Scent Diary: 23.7 – 29.7.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

You have no idea how crazy this week has been. Family, friends and all sorts from all over the world arriving and needing special attention. The fun, laughter, tears and tantrums which culminated in a wedding. HEAVEN!

Scent Diary: 23.7 – 29.7.2018

Monday 23:

Tara and I had breakfast and wandered down to the marina. We caught the Ocean Rafting boat with 2 crew and 28 passengers. It was wild and fun. First stop was a 15 minute bush walk, as we came through the trees we saw Hill Inlet. It’s an every changing vista, today we scored white sand, aqua water, blue skies with the lightest touch of scudding clouds, some Australian vegetation and birds wheeling through the air crying mournfully. Picture postcard stuff and my iPhone did not do the vista justice.

Next stop snorkelling and Tara went in.

Then on to Whitehaven Beach, where we wandered up a long length of it and back, had a cracker lunch with cold meats and salads, swimming, sun baking and while everyone was doing that I sat blissfully in the boat and continued reading A Suitable Boy. The never ending novel.

Then home. It was a fabulous day and I would pay again to do it tomorrow if we were still here.

Home, showered and ready for dinner with David and his family.

Tara is getting to really see the sites and meet the people. Everyone adores her and we are having a wonderful time. I would travel again with her in a heartbeat.

So much fun. Met the whole Cranson clan and fell madly in love with its newest member Georgia. Everyone looks so happy and healthy. Wonderful night.

Tuesday 24:

Up and loving the cool serenity of Airlie Beach as the sun rises across the sea. I watched the glow get brighter and brighter from the balcony. Heaven.

Tara and I packed up our stuff, jumped in the car and headed out to the airport. It’s a bittersweet moment leaving holidays. Sad to leave but glad to be heading home. The flight was comfortable and easy, the staff friendly and the whole thing was restful. Jetstar were at their finest.

There were some packages in the mail. A bottle of honey from the gorgeous Morrigan Roth and a painting of us from Jin’s friend in South Korea.

Aromatics Elixir bath and lotion. EdP spritzed lavishly and off to work. Jin and Tara came along. Everyone went crazy to se Jin there and he was the most popular event of the evening. It’s like I’m the poor relative when Jin’s around. He is so sheepish about all the attention but loves it too. It’s really nice to watch.

Home after work and ready for bed. SERIOUSLY ready for bed.

SOTBed? vintage Miss Dior EdT. BLISS!

Wednesday 25:

Woke up early, had breakfast and spritzed Patou 1000 EdT. Sweet florals and lightest skank.

List of things to do today

  1. Hair and beard trim
  2. Pedicure
  3. Lunch with Tara & Lisa
  4. Meet with Wedding restaurant
  5. Collect Wendy and go do Trivia

Actually, once I put it to paper it doesn’t look so daunting.

Before we left Tara and I both lavishly spritzed vintage CHANEL No 19 EdT. We smell so good. Galbanum and heartbreak.

HA! Went to lunch and got caught happily there for HOURS! Tara and Lisa are excellent company and we had a ball. Tara is now staying with Lisa for a few nights.

Worked at Greystanes Inn after our beautiful lunch. Small but excellent crowd.

Home now and dog tired. Trying to concentrate on writing but it’s just not possible.

SOTBed: Mugler A*Men Kryptomint.

Thursday 26:

Today is cleaning day. This is my last chance to get everything together before moving out to Redfern for the duration of the South Korean contingents stay. Everything I don’t want touched going into my office and locking the door.

I’m scent naked this morning but still have soft whiffs of last nights Mugler floating around.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I have absolutely zero energy and motivation to get my day started. It’s 11am and I have been reading in bed and lazing around the house instead of getting shit done. SO, triple spritz of Guerlain L’Heure Bleue EdP and I’ll have another crack at getting this house in order.

Most of the cleaning done. My concentration is shot.

Celebrant Meeting 5.30pm. Went really well. So happy.

