Scent Diary: 30.7 – 5.8.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

Wedding is done & dusted. We have had many adventures, guests are leaving and I’m BUSHED! We still have Jin’s nice & nephew but basically life is back to normal.


Scent Diary: 30.7 – 5.8.2018

Sunday 29:

We were a bit busy last week for me to get this summary in the Scent Diary so a week late. SORRY!

OK. I don’t have very many photos of the wedding because I was one of the participants but here are a few I really loved. The day went swimmingly without a single drama or hitch. My cousin Mark flew in from another state to walk me up the aisle, Jin’s father walked him. We had 105 guests including the celebrant (longtime friend Sandy) and String Quartet (led by longtime friend Tim) and the whole event lasted only 3 hours (I would probably have an hour more if I did it again). Held in a newish Italian Restaurant Enzo’s Cuccina Northmead we had shared plates on each of the 9 tables. 3 x Pasta and Garlic Bread entree, 3 x Pizza and Salad main, creme Brûlée or Tiramisu dessert and coffee/tea. The sparkling wine was Australian Croser and we went through 5.5 x 12 bottle cases. There were a choice of 2 beers, a red and white wine and each table had 2 jugs of soft drink.


Tara and Sandy before the madness started


Some of the crew

Korean Contingent

Whole room

Our friend Sue made the most delicious cake ever.

After everyone had left (including my husband) a small group of about 10 of us stayed and had a few celebratory drinks. I’m quite pink with excitement and booze by this stage.

Without consulting on our fragrance choices Jin and I both chose to wear Neela Vermeire Creations. Jin in Bombay Bling and I was in Rahele.

Monday 30:

SOTDay: Mata Hari by DSH Perfumes

Jin decided on a Sydney City tour for today. The Korean family is all living at our place in Parramatta and they took the ferry down. A leisurely 1.5 hour trip that shows the waterfront changes as we go from suburban to cityscape. Aunty Tracey, Tara and I are living in town with Kath so it was easy to jump a train and go a few stops to Circular Quay. The Koreans met us there.

We first wandered around the Sydney Opera House.

Then we all jumped on the Botanic Garden Choo Choo Express for a look at all the gardens have to offer.

We were dropped just near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair where we did the obligatory photos.

After, we had a picnic in the warm winter sunshine with one of the best views in the world (forgot to take a pic). We wandered up to the NSW Art Gallery where Tara, Sindy and I did a Highlights Tour and then went for some hot beverages and cakes.

The Korean contingent went back to Parramatta for a BarBQ and I have zero recollection of what we did.

SOTBed: Honey Blossom by Aftelier Perfumes

Tuesday 31:

SOTDay: Silences PdT by Jacomo

Today 15 of us met bright and early at Featherdale Wildlife Park. Sydney’s most interactive park where we are encouraged to interact with sections of Australian fauna and even buy special food to feed them. It’s a fabulous place and Tara even got to pat a Koala and feed Wallabies and Kangaroos.

From there we hit McDonalds. Don’t judge us. We were on a time budget and were herding cats.

Then on to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters. The story goes that a rival tribesmen fell in love with the three daughters of the head man. They were rejected as suitors so decided to take the girls by force. Fearing the worst head man father asked the witchdoctor to hide his daughters. Witchdoctor disguised them as three spires of rock in the canyon. Unfortunately during the raid the witchdoctor was killed and could not free the women from their now eternal imprisonment. Here they still stand.

The Korean contingent went on to the Inclination Train but I stole Tara away for High Tea at the Hydro Majestic. It was heavenly and we were absolutely stuffed by the end.

Sadly Aunty Tracey had to go home today.

SOTTrivia: Miss Dior vintage EdT

Tara and I went to Parramatta RSL for Trivia.

SOTBed: Mata Hari by DSH Perfumes

Wednesday 1:

SOTDay: Rahele by Neela Vermeire Creations

The Korean contingent wanted to go shopping so I snuck Tara away and we met Anna Maria at Redfern Station in the car to take her down to the Chinese Gardens. If you are a Sydneysider and have never been there (like me) it will come as a big surprise. We spent two lovely hours sitting in various sunny spots. Not doing anything much except chatting and taking photos.

