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Hello dear APJ readers. How are you all doing?

Life is quiet here at the moment. Loving the routine and no added stress this week. As I sit and write this post, the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue. The trees and bushes are starting to bud and as I walk around doing all of my errands each day, I stop and smell flowers along the way. Not much is out yet, but give it a couple of weeks and it will be gorgeous.

Back in the fall I heard about Cire Trudon, the famous candle maker, coming out with five perfumes and as I love their candles, I promptly went and bought samples of two of the perfumes, Bruma and Mortel.

Bruma by Maison Trudon 2017

Bruma by Antoine Lie

Bruma Maison Trudon FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Black pepper, Lavender, Galbanum, Violet, Peony, Iris, Jasmine, Labdanum, Vetiver, Tonka bean

The Trudon website tells me that “Bruma will unveil on your skin the depth of the iris note and a soft leather touch.”

Bruma opens up bright green, full of life and vigor. The lavender is barely noticeable for those who find it a difficult note. Florals are the main attraction here. Iris is front and center together with violet. The iris is neither cold nor rooty to my nose, it leans cool. Just when I think that it is too cool I can detect more florals and then it becomes dense, waxy with a hint of leather in the background. There is no powder which is a huge advantage for me. What I really find intriguing is the addition of vetiver towards the dry down – it adds a warm earthy undertone so that it does not veer too floral.
Bruma dries down quite quickly on my skin, but it is such a beautiful scent that I will use up the sample all too quickly.

Mortal by Maison Trudon 2017

Mortal by Yann Vasnier

Mortel Maison Trudon FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Black pepper, Pimento, Nutmeg, Somalian frankincense, Mystikal®, Virginia cedar, Cistus, Myrrh, Benzoin

The Trudon website tells me that “On my skin, Mortel will reveal its metallic tie between warmth and cold.”

Mortel starts off with a blast of spice, quickly bringing in the star of the show – frankincense. Frankincense is a note which I usually find too cold and masculine to wear. Right to begin with there is a stark metallic undertone – almost leaning towards the sports creams that you use with an injury. Thankfully the pepper clears my mind of that thought. It is a dry perfume in the beginning, slowly warmed up ever so much with the addition of myrrh and benzoin. It is truly remarkable however of how Mortel is both warm and cold. The dry down is actually warm, gentle and enveloping. It is not something I would expect from an incense perfume.

Bruma and Mortel are wonderful entries for Maison Trudon, both being approachable and wearable by both men and women. I am now coveting the coffret with all five perfumes in 10 ml bottles.

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Have you tried the new Maison Trudon perfumes? Which one interests you the most?

Waft on splendidly APJ!

10 thoughts on “Bruma + Mortel by Maison Trudon 2017

  1. Hey Sandra!

    Winter doesn’t seem to want to loosen it’s grip this year.

    Bruma sounds perfect for spring. I love sound of iris with a soft leather touch.


    • Hi Tara! Winter just keeps on kicking. Boy are we in need of spring. Bruma really is lovely- give it a try if you can. Wishing you have some beautiful days for the coming weeks. Sandra xo


  2. Hi there Sandra,
    I need to do a specific Trudon sniff day. We have them here in Sydney but I’ve been remiss.
    Thanks for the post, I reckon Bruma might be my style.
    Portia xx


  3. I tried them all from dabber samples and bought Revolution, but I am not loving it, the gunpowder note is very strong. Wishing I had bought Mortel instead.


    • Hi TaraC, Gosh – I am sorry to hear that you are not loving Revolution. I have not tried it yet to be honest. On another note I must admit that I prefer sampling with spray samples. Sandra xo


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