobs done in three, with a bit of time to spare.

Our cottage let us keep the room till 7pm for only a $50 extra charge and were very accommodating.

While Johnny took a last minute shower before we left I went and watched the sunset from the waterfront which is two streets away from the cottages. Heavenly. It was a serene moment and I probably shouldn’t have ruined the spell by clicking pics but I wanted to share the magic with you lot. No filters have been used to enhance these shots in any way. Not even cropped, this is how they came on the phone.

All in all a successful and productive adventure. Currently Johnny and I are at Launceston Airport ready to go home on the 8.40pm flight. I am bushed, and I hardly did anything except point, organise and pay. He must be shattered.

Can you believe it? We arrive at Sydney Airport and standing one taxi rank away from us is Andrew Denton. I told Johnny and he was so excited because he and Anna-Maria LOVE him. So I sent him off with my camera to take a selfie and tell Andrew how much his family love him. Watching it was beautiful, I think it made Johnny’s whole trip and Andrew Denton looked really pleased that someone had bothered to go thank him for all his hard work.

It was a really nice moment. Thank you Andrew Denton for treating Johnny with such affable respect.

Friday 7:

My head is not right today. I’m not sure what’s going on but my focus is bad. I’m going to rest for the day because we have a crew coming tonight. See you later. I’m going for a big long soak in the bath. Bath and Body Works Pretty As A Peach bubbles, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and Guerlain Mitsouko EdT. I am a peach princess.

Tonight was HUGE. A whole crew of us got together for Pumpkin Soup dinner at ours then we all went to Parramatta Winterlight. There was Ice Skating, Rides, Food, Fun and general mayhem aplenty. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account but we had a ball then trundled off to McDonalds for a midnight snack before bed. Yes, I know. we’re disgusting, but it was really fun. Here’s some pics.

Saturday 8:

Lazy morning.

Tim came out to Parramatta for lunch. We sniffed and laughed but I bloody forgot to take pics. SORRY!

No, I tell a lie. We did take a pic of my newest new arrival. Arielle Shoshana EdP. WOW! It is the fruitiest damn thing EVAH! People are saying it loses its strength after a short time but I can smell it HOURS later.

Dinner with Hyun, Steve and Alice. I’d never had Hot Pot before and though it’s not going to bump Korean BarBQ, Pizza or KFC on my faves list it was fun and delicious. We had fun chattering and eating, conversation jumped all over the place.

From there we trotted off to Messina Ice Cream and went CRAZY! It was bloody delicious.

Caught the bus home and while walking from it noticed the moon was giving full rings like a circular rainbow. The picture hardly captures the magic but does give an idea.

Phew. Home now and bushed.

Jacomo Silences PdT was my evening frag choice because Mals86 was talking about it in her Scent Diary on Muse In Wooden Shoes. Its sharp green fuzz is beautiful in the cool of a Sydney winter. Crystaline.

Sunday 9:

Beautiful morning. The dog walk was lovely. I do wish other people with dogs would pick up the poo though. I picked up three not my dog poos this morning just left in the walkways. Some people are assholes.

It’s pretty cool here in Sydney but not really cool enough for the heater so we are both rugged up. Jin finishes nights tomorrow so I’ll get some quality time with him hopefully.

I went to a local barber today. Problem is I’m getting so blind that my beard is going in all directions. So I thought I’d get an expert in to do the shape and I can maintain. He did an OK job but really it’s not perfect. Once I dyed it and did a little bit of reshaping it seems to be nearly OK. Not a biggie but all I asked for was a reshape.

Used the last of my LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath (I’m going to miss it), Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and Keiko Mecheri Un Jour d’Ete fragrance.