For lunch we met up with TinaG and Alice at a favourite haunt, Blue Fish in Darling Harbour. We had a fabulous view of the city and bay. There is currently a boat show on so the worlds best were on display. Cocktails, food, wine, laughter,. chatter and wonderful bonding while being spoiled by the staff? YES PLEASE! It was a perfect lunch sitting in the warm sunshine.

Tara and I went home for a nana nap and then headed off to trivia at Greystanes Inn. We had a really good crew come and play.

Some of the Koreans went off to Uluru today.

SOTBed: Methaldone by Aether Parfums.

Thursday 2:

SOTDay: Narcotic Flowers by 1000 Flowers but just before lunch I added CHANEL Bois des Iles EdT from the CHANEL store.

A much smaller group set out from Redfern today. We caught the train to St James Station and wandered the shops a little bit before food. Tara and I dropped into Mecca and found a new brand neither of us had seen. Basically a copy of the Aether perfumes story and scents, VERY close. I urge you to try the Aether first, for my money it’s a better product.

Then we all went up the Sydney Tower to 360 Degrees restaurant. We had the 2 course meal with a glass of wine for only $60/person with a few extras added on top like sides and coffees. The food was 100% better than expected and the views are spectacular. Everyone loved it.

Then I had to take Tara to the airport for her return home. We cabbed it to the airport. I was really sad to see her go and we had big hugs. When she went into the gate I burst into tears like a little baby. Very bloody embarrassing. She has been a stellar guest and I’d travel with her anywhere.

Jin and his Mum, Dad and Aunty picked me up from Redfern and we joined his niece and nephew at home for a Pizza night. So yummy and fun.

SOTDinner: Kasbah by 19-69

It was 10pm before I started my trek back to Redfern by train. VERY tired. I need a holiday.

Friday 3:

SOTDay: Neela Vermeire Creations Rahele. It’s just so bloody perfect for this super warm winter we are having.

We took Ma, Pa and Aunty to Darling Harbour for a look and a coffee

Then we all went through the Star Casino. Jin and I put in $20 each and bought some $5 chips for the Roulette Wheel. Everyone had a go and lost. I (greedy bitch that I am) had three goes. On the third spin my number came up and I won us $30 so for a total loss of $10 we all had a great time and came away feeling like winners. Annoyingly my number came up again in the next round and I should have left it on the 6 spots I had won on. Better to tap out early though.

Lunch at Sydney Fish Market on the edge of Blackwattle Bay in Sydney Harbour. The sun was shining and temperature about 26C. Even I had some fish cocktail pieces and crumbed calamari with chips. They had King Fish and Salmon Sashimi, Prawns and some other stuff I didn’t notice. We washed it down with a softly sweet Moscato. Afterwards we all had Ice Cream. Excellent afternoon.

In the evening it was time for Ma, Pa and Aunty to go back to South Korea. While we were waiting for the Airport Assist to take them through to their gate we bumped into the cousins coming back from Uluru. It was a lovely family farewell with Kath as well.

Had a late night shower and feel 100% more lovely. SOTBed: Hermès Epice Marine.

Saturday 4:

SOTDay: DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies. This smells utterly gorgeous on application and for about an hour afterwards. Then it softens to a whisper that my nose registers as different to how I smell but which is completely untraceable as a scent. (Know what I mean?) Kath and I both doused ourselves in the parfum.

Bacon and Smashed Omelette for breakfast. We stripped the beds at Kath’s place and got her ready to clean after our lovely sojourn. I packed all my bags and we said a very sad goodbye. Living with her this week was like being on the most wonderful vacation.

Came home and cleaned it from top to bottom. Linen washed, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen floor all gorgeous. Walked through the house with my two lit Korean Incense Sticks saying my post cleaning mantra. Today it was “Capture all Negativity and Bad Juju, leave only Good”. I repeat it constantly while walking through all the rooms and it really does feel like the place is cleansed by the time i’m finished.

Trying to clear the backlog of eMails and other stuff.

Wearing Oud Spirit. If you think Oud is terrifying then this could be your gateway starter. Oud Spirit is the prettiest oud I ever smelled.

Sunday 5:

OMG! I woke late at 10ish. Jin and the kids are off SCUBA diving. The house is so quiet. I think this is the first time I’ve had on my own since Tara arrived  and then jumped on the computer to get my eMail inbox cleared a bit and work on this Scent Diary.

