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Hello dear APJ! How are you all doing?

The holidays are a around the corner and thankfully I am done with the shopping and just have to finish wrapping everything. We are having my parents over for Christmas this year and it will be special as my eight year old has not spent Christmas with his grandparents since he was six months old.

While I was telling my husband what I had bought for our son, he exclaimed that I am the most difficult person to buy a gift for! Seriously???!!! Me -difficult to shop for??!!! If he would listen to what I have been whispering to him (not so much whispering as it is me telling him what I wish for)… He was in Tokyo for a week and went looking but came back empty handed because he could not find it despite the fact that he had Japanese colleagues helping. He is off to Rome this week so fingers crossed… In all honesty I would love a new set of sheets and new bath towels but he says that he refuses to buy household items for Christmas – I understand his problem. So if I am honest with myself, perhaps I am a tad challenging to shop for.

The one luxury item that I am loving this year is ambient scents. So, while I am not holding my breath on receiving something scented for Christmas, I would love to share with you what has had me intrigued over the past six months.

Ambient Scent Wishlist for Santa

While buying the roses for the perfume talk at the school, I spotted a brand which was completely new to me. L’Objet. The florist carries the bath salts, bars of soap and room sprays. I started out smelling all of the bath salts and loved each one of them and would have bought one on the spot if I had not seen the room sprays.

Rose Noire Room Spray L'ObjetL’Objet

The black bottle is heavy and has a white label with the name of the scent and two reliefs on either side of the name. Very modern and elegant. The one that came home with me is called Rose Noire which is all about the exquisite rose and tea with some added spices for good measure. I spray the room, the upholstery and sit back and dream of walking through a garden of rare fragrant roses. Divine. I will certainly be trying out the two other room sprays in the collection.

Flora Di Fornasetti Room Spray MeccaMecca

Another brand that I have always loved is Fornasetti. Their incense sticks are subtle and leave the room scented for hours. This summer I splurged on the Fornasetti room spray Flora which leaves a scented trail of a white floral bouquet which I find stunning on a warm day. It of course helps that it comes in a gorgeous ceramic holder with a lid and looks like a piece of art.

Cire Trudon Becker MintyBecker Minty

Cire Trudon is another brand that I started exploring this summer. I am eyeing one of their Christmas candles with the festive scents and colours of the ceramic holders.

There is a whole new world out there with home fragrances that I have yet to tap into. If I cannot have flowers every week, why not a room spray or a candle that brings a smile to my face.

Do you like to scent your home? Do you use candles, incense or room sprays? Any suggestions for me? I would love to hear what you have to say.

Be safe over the holidays.
Oodles of fragrant kisses, Sandra

9 thoughts on “Ambient Scent Wishlist for Santa

  1. Hey Sandra,
    OOOOOH How I love ambient scenting.
    Often wondered about the Cire Trudon candles. One day maybe I’lllk splurge.
    Portia xx


  2. Hi Sandra,
    How exciting that you parents are staying with you for Christmas! It’s going to be so special for you all.
    I lit my Fornasetti candle last week for the first time but had no idea they did room sprays in the same gorgeous holders. Cire Trudon candle also covetable and that rose room spray sounds just my thing.


    • Hi Tara, how did the Fornasetti candle burn? I love their holders – such pieces of art. I think you would like the Rose Noire room spray. Have a wonderful Christmas. Sandra xoxo


  3. Quite a lot cheaper than Fornasetti and Cire Trudon are the NOEL range by Crabtree / Evelyn. This range consists of room sprays and two different sized candles.
    Merry Christmas , Sandra.


  4. You may be near to convincing me regarding room sprays. I do love the occasional scented candle I must admit. A Fornasetti candle would not go amiss. Have a wonderful Christmas. I will drop in for a chat at some point. Hugs. xxxxxx


  5. I once purchased some Phaedon candles, and they were the most glorious things. But I stopped burning candles some years ago as it seemed to aggravate some family members with asthma. So now I sometimes do reed diffusers. Also I found some scented pine hanging things at Hobby Lobby that go on the fake Christmas tree, and they smell quite fresh and good.


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