OK Crew! It’s your turn. What’s your week been like? Did you spritz, meet, hang or go anywhere? What about your family & friends, see them, do stuff? Maybe you read a book that we all need to know about.
Please comment and share something of yourself, we love it.
Feel free to comment respectfully on someone elses comment too. This is all about sharing ourselves and communication. Yours may be the only positive interaction that someone has all day, take the plunge.
Portia xx

Scent Diary: 19.6 – 25.6.2017




Hey APJ,

Aunty Tracey has gone so we are living in a bit of a vacuum, suffering withdrawals. The whole house seems less sparkly.

Before we get onto this week I forgot to put Jin’s modelling shot from trying on the new jumper I got him last week. He is the funniest fucker ever and had us in stitches as he paraded in David Jones Sydney City Mens Store.

Jin and I have been barneying too, a few seriously heated exchanges but it’s calming down now. As you can probably imagine it gets pretty dramatic around here when the shouting starts, VERY theatrical. At least we shout it out and then it’s over. It’s the stewing that gets me riled up, then I have top pop the pimple and bark like a deranged poodle. Well, at least the air is clear.

Scent Diary: 19.6 – 25.6.2017

Monday 19:

SOTBed as I wander off to my snoring bed warmer, Jin, is Maria Candida Gentile Exultat. Incense done with such gentle restraint. So woodsy, it’s like being in a confessional or 1970s Swedish style sauna. Cool and aloof wafts of scented smoke will lull me to ZZZZZZZZZ.

Today is beautiful in North Parramatta. Sun is shining and the air crisp. We are looking at a high of 18C. I chose Etat Libre d’Orange Afternoon of A Faun as my SOTD and it’s bringing me only joy. I was so inspired I dusted & vacuumed the house and cleaned the bathroom. Also did every bit of laundry. This place is spotless.

Monday night is Trivia Q&A night. I wanted something fresh and sweet so enormous amounts of Guerlain Lys Soleia. Seriously, maybe 15 spritzes! It’s heavenly.

Tuesday 20:

My Aunty Tracey calls me FuckFace when I’m annoying, which is more often than you’d think. SO my BFF Kath has started sending me pics.

Woke up. Jumped out of bed to feed the dogs and walked them wearing one of my all time faves Niki de Saint Phalle. It’s still the cheaper chypre, though it’s getting harder to find.

Scott and I did the Office Work today, as much as we could get done. We did get to Service NSW and finally change my Toll Pass over.

We also went to the Priceline Sale and bought some heavily discounted Estee Lauder Modern Muse and Modern Muse Rouge Gloss. He He he! Couldn’t help ourselves, they were basically FREE! All three for less than you’d usually pay for one!

Tonight I wore Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee and was awarded two lovely compliments. It does smell ridiculously gorgeous and I totally rocked the wafting.

Aunty Tracey’s eldest son David was in the house tonight. We sat him with the team that Aunty Tracey plays with, Lyndall is pictured. They all had a hoot. He looks so much like his Dad, unbelievable.

SOTBed? Dama Koupa by Baruti. It’s a decant and so unusual. Woods, but with a dry sugar dusted unsweetuess. I’ve never smelled anything quite like it. REALLY, sensationally good.


Wednesday 21:

Wow! Big day here. Well, not really that big but Evan dropped around in the morning and we sniffed some fragrances. It was a really fun hour. I can’t remember what I sprayed myself with but all day I had people saying how good I smell.

Also went to town to buy new Drag Shoes & Jewellery.

After that Alice & I went to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and sat in the cool evening of the years shortest day here in Australia. It was dark by the time we got there and we had a spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. it was so peaceful. Weird thing is, a perfect night yet we were nearly the only ones there. There were a couple of joggers and one small tour group in the hour we spent drinking in the breathtaking view.

Then we met my mate Rose for dinner at Blue Fish in Darling Harbour. It was a lovely night, full of cheeky stories and reminiscences. The food was wonderful and the guys serving us were really cheerful. My favourite, Joel, is back working there after a stint in Europe and Queensland. It was good to catch up with him.

This is a Mango Eton Mess. Mangoes, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream. Seriously delicious.

Poor TinaG is less than 100% so I grabbed some Italian pasta for her on the way home and dropped it in. Get Well Princess.

