Cuir Caraibes by David Jourquin 2015




Hey there APJ,

My mate Mia imports David Jourquin fragrances to Australia through the Perfume Profiling group and she has sent me a 5ml sample to try and give away. Recently Sandra wrote us and introduction to these David Jourquin scents, they all look like they’re going to be really lovely and I adore the bottles. Don’t they look fun with their leather coats?

Cuir Caraibes by David Jourquin 2015

Cuir Caraibes David Jourquin FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, citruses, green mango
Heart: White flowers, Jamaican pepper, ginger
Base: Vvetiver, guaiac wood, patchouli, leather, amber

Cuir Caraibes opens aquatic, spicy, foody, and full of fresh cut fruit. It’s an unexpected delight jolting me from the hum drum into a fresh, juicy daiquiri of a fragrance. The fruit is buoyed by the sizzle of pepper and the zing of ginger. The whole has a lovely soft creaminess keeping it from going supersonic and I think that might be a very clean jasmine mixed with the patchouli.

The heart maintains the crisp fruit from the opening as a whisper as we find a more relaxed, lightly smoky elegance. There’s something very unusual about the way these flavours all blend, piquant.

As we head towards dry down Cuir Caribs becomes very smooth and balmy with only quiet hints of the named ingredients. Very wearable and lasts for ages.

Perfume Profiling has AUD$215/100ml EdP

Cuir Caraibes GIVEAWAY


This week there will be 1 winner who will receive:
1 x 5ml Cuir Caraibes manufacturers sample (minus my testing)
P&H Anywhere in the world


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Please tell us which leather scents you love?


Entries Close Wednesday 28th June 2017 10pm Australian EdsT and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by
The winners will have till Wednesday 5th July 2017 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit

27 thoughts on “Cuir Caraibes by David Jourquin 2015

  1. Mmmm…leather…

    My current five favorites would be YSL Noble Leather, Bottega Veneta EdP, Hermes Galop, Olfactive Studios Chambre Noire and Bandit.

    Lil Xx

    P.s. I follow by email


  2. Cuir Ottoman Parfum d’Empire and a floral leather from Kelly Caleche.

    I follow via e-mail! Wish you all the best!


  3. I love leather fragrances.
    My favourites in a few leather categories/accords:
    Suede: Cuir d’Ange, Cuir Beluga
    Tuscan Leather style (herbal leather): La Yuqawam
    Gourmand leather: Dzing!, Cuir Velours
    Classic leather: Lonestar Memories

    Following by email.


  4. Faves: MPG Cuir Fetiche, Lancome Cuir de Lancome, SL Daim Blonde and Dior Cuir Cannage

    I follow on Facebook and email.


  5. Thanks for the opportunity, Portia and Mia, I follow by email.

    I only have one leather, but I want more! I was lucky enough to be gifted a sample of David Jourquin’s Cuir Altesse by Mia on another forum. As soon as I opened the packaging, I was in love, and I’d like to continue the affair!


  6. It has leather in it’s name and I love Cuir Beluga on the stronger side I really like Tom of Finland. 🙂

    I follow by e-mail


  7. I’m not much of a leather fan and into the niche ones so I won’t pretend I know many, but the 2 I have that strike me as leather gloss are Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss and Cafe Black Label (a cheapie). Follow via email.


  8. my favourite -Kelly Caleche eau de parfum by hermes – I was given a bottle for my 40th birthday – beautiful scent which carried so many memories and often commented on by strangers.

    others i’d like to get my hands on Bottega Veneta , and Cuir Cordoba by Keiko Mecheri..
    i follow via email.


  9. These do indeed look great. My favourite leathers would be Tom of Finland, Cuir Ottoman, Cuir Plein Fleur, Tuscan Leather and Knize Ten Gold Edition. I follow via FB.


  10. Kelly Caleche by Hermes and Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta are my favorites leather scents.
    Follow via Bloglovin.


  11. I admit I’ve not delved much into leather scents, but I do very much like Galop d’Hermes. I follow via FB and email.


  12. Cuir Caraibes sounds deliciously fruity, floral and leathery. I adore the leather-coated bottle. My favorite leather is Cuir de Gardenia by Mandy Aftel. I follow using email.


  13. Follow by email. Some of my favorite leathers Dame- leather and One hand washes the Other- Nic Cage raking leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon


  14. Thanks for another lovely giveaway. I love the soft Hermessence Cuir d’Ange and the sweeter Mon Cuir from Ramon Monegal.
    I follow APJ via email.


  15. I follow through my email. I think Dior Leather Oud is a good one, especially when it dries down and the honeycomb starts to come out.I also think Canali is a good cheap leather fragrance.


  16. I love the smell of leather, but I realIze that I have actually own only two leather scents. very little Bulgari Black has leather but to me the smell is more lapsang suchon and rubber.
    In the other end of the spectrum is the suede of Bottega Venetta.
    So I would be very interested in this.
    Follow by email. Thanks for the draw opportunity.


  17. I follow by email. I have Lonestar Memories, but that’s about it for leather. I’ve never tried much of that note. Thanks for the draw.


  18. I like leather scents that go for relatively plush and suedey interpretation of leather such as Cuiron, Chanel Cuir de Russie, and PdE Cuir Ottoman. Thanks for the generous draw. I follow APJ through email and Facebook.


  19. I’m a big fan of Knize Ten and Etat Libre D’Orange (Tom of Finland). Perhaps not traditionally leather, yet both develop – on me anyway – to something particularly leathery (and I mean that in a good way).

    I follow by email.


  20. I follow via Feedly RSS

    My fave leather is New Sibet by Slumberhouse. Really buttery and rich – smooth and opulent too. Really like it. If I had the $$ I’d buy a full bottle


  21. Kelly Caleche and Cabochard are favourites of mine; I’m not sure I’ve actually tried that many other leathers – this one sounds really interesting with the fruit.

    I follow by email. Thank you! 🙂


  22. The most interesting thing about this scent for me is the green mango. I never see that in note lists!

    I follow by email. I’m enamored of Russkaya Kozha, which is a very sheer leather scent!


  23. Hi Portia – I follow by email and bloglovin.

    I have not tried many leather scents but i do like
    Bottega Veneta and (suede – Moonlight Patchouli VC&A).

    This one sounds particularly nice -i love patchouli and the ginger to give it a nice zing!



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