I’ve doused myself in Cacharel Liberté this morning and I’m smelling FINE!

Had a bubble bath, napped and made myself gorgeous!  Gave myself a spectacular few spritzes of Mitzah by DIOR! I smell freaking fabulous.

Off to work.
DRAMA! Not my fault (Thank Goodness!) but so bloody annoying. This is the second Trivia drama over the last week or so and it has me flummoxed.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

76 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 30.7 – 5.8.2018

  1. What a week you had! I had to catch my breath after reading all of that! The wedding sounds fantastic, the rest with all the cat herding makes me feel anxious.
    Anyway it seems you have a wonderful group of supportive friends and I am so happy for you and Jin, may you finds lots of happiness together.
    Lots of love xxx


    • Hey JackieB,
      Yeah, it didn’t seem quite so hectic as I lived it but in a diary it looks manic. It all flowed so well because Jin had done most of the planning and we were all given very precise timelines that everyone did their best to work within. I had a few anxious eruptions but mostly smooth sailing.
      Thank you for your lovely wishes. We can only do our best and time will tell.
      Portia xx


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! all of it!!! So happy that you and Jin had the memorable day that you deserve! It looked to be absolutely perfect!!! (and doesn’t it feel weird referring to Jin as your husband? I know it did for me when Mr. Marzipan and I first got married-LOL!) What an amazing week you have had, Portia! I hope you have the time now to relax and decompress.

    Loved seeing that 1000 Flowers mini bottle, btw, I had that same bottle of Narcotic Flowers (along with Reglisse Noire, Love is Sweet, Fleure no 1 and Ode for Him but drained them all with just a few tiny drops in Reglisse as that is in my top 10 of all times perfume).

    Nothing exciting on my end except that I am on a use it up mission with my perfumes and have been draining (or losing due to confiscation from younger Marzipans) left and right. My ultimate goal is to get down to maybe 5 or 10 bottles and a few select samples and decants all in one place (rather than spread out all over the house). This will be easier to accomplish when the older two head off to university and take their stuff-LOL!

    My middle one is most DEFINITELY going to have to meet Jin when and if you ever come to the States. He can teach her all about Korea and Korean culture/food/etc as this is what she is extremely interested in these days. She is taking KPop posters to hang on her wall when she heads off to university in two weeks (that will be tough for me!!!)

    So happy to have you back…big kisses and hugs to you and Jin…Mr. and Mr. 🙂


    • and were you equally as amused as I was that the SOTD thread just kept going and going and going in your absence? Diane aptly said that we are “truly Australian perfume JUNKIES” LOL!


    • Hey Brigitte,
      Thank you. it was as close to perfect as it could be. Friends and family, food, fun and a celebration.
      Yes, there will be loads of decompressing, it;s a LOT to take in and I haven’t even started to yet
      Woo Hoo! A Use It Up Mission sounds wonderful. 5-10 bottles? O M G! I’d be out shopping so bloody fast.
      Why don’t we all meet in South Korea? That would be infinitely more fun.
      Glad to be back.
      Portia xx

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      • OMG! I am fairly certain that a trip to South Korea is on middle Marzipan’s bucket list!!!! What fun that would be 🙂


  3. Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all and I am happy to see Jin’s family is so supportive. Clearly there is a lot of love in the family, so heartwarming. 🙂

    It was fairly quiet here, it’s been very hot and humid, but I got out for a bike ride one day and did a bunch of photo library maintenance, which is time-consuming and perfect for a day sitting under the AC. But wow, 26 is winter in Sydney?? So warm. I would die there in the summer if that’s winter.

    This week I wore a lot of rose: Andy Tauer PHI, his Rose Delight body oil, Indult Mankara, Montale Intense Cafe and also FM Le Parfum de Thérèse. Today I think I’ll wear BV Eau de Velours.


    • Hi TaraC,
      Jin has steered his family beautifully towards full acceptance and inclusion. They are a credit to his persistence and love.
      Yeah, 26C is pretty warm for our winter too. We normally sit between 12-18C at this time of year with the occasional warm one. This year has been a delightful aberration for tourists but terrible for the farmers.
      WOW! Stellar rose array this week. Very glam. Was that a conscious choice?
      Portia xx


  4. Thank you for sharing those photos–you and your husband both look so handsome and happy! Such a whirl of people and adventures! (I would need to go into solitary for about a week after that. Maybe two.)