Gave myself a few big spritzes of Miller et Bertaux Indian Study: Santal +++. Desiccated sandalwood with a thick, rich overlay of ylang-ish cream.

Collecting Aunty Tracey 9.40pm. Grabbed her and got her settled.

Home now and Jin is fast asleep on the lounge. No more cleaning for me then. Night

SOTBed: vintage Hermès Caleche.

Friday 27:

Jin’s brother, nice & nephew arrive today. I’m dithering about scent so went for something low key but gorgeous. Alahine by Teo Cabanel.

I’ve been reading through our Wedding Service and I keep crying. Can’t believe that in my lifetime we are allowed to wed and enjoy the legal protections of marriage. Never did I think we were going to win the 20+ year battle. To have someone as perfectly flawed as Jin to fit my heart was never in the equation either. Sometimes life exceeds all expectations.

Saturday 28:


Sunday 29:


Will fill this in when time permits



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

18 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 23.7 – 29.7.2018

  1. It’s been pretty hot and muggy here, finally getting a break after a massive thunderstorm last night. We’ve had guests in town for the past month from Sydney, this week my husband’s son is here, and in two weeks I have a friend from Paris visiting and my SIL coming, so it’s the summer run of houseguests. Hoping for a cooler September so I can get more bike riding in. Oddly despite the heat I’ve been craving honey – been wearing Hiram Green Slowdive, Jo Malone Honey & Crocus and Kilian Back to Black. Go figure!


  2. So glad you had so much fun with Tara’s visit.

    Best part of the week was the middle Marzipan passing her road test the first time around. Another step towards independence.

    It was ridiculously hot all week but yesterday late afternoon we had a freak thunderstorm with buckets of rain, hail and ice the size of large ice cubes raining down on us….very freakish and scary.

    Spent the week scented in my essential oil amalgamations and Greylocke. At the end of the week the youngest Marzipan asked to borrow it so the bottle now resides in his room.

    Looking forward to seeing wedding pictures, P 🙂


  3. Wedding!! Yay! I am trying out Yves Rocher Accord Chic today. Bought it in the store where everything was on sale, sniffed on paper only. It’s actually quite up my alley with some light spiciness, will be able to wear for work. Went to Pirates-Mets game last night with some friends we hadn’t seen in ages. Already this morning did a food pantry delivery so feeling like I have done my good deed and now can relax and read the paper.


      • I know, right? Cuir Vetiver and Rose Oud could pass for a niche scent anytime. Ive been wondering about their Neroli and Accord Chic for a while now, they both sound great.


  4. Fascinating week, Portia! Will you tell us a bit about the wedding (please, say yes once again!)?

    We’re redecorating the kitchen now so my week has been like this: work, cleaning up, work, going to the shops to buy some bolts & glue & a water boiler… There’s been a lot of new music for me, though so this time hasn’t been entirely pointless.


      • Portia, Youtube has been seducing me with various artists’ covers in the BBC’s Live Lounge, that’s how I discovered Ben Howard, Hozier’s newer songs (his cover of Ariana Grande’s Problem gives me life) and James Bay. Oh, and I first heard Adele’s Send My Love last week, loved it immediately, and I can’t believe Russian radio stations have been rotating Hello for the last couple years all the while ignoring such a gem.


  5. Portia, you made me laugh today. I have tried to read A Suitable Boy many times and never finished.

    Hope your wedding weekend is perfectly wonderful. You both deserve every happiness. I ADORE your newly painted portrait. Very special.


    • Oh Tiffanie, A Suitable Boy is like reading through molasses. I will finish it. TBH I’ve completely forgotten the ending and am getting more into it in the last 10% of the book. Slow slog but I can see list at the end of the tunnel now.
      Thanks. the wedding was infinitely special. A wonderful day.
      Portia xx


  6. Tara’s visit sounds wonderful. Fab pics
    Hope you’re wedding week end went well. Can;t wait ti see the pics


  7. I didn’t know APJ was back and missed the prep and festivities, but I am catching up now! Happiness, blessings and congrats, sweet Portia and Jin. Your love is an inspiration.


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