For SOTBed Guerlain Tonka Imperial. PERFECT!

While we were out doing all that Jin was at a Sleep Apnea Study

Thursday 22:

Today was spent largely running around with Jin. I did cook the most splendid hamburgers for lunch but we ate them so no pics.

This morning I spritzed Guerlain Shalimar EdP as I was running about.

For work I had a LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath (we are getting to the last one very soon), Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and Lancome Midnight Rose EdP. Yes, I love Midnight Rose, kick me out of the perfumista club if you want. I’ll be here smelling fabulous with or without you all. When sprayed over the musk you have no idea how fabulous it smells.

Friday 23:

Jin is working nights currently and when he got into bed this morning he woke me a bit so I got out of bed and had a cuppa. Wearing Dama Koupa by Baruti again, can’t get enough of its freaky dry woodsy unsweetness. I’m going to grab my beautiful puppy Paris and we are going to catch a couple of extra sleep hours in the spare room. Doggy cuddles are the best.

For work tonight this is my Bath, Body & Fragrance. Robert Piguet Bandit bubble bath (such leathery goodness, you have no idea), Amouage Dia woman body lotion and Guerlain Mitsouko EdT and vintage parfum.

It was really exciting tonight to hang out with some of my favourite peeps before, between & after the gig tonight. Though the gig itself was fun these guys are the freaking bomb. I haven’t caught up with them for ages and it was so good. Some people leave indelible marks.

The gig included dinner! I was so spoiled by chef Trish (Patricia Woods) who knows exactly how to tickle my tastebuds. Chock full of joy from seeing her too. PLUS Trish has a new love who I got to meet.

Lastly, to top a wonderful night off my mate Kane sent through a pic of us taken last century at the DIVA Awards. I think it’s 1996 but it might be later. Kane is on the right of the photo and I was madly in love with him while we were in London together. Sadly it was not to be but for a moment. By this time back in Sydney the man on the left, Eddie with the glasses, had become his beau.

Saturday 24:

Lazy morning. I put so much Guerlain Mitsouko on before bed last night I still smell of it. A LOT!

News just in. My mates Hunter & Faycal packed up their daughter and life and moved from Sydney to the South of France. They bought a beautiful property, did it up with their impeccable taste and now it’s on AirBnB. So if you’re thinking holiday, what could be more lovely than staying with a couple of my mates in the town of Ales near Nimes.

Want to go there? Me too. Here’s their AirBnB page.

My Bath, Lotion and SOTWork look like this today. Bubble bath provided by Hermès Eau de Mandarine Ambrée, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked body lotion because it has a luscious sweet amber undertone and fragrance from Hermès Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. Being a lovely sunny winter day here in Sydney I am loving the zingy crisp freshness of Monsieur Li, not sure how much extra depth the lotion is providing but the work nicely in combination.

Sunday 25:

I woke up at 3am, no reason. So I jumped out of bed and answered blog comments, scanned FaceBook, did a little emailing. I drank a couple of glasses of water and now I’m spritzing DIOR Mitzah and going back to bed. Bliss!

Jumped out of bed, spritzed Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola, fed and walked dogs and we went straight to pedicures. Kath, Evie and her daughter Lola were there to get some yummy new colours.

From pedicures Yum-Cha and Jin and his BFF Matt joined us there but Kath had to skedaddle. Conversation was lively, loads of laughs and we ate mountains of Chinese. Perfect start to the day.


After Yum-Cha we walked past this shop and thought it was hilarious because Tara from A Bottled Rose is our mate. So we snapped this and sent her a “Yeah Tara, Fuck You” message.

After that it was home to the bath. Bubbles provided by the last drops of my L’Occitane Melting Honey bubble bath. I do have an incredibly embarrassing confession, my sight is so bad that I’ve been using the L’Occitane Verbena Conditioner as BODY LOTION! So embarrassed when I enlarged the photo to get the correct name. Ha Ha ha ha! For fragrance I wanted something green and sweet to go with my two bases so Annick Goutal Mandragora Pourpe got brought out and is a perfect fit. It’s cool minty blast softens to a warmer amber/incense/patchouli watercolour wash. Love the bottle too.