    My lovely sister and her younger daughter came to visit last weekend. Just a couple of days, but it was wonderful to see them–just walking, talking, eating, playing perfumes, because this is the budding perfumista niece. (They went home with a big cache of decants and samples and travel sprays, and I continue to be surprised by the things the nibling chooses–while my sister is all about the lighter, clear scents and loves Osmanthus Yunnan and the greener vetivers, Rach is rocking the big complex frags, and pounced on things like Rozy, Aeon, Bois des Iles, Civet, and Portrait of a Lady. She’s still wary of ambers, though. So fun to be able to share with them.)

    Oh, and the big news: I handed in my notice at work. I don’t have anything lined up yet, but, I need to just *stop* before I break. It’s become the worst combination of boring, angry-making, and stressful, and three hours a day of commuting is killing me. So, I’m going to work on my PhD, try and find a local job, and reassure myself that spending my savings on buying time to regain some of my sanity and balance is a *very* good use of money indeed. Four weeks to go. I am so relieved I feel about six inches taller.


    • Well done you! That’s a scary but so worthwhile thing you’ve done. No amount of money can pay you to stay in a stressful situation. And money cannot buy you back lost time either. Life has taught me that lesson over the last few years, when my hubby kept trying to die on me. Focus on what you want you really want to achieve for the time being, and you will go forward with renewed vigour into your next phase. You’re a clever and focused person and your hard work will be rewarded. Good luck to you, and enjoy your unemployment 😀


        • It is. Though I fully intend to live to a ripe old age, it still won’t be enough time if I waste it on nonsense like that. (It used to be interesting, but really hasn’t been for the past couple of years except for the odd blip that kept getting my hopes up.)

          and thank you!


      • thank you. It is scary, but I think less scary than slowly getting angrier and *less* day by day and accepting that as normal. I think that my birthday gave me the final push to make the decision. And if the next job I find ends up being sucky too, oh well, at least I will have had a break 🙂

        (Hope your chap is on sturdier ground these days)


    • Congrats on your decision, I wish you the best of luck with finishing your PhD smoothly and finding a nice local job. I know too well what it’s like to have a hateful job (I’ve had a few). Life is really too short to waste on stressful stuff and three-hours commute (my.God. 1 1/2 h used to drive me crazy..)


      • thank you, Diana. I have no idea how I have done that journey so long. Almost six years in this job. Oof. Three hours a day is an extra two unpaid work days a week! I think an hour a day is ok, but more than that leaves you with such squeezed time.


    • Crikey,
      I have two solitary days because Jin has taken the nice & nephew SCUBA diving with the seals. HEAVEN!
      Congratulations on your resignation. Fingers crossed for something much closer and less demanding.
      I love that your niece is a budding perfumista. That would be super fun.
      Portia xx


  5. Welcome to the old married biddy’s club😂 I’m so pleased that all went without a hitch. You were both glowing with pleasure. I’m exhausted just reading about your adventures so I can’t even begin to think how tired you must be. I recommend that you head off for a romantic night away somewhere plush, for a thoroughly good spoiling, because you surely deserve it.
    I’ve had a pretty busy week too, got back from holliers just over a week ago, straight into the laundry, then what I call the AGM, this is my group of best buddies since forever. One lives in NY and another in U.K. August is our annual get together come hell or high water, and my jaw aches from laughing afterwards. Then had a couple of days to breathe before we hightailed it down south for a friend’s 70th birthday celebration, which didn’t finish til silly o’clock. Had to fit in some time for my paid employment too😉 And another meet up with other friends last night. And off boating with more friends soon. It’s a holiday weekend here luckily, so I might just do nothing tomorrow. We’ll see. . .
    It’s so flipping great to have you back, Portia, and my best regards to your lovely hubby 😘


      • She’s from Ireland and still has a house here and comes over every August. This year she was travelling solo as her Smallies aren’t Smallies anymore. We meet up for dinner and drinks usually, but time constraints this year meant that we only had time for drinks (but lots of them😉, we are Irish, after all, and have a reputation to live up to.) We met up in a bar in a tiny village where we all went to school, and we’re natives of the area. The owner of this bar is a great character and always makes us so welcome, he says that we make his night every time we go there.


