Scent Diary: 19.6 – 25.6.2017




Hey APJ,

Aunty Tracey has gone so we are living in a bit of a vacuum, suffering withdrawals. The whole house seems less sparkly.

Before we get onto this week I forgot to put Jin’s modelling shot from trying on the new jumper I got him last week. He is the funniest fucker ever and had us in stitches as he paraded in David Jones Sydney City Mens Store.

Jin and I have been barneying too, a few seriously heated exchanges but it’s calming down now. As you can probably imagine it gets pretty dramatic around here when the shouting starts, VERY theatrical. At least we shout it out and then it’s over. It’s the stewing that gets me riled up, then I have top pop the pimple and bark like a deranged poodle. Well, at least the air is clear.

Scent Diary: 19.6 – 25.6.2017

Monday 19:

SOTBed as I wander off to my snoring bed warmer, Jin, is Maria Candida Gentile Exultat. Incense done with such gentle restraint. So woodsy, it’s like being in a confessional or 1970s Swedish style sauna. Cool and aloof wafts of scented smoke will lull me to ZZZZZZZZZ.

Today is beautiful in North Parramatta. Sun is shining and the air crisp. We are looking at a high of 18C. I chose Etat Libre d’Orange Afternoon of A Faun as my SOTD and it’s bringing me only joy. I was so inspired I dusted & vacuumed the house and cleaned the bathroom. Also did every bit of laundry. This place is spotless.

Monday night is Trivia Q&A night. I wanted something fresh and sweet so enormous amounts of Guerlain Lys Soleia. Seriously, maybe 15 spritzes! It’s heavenly.

Tuesday 20:

My Aunty Tracey calls me FuckFace when I’m annoying, which is more often than you’d think. SO my BFF Kath has started sending me pics.

Woke up. Jumped out of bed to feed the dogs and walked them wearing one of my all time faves Niki de Saint Phalle. It’s still the cheaper chypre, though it’s getting harder to find.

Scott and I did the Office Work today, as much as we could get done. We did get to Service NSW and finally change my Toll Pass over.

We also went to the Priceline Sale and bought some heavily discounted Estee Lauder Modern Muse and Modern Muse Rouge Gloss. He He he! Couldn’t help ourselves, they were basically FREE! All three for less than you’d usually pay for one!

Tonight I wore Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee and was awarded two lovely compliments. It does smell ridiculously gorgeous and I totally rocked the wafting.

Aunty Tracey’s eldest son David was in the house tonight. We sat him with the team that Aunty Tracey plays with, Lyndall is pictured. They all had a hoot. He looks so much like his Dad, unbelievable.

SOTBed? Dama Koupa by Baruti. It’s a decant and so unusual. Woods, but with a dry sugar dusted unsweetuess. I’ve never smelled anything quite like it. REALLY, sensationally good.


Wednesday 21:

Wow! Big day here. Well, not really that big but Evan dropped around in the morning and we sniffed some fragrances. It was a really fun hour. I can’t remember what I sprayed myself with but all day I had people saying how good I smell.

Also went to town to buy new Drag Shoes & Jewellery.

After that Alice & I went to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and sat in the cool evening of the years shortest day here in Australia. It was dark by the time we got there and we had a spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. it was so peaceful. Weird thing is, a perfect night yet we were nearly the only ones there. There were a couple of joggers and one small tour group in the hour we spent drinking in the breathtaking view.

Then we met my mate Rose for dinner at Blue Fish in Darling Harbour. It was a lovely night, full of cheeky stories and reminiscences. The food was wonderful and the guys serving us were really cheerful. My favourite, Joel, is back working there after a stint in Europe and Queensland. It was good to catch up with him.

This is a Mango Eton Mess. Mangoes, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream. Seriously delicious.

Poor TinaG is less than 100% so I grabbed some Italian pasta for her on the way home and dropped it in. Get Well Princess.

For SOTBed Guerlain Tonka Imperial. PERFECT!

While we were out doing all that Jin was at a Sleep Apnea Study

Thursday 22:

Today was spent largely running around with Jin. I did cook the most splendid hamburgers for lunch but we ate them so no pics.

This morning I spritzed Guerlain Shalimar EdP as I was running about.

For work I had a LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath (we are getting to the last one very soon), Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and Lancome Midnight Rose EdP. Yes, I love Midnight Rose, kick me out of the perfumista club if you want. I’ll be here smelling fabulous with or without you all. When sprayed over the musk you have no idea how fabulous it smells.

Friday 23:

Jin is working nights currently and when he got into bed this morning he woke me a bit so I got out of bed and had a cuppa. Wearing Dama Koupa by Baruti again, can’t get enough of its freaky dry woodsy unsweetness. I’m going to grab my beautiful puppy Paris and we are going to catch a couple of extra sleep hours in the spare room. Doggy cuddles are the best.