Alright you lot! It’s your turn. Tell us anything fun, frightening, friendly or fragrant that happened to you this week. Share your joys and sorrows, we will cheer you on or commiserate as needs.
Please share something, we love to get to know you all a little bit better.
Portia xx

Rose Jam Shower Gel by LUSH


Post by Portia


Hi there APJ Bathers,

Yes, you’re reading it right. That ultra cool, Limited Edition, shower gel that you just missed out on because they usually sell out in SECONDS is back. Be quick.

Rose Jam Shower Gel by LUSH


LUSH says: Inspired by our love for roses and the benefits of nourishing Argan Oil, this shower gel is as decadent as it gets! Skin brightening Goji Berry Juice and Sicilian Lemon give your skin a boost, while Rose Oil and Rose Absolute leave it soothed, softened and beautifully fragranced. A luxuroius way to start each day. 

Sure, the blurb is nice but I wait till the afternoon to bathe because I get ready for work, which usually happens at night. One of the ways I really love to pamper myself is by drawing a bath. Now what better way to laze away the better part of an hour than laying in the warmth (or cool in summer) of a glamorously scented bubble bath? NONE! I tell you truly that it is the most relaxing, turn off the world, indulgent me time that I have.

ROSE JAM SHOWER GEL LUSHPortia in the bath

Rose Jam Shower Gel makes a wonderful bubble bath. It foams well, smells great and leaves me with a soft skin tinged with the fragrance of a sweet garden rose in full bloom that then creates the perfect base for some of my favourite rose scents. Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations, Rosa sur Reuse by SOIVOHLE, Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids, Diabolo Rose by Parfums de Rosine, Midnight Oud by JHaG and Agent Provocateur to name just a few of my faves, there are oodles more.

I bought my Rose Jam bottle in the sale at the end of the last time it was in. The last bottle too because I thought I should get an extra and by the time I went back in the next day to get another they were sold out. Anyway, I bought it and tried it and thought it was awful. So it sat here for ages unloved. Not so long ago as I was organising the frag room I stumbled across it again and have been using it a couple of times a week since. The sweet jammy rose is so much like putting your nose right up to a garden rose that is in full bloom, so simple but also so incredibly nuanced.

LUSH Australia has $18.50/250g

Do yourself a favour. Go grab it.
Portia xx

Jaunty Capers, Cemeteries and The Rose That Got Away: London July 2014


Post by Val the Cookie Queen



I couldn´t have been more excited as I got up on Wednesday. Finally the dreamed of, talked about, preplanned days were here.

Unlike Vanessa from the fabulous Bonkers About Perfume, I have no clothing crises. For I have none. Not to speak of anyway. Long jeans in winter. Cut-off jeans in summer. I prefer to spend my money on red lipstick, and the odd bag of groceries for the family. When my shoes hurt I go barefoot.

Jaunty Capers, Cemeteries and The Rose That Got Away

Random ramblings from a week in London

I left for Les Senteurs from Muswell Hill, the infamous address, early enough to not be late for my date with the gorgeous Tara from Olfactoria`s Travels. We both arrived early and waited for Callum the Dashing to arrive and let us in. Perfumistas waiting on the doorstep.

Les senteurs Val 2014 #2

Les senteurs Val 2014 #3

Les senteurs Val 2014 #4

Les senteurs Val 2014 #1



We hit the sofa talking. After a while Flamingo Nick, Penhaligon´s Fragrant Ambassador arrived, bringing a burst of sunshine into the room with him.I already knew I was going to buy Malle`s Eau de Magnolia and asked Callum to put a large bottle on the side. The small ones were sold out and there was no tester to triple reconfirm that I wanted it. I would pick it up the next day when Vanessa was with us too. So onto the much praised Papillons. I was so excited to try these and planned to purchase one. I sprayed with gay abandon and waited …….

