Manguier Métisse by Pierre Guillaume for Huitième Art 2010




Hi there APJ,

It’s interesting how a new brand will come out with three or four fragrances and often only one or two get any interest generated on the scentbloggosphere. So much so that when I saw the name Manguier Matisse my immediate thought was, “Ooooh! New Huitième Art. Must try that immediately.” So I bought a Surrender To Chance decant. On further delving I discover it was in the original release back in 2010. So I figured, if I’m a complete fan and don’t know it, then how many of you have never had time to adore this beauty?

Manguier Métisse by Huitième Art 2010

Manguier Métisse by Pierre Guillaume


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Fruity notes, mango, tea, sugar, frangipani, woody notes, powdery notes

Interesting, Manguier Métisse means Mango Tree.

Opening gives me mango tea, radiant style, creamy white floral backdrop. Imagine if original Gucci Guilty Femme (2010) was mango centric, used the best quality ingredients and was smoothed by a softly laconic creaminess. There, you have it. That is exactly how Manguier Métisse smells to me. It perfectly presents the dreamy idea of sitting in the shade of a flower gardens Mango Tree in the tropical, humid heat.

Manguier Metisse Huitieme Art Mango Tree patoune54 PixabayPDI

This is not the big band creamy tropical lasciviousness of Annick Goutal’s Songes but more like a summer flanker of Elie Saab Le Parfum (2011), yet I find it a more sophisticated, elegant scent. Less such you in the nose to get your attention and more come hither, just a little bit closer.

Manguier Métisse maintains its heart scent for hours, very linear, until as it fades a nondescript woodsiness underplays the creamy florals.

Ultimately wearable and I’m really liking it in the heat of Sydney summer but I bet it could wash away the winter blues in a moment.

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LuckyScent has $125/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $5/ml

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25 thoughts on “Manguier Métisse by Pierre Guillaume for Huitième Art 2010

  1. I usually go for rosy florals if I want a sniffed of summer, or a green like Jardin Sur le Nil. Thank you for the giveaway! Follow by email. 🙂


  2. Oh this sounds lovely. Thanks for the chance to try it out. I will usually reach for FM, either Eau de Magnolia or Carnal Flower to brighten a winter day. A BWF usually does the trick. I follow via email.


  3. via Facebook and email

    I wear all of my scents year-round. So, I often reach for white florals and yellow florals in winter. This week I wore Fracas.


  4. I follow via email. Assam of India and Orange Sanguine are two summer scents I use in winter. MANGO!!!! Favorite mango scents are Folavril (Annick Goutal with notes of mango, baronia and tomato leaf) and Pacifica’s Brazilian Mango Grapefruit.


  5. MMmmmmmango! I need some delicious tropical-ness in my life right now. I’ve not heard of this one before, so thanks for the chance! I follow APJ via email and FB. I keep my perfumes segretated per season in organizers, as I do prefer the obvious heavier scents for “sweater weather”, but also because then I am assured somewhat that scents are being rotated and not being forgotten. My biggest dislike in this hobby is having to throw something out because it has turned. So I generally don’t reach for summer scents in the winter, with the exception of if I must travel on a plane, then I wear something light and citrus from the spring collection.


  6. I follow by email. I don’t really have seasonal favorites. I just wear what I feel like when I feel like it. Thanks for the giveaway.


  7. I just ordered some Bronze Goddess and a whole bunch of coconut Body Shop scents from ULTA this week. I don’t think I’ll wear them much outside, but definitely at night to remind me if Carribean beaches. The problem here in California is that Winter is looking pretty far away. Most of us can still enjoy spring and fall scents. In some counties there are reports of them seeding the clouds. Thank you for the giveaway; I follow by email.


  8. I love to wear JAR Gardenia to remind me of summer gardens when it’s cold. I follow with email. Thanks for the giveaways.


  9. Hi Portia and thanks for this giveaway. I follow by email.

    I love the sound of this one. I’m always looking for summer scents and this one would be a beauty.

    I’m a winter girl by nature, I struggle in the heat and I tend to prefer big, blousy fragrances, but when I do feel like bringing a little summer into the cold, I would spritz my Jil Sander Style Pastels Tender Green. One of my first blind buys and I love it and its opaque bottle. Cool, elegant and in charge. Three things I aspire to be.


    • Sue- I’m a winter girl too! And thanks for the description of this- makes me want to try it. I would normally never gravitate towards something ‘pastel’ and ‘tender’
      . So, yay, for the intel 😃


  10. Follow in all the ways ,lol…ok, facebook.
    I wear anything anytime, however mostly woody ‘warming’ scents in Winter. Occ I’ve been known to wear Carnal Flower ,or Le Chasse Aux Papillions during Winter


  11. Mango and frangiapani- smells of home. I’m a winter girl too but looove to wear Comme de Garcons Incense Jaisalmer edt which reminds of the dry summer heat of home.
    I follow by email
    Jyotsna xo


  12. I wonder what perfume you got in that decant – the “vintage” one from the white bottle or the new one from that black bottle on the picture? I loved the initially released juice, and was disappointed when I tried the new version this summer.


  13. This sounds pretty delicious, Portia 🙂 I love real mango, and enjoy scents like Bombay Bling and that mango-y Escada. I follow by e-mail. I don’t often use summer-y scents in the winter; I’m happy to sink into winter when it comes (it helps that I live in California, where it never really gets that cold!). But I do sometimes think of my lighter vetivers as summer-y scents, even when I wear them in the winter!


  14. This sounds like a vacation in a bottle! I use Escada LE Fragrances in the winter to remind me of summer or brighten up my day, they are tropical and sweet scents that I love! I follow APJ through email. Happy Holidays!


  15. Hi Portia.

    I live in the Island of Margarita, Venezuelan Caribbean, so here the winter is non-existent or simply limited to a rainy season. But I can still say, that he used a lot of citrus fragrances all year. Maybe the Egoiste Platinum of Chanel or the Allure Edition Blanche de Chanel, which may well be ideal fragrances for autumn-winter, remind me of summer, for its citrus and cheerful touch.

    I follow via eMail.


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