For work tonight this is my Bath, Body & Fragrance. Robert Piguet Bandit bubble bath (such leathery goodness, you have no idea), Amouage Dia woman body lotion and Guerlain Mitsouko EdT and vintage parfum.

It was really exciting tonight to hang out with some of my favourite peeps before, between & after the gig tonight. Though the gig itself was fun these guys are the freaking bomb. I haven’t caught up with them for ages and it was so good. Some people leave indelible marks.

The gig included dinner! I was so spoiled by chef Trish (Patricia Woods) who knows exactly how to tickle my tastebuds. Chock full of joy from seeing her too. PLUS Trish has a new love who I got to meet.

Lastly, to top a wonderful night off my mate Kane sent through a pic of us taken last century at the DIVA Awards. I think it’s 1996 but it might be later. Kane is on the right of the photo and I was madly in love with him while we were in London together. Sadly it was not to be but for a moment. By this time back in Sydney the man on the left, Eddie with the glasses, had become his beau.

Saturday 24:

Lazy morning. I put so much Guerlain Mitsouko on before bed last night I still smell of it. A LOT!

News just in. My mates Hunter & Faycal packed up their daughter and life and moved from Sydney to the South of France. They bought a beautiful property, did it up with their impeccable taste and now it’s on AirBnB. So if you’re thinking holiday, what could be more lovely than staying with a couple of my mates in the town of Ales near Nimes.

Want to go there? Me too. Here’s their AirBnB page.

My Bath, Lotion and SOTWork look like this today. Bubble bath provided by Hermès Eau de Mandarine Ambrée, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked body lotion because it has a luscious sweet amber undertone and fragrance from Hermès Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. Being a lovely sunny winter day here in Sydney I am loving the zingy crisp freshness of Monsieur Li, not sure how much extra depth the lotion is providing but the work nicely in combination.

Sunday 25:

I woke up at 3am, no reason. So I jumped out of bed and answered blog comments, scanned FaceBook, did a little emailing. I drank a couple of glasses of water and now I’m spritzing DIOR Mitzah and going back to bed. Bliss!

Jumped out of bed, spritzed Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola, fed and walked dogs and we went straight to pedicures. Kath, Evie and her daughter Lola were there to get some yummy new colours.

From pedicures Yum-Cha and Jin and his BFF Matt joined us there but Kath had to skedaddle. Conversation was lively, loads of laughs and we ate mountains of Chinese. Perfect start to the day.


After Yum-Cha we walked past this shop and thought it was hilarious because Tara from A Bottled Rose is our mate. So we snapped this and sent her a “Yeah Tara, Fuck You” message.

After that it was home to the bath. Bubbles provided by the last drops of my L’Occitane Melting Honey bubble bath. I do have an incredibly embarrassing confession, my sight is so bad that I’ve been using the L’Occitane Verbena Conditioner as BODY LOTION! So embarrassed when I enlarged the photo to get the correct name. Ha Ha ha ha! For fragrance I wanted something green and sweet to go with my two bases so Annick Goutal Mandragora Pourpe got brought out and is a perfect fit. It’s cool minty blast softens to a warmer amber/incense/patchouli watercolour wash. Love the bottle too.


Alright you lot! It’s your turn. Tell us anything fun, frightening, friendly or fragrant that happened to you this week. Share your joys and sorrows, we will cheer you on or commiserate as needs.
Please share something, we love to get to know you all a little bit better.
Portia xx

34 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 19.6 – 25.6.2017

  1. Hi Portia and all around tonight, I love reading your Scent Diary. The layering combinations you come up with for your bathing rituals are inspiring.
    Nothing very exciting happened here this week, although I did receive a few mini Chloes in the mail, which was nice. I haven’t tried them as yet.
    My daughter is going through a lot of anxiety issues at the moment, so we’re trying to negotiate a path through that; when to push her, when to just let her be, what kind of help to consider. We’re all exhausted!


    • I have some experience in this matter, so hard, stay calm my biggest advice, wish I would have listened to my own advice at the time….also don’t give up…


  2. I’m almost out of my Rose Jam bath gel too. Thank you for turning me on to this loverly delight! Hard to wait till Christmas. Kitten got neutered last Thursday and has to wear the dreaded e collar. Pains me as much as it does him! Poor thing. Heure Exquise is getting me through, though.
    Is Jin going to wear a CPAP contraption? A firmer pillow helped me tons with my snorting and snoring. 🤐


  3. Hi Portia. Love your scent diary, too! So many stunning scents woven through your days and nights. Thank you for sharing your life well lived with us. I was out shopping with my 17 y.o. daughter this afternoon and was wearing Kalemat and holding my credit card about to pay for the clothes draped over her arm when she said, “Now please don’t be offended, but I think you’ve outgrown exotic, dark and sexy perfumes. You’re not exactly exotic anymore.” My jaw and credit card dropped simultaneously and asked pray tell what she thought I should smell like. “Lavender. Lavender and almond with a hint of vanilla. They would match your colourings and personality more.” – “Are you kidding?” She was not. She was sincere. Now I am about to sleep on the matter…essentially, why we wear what we do and is there a time to consider the opinions of others…to date I have worn whatever makes me feel the way I want to feel.