Flowers Val 2014 #1

Gorilla Val 2014 #1

Nick, Tara and I headed to the Gorilla Perfume Gallery for the presentation of the new 12 fragrances. Entitled: Death, Decay and Renewal. A pop-up in the basement of Phonica Records on Poland Street. (See Nick Gilbert<< JuMP) This was quite the display. Mushrooms, sandalwood smuggling, stroboscopic dream machines designed by William Burroughs ……… Clearly NOT Guerlain.

Starting to fall in love with Papillon’s Tobacco Rose, we headed on for tea and sandwiches and a quick Liberty´s heist. Nick scored himself a bottle of Superoud from Comme de Garçons and headed off into the sunset. Fear not, we would meet again.

Selfridge´s and iced matcha, including a wicked brain freeze, saw Tara and I heading home.

That evening after spraying again I decided I would buy the Tobacco Rose. Because it is beguiling.

Tara and Vanessa pretty much covered this second day of fragrant flitterings. (Bonkers About Perfume and Olfactoria´s Travels) What can I add? The Guerlain Royal Extract at 280 quid for 125 mls – 900 bottles limited edition, exclusive to Harrod`s? A pretty pale, kind of watered down Fairy Liquid colour? I think not. Based on the exquisite Attrape Coeur, but missed the mark. (All opinions totally my own!)

Now I was not exactly kicking and screaming when I went up to Roja Dove´s Barbie Palace, but it was close. Bright and shiny and no room to swing a cat. The visit was saved by Benjamin, the on hand sales assistant. He was so nice, totally knowledgable, and actually seemed to think he could turn around my preconceived ideas of RD and the other fragrances for the “Bros”. He could not. It would be remiss of me not to say that I did allow him to give me a pretty decent spray of the “semi-bespoke” (can you hear me laughing????) RD Private Collection No 9. Limited to 50 bottles. It was actually pretty nice for the first 20 minutes. Unlike Benjamin who was nice for the whole time.

Tara and I went to the Amouage stand alone store, hoping to try the Amouage Attars. Sadly because of people buying them, diluting them with alcohol and then selling them on EBay by the millilitre they have been removed. How annoying is that? Very.

“I`d ski naked down Mount Everest” to meet Vanessa, but luckily we only had to go to Covent Garden Tube station. Long lunch, including a number of jaunty capers, and a good chinwag and off to Penhaligon´s to meet up, once again with our very favourite Fragrant Ambassador. I was wonderfully surprised by the sensual beauty of Tralala and can see myself having a bottle one day. The Chucky Child´s Play bottle decoration was a little haunting, but I think I could get over it. Nick sent me off with a good stash of Penhaligon´s samples and I look forward to getting to know them.

Off we went to Les Senteurs. My heart beating a little faster as I prepared to make my purchases. We flopped once again on the sofa, kicked off shoes, fixed blisters and I bought Eau de Magnolia. Straight out of the fridge. I then asked for my Tobacco Rose. SOLD OUT.

Les senteurs Val 2014 #5

Les senteurs Val 2014 #6

WHAT??? You have got to be bloody kidding me Callum. But it´s intoxicating, boozy, and kind of jammy. There are two different roses, Bulgarian and Rose Centifolia. Oakmoss lurks, a great favourite of mine. It is smoky and beeswaxy. Thick without being sweet. It lasts for hours and never stays the same. I don´t have a rose. And I want this. For the moment though it´s the rose that got away. I should have ordered it the day before but I was trying to be sensible. Sigh. I compensate by spraying a ton of Magnolia and pass out with the beauty. I´ll live.

We spent the next three hours, or was it more, having tea and eating Indian food. Talking and sharing more about ourselves. Building friendships.

And so it ended. All leaving from the same station, Tara to the left and Vanessa and me to the right. The trains came in so fast we had no time to say goodbye. But it´s only Adieu.