    • Teenager opinion – not something I would take much into account. I think you are correct to wear whatever you feel like. I am 51 and wear lots of exotic oriental scents, if people don’t like it too bad. I wear perfume only for myself.


    • When that sort of comments come, and it is not at work or anywhere it could land you in trouble not to take notice of the advice, I think you would do best just to ignore it. To me lavender cand feel medicinal and the sweet vanillas very insisting. All that said, the Bulgari tea and lavender cologne (“blue tea”) is rather nice.


  4. You included my shop! I should make that my Facebook cover photo. Or maybe not.

    So I need to add Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to my list of things to do in Sydney. Lovely.


    • Hey Tara!
      I’m taking you to that shop for lunch while you are here, then we can have photos in front of it.
      DEFINITELY we will take you to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. You may even get treated to a picnic if the weather is good.
      We’ll also be taking ferries and trains, zipping around to Trivia with Anna-Maria, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, Botany bay, Featherdale Wildlife and maybe even the Reptile Farm, there is so much to do.
      That’s even before you meet some of our friends.
      Portia xx


  5. Hi Portia. Your L’Occitane conditioner story made me laugh out loud! It’s only a small step from moisturiser to conditioner – same same 😊.
    I have been fighting the latest bug going around and can’t smell a thing. So I decided to do some decants for friends and tackled the stinkiest one I had which is normally left far back in the cupboard with the cap firmly on – Sebastiane Urban Legend. I swear I can still smell it in my fingers even now..


  6. Stunning picture of you with Kane and Eddy. I like how you wear so many different scents, need to do that more. Today I am doused in a luxurious amount of SL Mandarine Mandarin.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Those were the days, before I ate and lazed myself out of that body. It was a very fun time but my mind & body is glad it slowed down.
      YUMMY! Mandarine Mandarine, you smell great.
      Portia xx


  7. Hi all. I had to have a small chuckle. Here am I thinking you and Jin discuss all manner of existential delights, to find you two have loud verbal jousts! I am quite like you; squeeze the bejeebers out of the metaphoric pimple and move on. Just pass me the icepack to prevent inflammation.

    A little aside I’ll share prompted by your photo of your love from 1996. I used to hang out at Three Faces in the early to mid 90s. Such a brilliant environment for a fluid sort like myself. Safe, fun and I could lose myself a little. I took my mum one night and she stood there in the middle if the dance floor with her cardigan and clutching her bag. She glaced from side to side and shouted above the music, “What?! Are all these gorgeous men gay?” I didn’t know whether to run away or laugh. The 90s were a grand time indeed. I’m glad we got to be around for it all.

    What were you wearing scent wise, back then, Portia?

    Lisilou, I have the same thing with my 12yo son. He hates that I wear men’s perfumes. He won’t wear them now if I do. Apparently, I should smell of girly stuff. You know, sweet. Yeah, nah.

    Tell you what, while I am no longer in love with Tresor; it HAS lost that zesty peachy/apricot zing, I do adore Tresor In Love. I only have a mini of it, but it is tastefully done.


    • HA! Close to zero on the existential with Jin, he’s not really cut out that way. You’d think he would be having been a teacher of Korean Literature back home but nope.
      O M G! My mum used to come and watch the shows I was in. She was beautiful but never bothered much with make-up or designers. She often got mistaken for a lesbian by my mates. We would laugh about it.
      Scent wise it was Fendi, Antaeus, Givenchy Gentlemen, Gucci No 3 and Shalimar mainly. Cameos made by a bunch of other stuff but that was our main stuff.
      Portia xx


  8. You really live up to your name – Turbo *lol*
    My week was not nearly as interesting as yours.
    I have only used 2 fragrances this past week – Shalimar and Noontide Petals. The latter is so gorgeous, I can’t get enough of it.


    • Hey Ingrid,
      HA! I don’t feel like we packed very much in last week. I was so busy working that life got dismissed a little. Maybe it’s a little quieter up in beautiful sleepy Brisbane?
      If you’re only going to wear two frags then I reckon those two are rocking good choices.
      Hug your guy from me please.
      Portia xx


      • Thanks, Portia, I will. Apropos Niki de Saint Phalle: I’ve always been curious about this and saw it for sale at a very good price, so I’ll go for it. Because I’m worth it.