Cemetery Val 2014 #2

Cemetery Val 2014 #3

Cemetery Val 2014 #4

Cemetery Val 2014 #5

The following day I went to Highgate Cemetery. This trip was on my Bucket List. The place absolutely blew my mind. The guide was straight out of an Agatha Christie and the lady that was constantly by me in the group was wearing Mitsouko. It was an extremely heavy and lovely version, so I am guessing it might have been an earlier incarnation, because it sure doesn´t smell like that now. What a perfect ending to my aromatic and perfumed adventures.

Cemetery Val 2014 #6

Cemetery Val 2014 #1

Cemetery Val 2014 #7

But it wasn´t quite the end was it? Antonio Gardoni from Bogue Perfumes met up and shared a coconut water with me, including copious sprays of MAAI. Comrades! – MAAI is not for the faint-hearted. More later ……..

I am now back to making cookie dough.


CQ xxx

All photos donated by Val the Cookie Queen

Snowcake by LUSH vs Cuir Beluga by Guerlain


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Having read comments on akafkaesquelife that Lush’s Snowcake was longer lasting version of my beloved Cuir Beluga, to be had at a fraction of the price, I considered the gauntlet well and truly thrown, so off I duly trundled to find a sample. You heard it folks. Cuir Beluga and Snowcake are about go toe to toe for the title of World Champion Delicious Marzipan Fragrance, so LET’S GET RRRRRRRRRRRRRREADY TO RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBUMBOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHL!!

Snowcake by LUSH vs Cuir Beluga by Guerlain THROWDOWN

Snowcake Lush Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Marzipan, benzoin, rose, cassia and almond

Cuir Beluga Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Aldehydes, tangerine
Heart: Immortelle, patchouli
Base: Vanilla, amber, suede, heliotrope

Bingbingbing! Snowcake sluggishly dances around Cuir Beluga with some evasive footwork while Beluga watches on with a bored expression… and BAM! Beluga uncorks a huge left hook out of nowhere, and Snowcake goes down like a lead balloon. Nothing more to see here, ladies and gentlemen.

These are mostly listed as essential oils in the ingredients list, with the implication that it’s a mostly “natural” perfume, as is Lush’s wont. Certainly natural is how it smells.

Snowcake, with its billing as a scent of marzipan, and name that promises a mouthwatering dessert in fact delivers, cruelly, sadistically, the scent green bananas. It goes on tart, grassy and replete with an uncomfortable urge to scrape the fuzz of unripe fruit off one’s teeth. What’s more, by the magic of whichever wacky esters are in this concoction, you even get the slightly ferrous whiff of bruised and oxidised banana peel moments later.

Snowcake vs Cuir Beluga Boxing_Ring WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

The almond is there I suppose, morosely mooning about in the wings, crapulent from the night before, and does make a reluctant showing once the banana finishes its strangled chorus. It plays a short olfactory set and then passes out on stage in its own banana scented vomit. The only resemblance to Cuir Beluga that I could detect is when Snowcake is at the very end of its pitifully short life, one that makes the notoriously ephemeral Cuir Beluga appear a veritable Methuselah of perfumes, when it’s just an enfeebled, barely perceptible almondy-vanilla powder.

This would all be tremendous if Snowcake wasn’t thus named and was instead called “The Smell Of ‘Nanas Turning”, but as it is, it’s just a bit of a letdown for this confused reviewer. Am I missing something? Did the Aussies get a beta version of the Snowcake that everyone else is in raptures about?

No, I suspect the problem lies with me. The truth is, I’m quite partial to synthetic scents, with their durability and ability to transport me to fantasy olfactive landscapes, which is much harder to accomplish with natural scents. Actually, I’d say I’m quite the fan of artificial things in general. I prefer my chicken and corn soup laden with MSG. I’m looking forward to meeting my future robot manservant. I want my drag queens to look like caricatures of women.

And I like smelling stuff that smells better than the stuff it’s meant to smell like.
Pass me those bolt-ons will you, there’s a dear.

Chairman Meow x

25:43 by LUSH 2012 and Johnny Ruffo

Hey Fumies!

So I know it’s not extravagantly pricey or hard to find but I was trolling the local mall recently and I stumbled across, no my nose led me to, a new LUSH kiosk in the middle of the mall. The crew at the kiosk were so friendly and fun, knew about their products and had clearly been testing the range and then talking together about their tastes and one of the girls had a definite perfumista in training feel, it was a great experience. Now I will always reward a good shopping experience with a sale, especially when the price is SO DAMN REASONABLE!! WOW!

25:43 by LUSH

Photo stolen LUSH

The LUSH site says:
Fresh, sophisticated and light
LUSH inventor and co-founder Mark Constantine created this perfume in twenty-five minutes and forty-three seconds especially for his son Simon on his wedding day. Talk about a flash of brilliance! Simon’s bride wore this fresh and citrusy perfume down the aisle, and it captured the moment beautifully with notes of tonka and lime accord. Simon (not one to be bested by his Dad) later added notes of lemongrass, vanilla, ylang ylang and listsea to round out the already light and clean essence of 25:43.

I love LUSH, my BFF Kath is a Bath Bomb fan, they are a great fun affordable range. Their fragrances can often be quite overpowering but in a soapy, fresh, bathroom spray way. That sounds like I dislike them but I don’t. I love their sillage and scent bubble, love that though they are quite strong they don’t seem to be skunkers, like you have applied a scented body lotion that smells amazing all day. 25:43 is no exception, it goes on all lemongrass and lime and not much later the warmer tones come through and then the fragrance stays as is for most of the day till it decides to be just an almost edible vanilla and then it disappears. If you are testing 25:43, or any of the LUSH frags, make sure you do it on a card first because they last so well that you are making a decision about how you smell for most of the day. Excellent products if you are not a huge perfume person but want to smell good all day every day.

Man, woman or child appropriate. I think this would be a super after gym and off to the evening choice, weekends, casual adventures, holidays et al. Perhaps too scented for offices or cinema or really close confines.

LUSHAustralia has 33ml under $40, 10ml under $15, 3ml sample $3

Johnny Ruffo

Completely off topic but this is the latest viral campaign for McDonald’s Australia. Cool squared! Obviously the web and social media is spaz-la-la over it here and I thought you may like to see how we advertise burgers down under. I also added 2 of the getting it together videos because then you get a sense of who the LOVELY star, Johnny Ruffo, is. I know!! SO CUTE! And not overly complicated by genius. My favourite combination in pop stars.

Gucci by Gucci pour homme, LUSH Fragrance sample pack

Hey Hey Hey

Today Evie C (AustralianPerfumeJunkies co-creator) and I had a super productive get together. There will soon be a widget so you can get email updates of our blog into your inbox (or spam perhaps) every day. that way you won’t have to come looking for us, we’ll find you! Evie C has been quiet till now as she is just settling back into Australian life after over 20 years absence globetrotting, first on her own and then with increasingly large family in tow. Evie will now be contributing every Monday and we are THRILLED that she has found a family home in which to put down firm roots.

We were chatting and trying on fragrances today, as we do when we get together, and were going through some of my previous posts and having a go at some stinkies that Eve had not encountered in her own search for fragrance perfection. She was a fragrant cloud by the time she left with Oud Caravan 3 by La Via Del Profumo on one elbow, City of Angels by Royal Apothic on same wrist (this review is coming up on Friday), Eau de Tommi Sooni 1 (EdTS1) by the Australian Tommi Sooni crew (I let Evie C have this sample because she was ENRAPTURED!!! It was like When Harry Met Sally in the diner), in her boobs we spritzed Casual by Paul Sebastian and lastly on her last remaining elbow it was Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme.

Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme with James franco

Above is the link to the advertisement which is worth seeing.