  9. Hi Portia,
    I SO enjoy reading your Scent Diaries, especially love seeing all the food posts! I’m a serious Foodie. We recently ate a place called St. Kilda’s, a bakery/coffee/brunch place owned by an Aussie and his wife.
    I had Country Smashed Peas over sourdough bread with pea shoots ,tarragon and poached eggs. It was TDF!!
    I also adore Rose Jam, need to get more! My big scent thing this week was the arrival of my bottles of Imaginary Authors Saint Julep. An absolute divine Summer frag with notes of Tangerine, mint, magnolia, sugar cube and grisalva.
    You wore some very lovely scents this week!!


    • Hey Tami,
      It makes me really happy that you’re enjoying the diaries. I’ll try and get some more food shots in but we are usually so busy chattering and eating that I completely forget.
      Smashed peas! I love them a little busted up. Sourdough bread is good too. Now I’m hungry.
      Mint in a frag is a definite win for me. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and get some Saint Julep to sniff.
      Portia xx


  10. That Tara bit was way too funnyyyyy. Clever observation whoever looked at the shop banner and immed. recognized the hilarious part in it.


  11. Thanks for sharing another peek into your day, it amazes me how many interesting combinations of perfumes you think of!! I am too scared of a scrubber bomb to try much layering. I had a long weekend trip where I was unscented the whole time. I regretted it during the trip, but it idd give me a newfound appreciation for my collection once I get back 🙂 I even got my Mohur travel spray out for the first time in way too long!


    • Hey Nemo,
      Nope, I’m pretty fearless and my skin eats fragrance so fast that rarely does a scrubber linger.
      Those Mohur travel sprays are perfect.
      Portia xx


  12. Bark like a deranged poodle…so good Portia!! Yes will take Tara to Tarafukfu lol..gosh.
    Love how you mix body lotions bubble bath and frags, that’s how to live!!🦄💋


    • He He he! You’ve seen me get that barky way Anna-Maria.
      It would be impossible to keep all the matching products so I use scent adjacent stuff. Cuts down my worry.
      Portia x


  13. Eton mess looks seriously wicked. I would have to make that one a very rare treat.

    No big news on my front yet, but it might only be a matter of days now ….

    This week I wore:

    Mon: HdP Tubereuse 3 Animale. Tuberose is not something that I see myself carrying off, but this one seems to work OK on me.
    Tue: Naught by Forgot. A subtle, close-to-the-skin animalic fragrance with great longevity.
    Wed: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Instant wife-hate. I don’t have to get rid of this, surely?
    Thu: Les Néréides Oppoponax. If I could ever figure out how to spell it, I might go FB on this.
    Fri: Brécourt Mauvais Garçon. Really? Tonka bean, vanilla? If this is their idea of “mauvais”, the garçons must be very well-behaved around chez Brécourt.
    Sat: Costume National Scent Intense. I am loving balsam and amber right nowm and this has tea as well!
    Sun: Tom Ford Ombre Hyacinth. Too much hyacinth and not enough ombre for this hombre.


    • Greg,
      The Mango Eton Mess has changed the way I think about dessert. MMM
      Fingers crossed for only good news.
      HdP Tubereuse 3 Animale is one of my faves from the house. I have a bottle and a travel.
      Nothing else on your list is in my collection. Good going.
      Portia xx


  14. Crap week here split mostly between work and errands. Wore a lot of 5 O’Clock Gingembre, some Coromandel EdP, YSL Noble Leather, Chergui, Ma Griffe EdP through the workweek.

    Visted my Gpa in the home on Thursday, with my son, and poor Gpa was miserable. We took him some baked treats. He recognized us but we struggled to communicate which was sad. He has gone downhill so fast these last few weeks. He was a shadow of himself. Getting old and sick really sucks.

    Came down with a cold on Sat and stayed in bed most of the day trying to sleep it off. Wore Lolita Lempicka EdP.

    Got a call first thing Sunday that Gpa was gone. Wanted to be sad but he was 92 and I could see he was no longer enjoying life. I told my son, who is six, and said at least we saw him on Thursday and gave him hugs. My six year old said said: yes – hugs and doughnuts. Wore Passage d’Enfer and ate all the carbs all day for comfort.

    Lil Xx


    • Hey Lillibet,
      Bloody rotten when loved ones die. Hugging you across the net.

      Loved your choices of fragrance, some of my great loves. 5 O’Clock Gingembre, Coromandel EdP and Lolita Lempicka! Lovely.
      Portia xx


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