Photo stolen from

I like this scent on me but it has this funny habit of disappearing on my skin for about 20 minutes after the top notes have faded, then it returns, a softly charming fragrance that is not controversial in any way, this is the right choice if you just want to smell good without making a fashion statement. An excellent office choice. It stays old-worldy and very barbershop throughout on my skin. I don’t get much floral, but that could be my lack of experience and knowledge.

On Evie C though we have a completely different story, it was GLORIOUS! So streamlined and grand, it was like a gorgeous art deco chrome and glass skyscraper of a fragrance. Almost mesmeric in its allure and very interesting, we would chat and keep coming back to smell her elbow. This should be a woman’s perfume, if Evie C is anything to go by. Evie is already like a Gucci/Ralph Laurent pin up woman, fresh and clever and beautiful. On me Gucci by Gucci pour Homme is quietly confident but on her it soars.

Here is what Scentrist had to say about Gucci By Gucci pour Homme, it is the only one I could find on a 3 page Google search.

Now, moving on, a few days ago arrived a package from LUSH. I had ordered the Gorilla Perfume Sample Set and 2 of their famous fragrances in Perfume Solid Stick Form!

My photo

My bestie BFF Kath W is a total LUSH convert and has been talking about their bath bombs and personal hygiene products for years. Even giving me LUSH gifts over the years which I took little notice of other than to be thrilled that she’d thought of me and then absently using her gifts, thinking more about the giver than gift. I was unaware that LUSH even did fragrance until one day, looking for something else, in the Sanchez/Turin perfume bible (Perfumes; The A_Z Guide) and I came across the Breath Of God reviewed by Tania Sanchez which got 5 stars and was called a smoked fruit fragrance and goes on to say, “Wearing it, I feel a sense of wonder that so late in the perfume game there still can be such profound invention”

Photo stolen from LUSH

Inspired by Simon’s travels to Tibet.

Simon created a masculine, musky fragrance, inspired by the incense, cedarwood, and sandalwood he smelled in Tibetan temples. He also made a lighter, floral feminine fragrance with lemon, melon and neroli for a ‘breath of fresh air’ – and then mixed them together. The (happy) end result was Breath of God.

Better together.

Breath of God is a divine perfume of two halves, the light, refreshing notes of Inhale and the smoky contemplation of Exhale; these are available exclusively on Gorilla Perfume, where you can get even closer to God.

Fragrantica says here

I have had the Solid perfume as a base after my three S’s today and had my nana nap with that on. Reapplying after my make up was done I also dabbed some of the Liquid on wrists, elbows, sternum and collar bones. When I came home transferring what was left of the sample Liquid into a fresh spray bottle to see if spritzing changed the outcome. It is a lovely scent with dark and light, wood and smoke, gas, incense, fruit and flowers and reminds me of my times in McLeod Gang in India’s Himalayas where the Dalai Lama has his compound (before it became the crazy tourist destination it has become and its streets going far down the hill and full of eco tourists, teachers that the Dalai Lama has brought in from every cultural corner of the earth to teach his second in command team to deal with the greater world and hordes of gap year trustafarians). It is evocative of happy, peaceful, interesting, exciting and adventurous times so I like it, maybe even love it, but I do not find myself enraptured, I will try it again next week, just for myself.

Tuca-Tuca is WAY more lovely to me, approachable, easy and fun. Unlike Breath of God which is an extreme fragrance.

I stole this directly from Fragrantica;

Like any good summer day, Tuca Tuca starts with a blast of fresh summer air, violet top notes accompany a rich floral feel from cassie absolute. As the sun reaches midday the warm vanilla and ylang ylang move the perfume into its middle notes and then, as the sun sets, we’re left with a slightly naughty violet leaf and vetivert bottom, the end to a perfect day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonights discourse. Tomorrow we’ll chat about learning of,  finding, and buying decants. Why you would, could and should.

Hopefully see you then,

Much love,

Portia xx

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