    • HA! Yes. Plenty of Old, Married and Biddy right here. We still have the kids for another week but after that we might just want to stay in the house on our time off and vegetate. BLISS!
      WOW! I love that you guys get together annually. Do they come to you, you to them or do you all go somewhere else?
      70 is BIG. I bet the party was too.
      Um….. it seems you’re pretty flat chat with events yourself. So good.
      Portia xx


      • Well one of the group lives a smalltiny distance away, a whole five minute walk. I’m next with a 20 minute drive, the next nearest is one and a half hour drive, and then the UK and NY arrive as quickly as air can get them.


  6. Aww, congratulations to you both!! The ceremony looked fun,casual and meaningful. Your week was full of love, and some gorgeous perfumes (helloooo vintage Miss Dior!)


  7. I forgot to mention some perfume related news 😮 Following on from my decant share with friends some time back, one of them has fallen madly in love with YSL Champagne so I have just purchased a mini bottle for her upcoming big birthday in December. She’s a diehard Diorella wearer and I also have a vintage parfum of that for her.


  8. Portia, it’s so good to hear the great news from you. I thought you’d be on a honeymoon for the next few weeks (you really should go and celebrate your union), and we’d blow up the SOTD thread by your return, lol.

    My week was busier than usual: besides the kitchen redecoration we had my cousin’s family as guests. They’ve already left for Moscow 😦


    • We started on a small kitchen revamp over a month ago, Diana. Had new countertops fitted and hubby started removing the backsplash tile. I say ‘started’ because it ground to a halt with only about one square metre removed🙄 Life keeps getting in the way of progress, but I’m not stressing about it. How’s yours looking? Happy with the result?


      • Thank you, Cassie, I like the way it looks now, everything (well, almost) is light green, we’ve changed the wallpaper. installed some new stuff and threw a lot of things out. The mantra is “It’s better now than it was before” and it’s worked pretty well so far 🙂 Good luck with your revamp, don’t get too stressed out, it’s gonna be great.


    • Hey Diana,
      No. The honeymoon is scheduled for next year. We are taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow with a stop off in Lake Baikal and an extra jump to Leningrad.
      Interesting that you’ve had some Russians on hand.
      Fingers crossed for the best kitchen reno ever.
      Portia xx


      • What a wonderful wonderful time you will have…we did it last year, though from Beijing through Mongolia. I didn’t want to go but was persuaded by husband…
        So enjoyed reading your recent posts! Congrats.


        • Aha! So glad to read that you loved it xxdfarre. We plan to get to Mongolia soon, I met a lovely Mongolian man at Incheon Airport earlier this year who is GM of a new Mongolian Airline. They will be flying from South Korea and China.
          Thank you.
          Portia xx


      • Wow, Trans-Siberian route sounds exciting (I’ve never been to those parts of Russia but always wanted to go. It takes a right partner to travel by train, though 🙂 ) You must have already planned your journey but may I suggest, if you have an opportunity, to visit any Golden Ring’s town, preferably Yaroslavl and Suzdal? Golden Ring is about thousand years old and has more Russian spirit in these towns than Moscow and St. Petersbourg, the most European of all our cities, combined. That is, of course, if you’re as keen on ancient architecture as I am.


  9. I was looking forward to this post because I knew you would have lots to share with us. Love the “Whole Room” photo! Congratulations Portia and Jin!

    Friday met up with some perfume pals for a casual dinner. The weather was perfect, and we had a server who left us alone, but seemed to magically appear when we needed him. We talked about mostly perfume for 3 hours. No joke.


  10. wonderful memories, Portia! Again congrats, and remember that according to Miss Manners (the London edition) you have a whole year to write the thank you notes! Do you feel any different?? xoxo


    • Hey there Robert,
      Thank you.
      HA! We had a Wishing Well at the Wedding in lieu of gifts. When everyone leaves we will be opening that up and writing our Thank You cards as we do it. Otherwise it may never get done.
      I’m not sure that I feel any different. Maybe I’m a bit squishier with Jin but nothing definite yet.
      Portia xx


  11. Portia, what a fantastic week – everything looks, sounds and smells A-MAZING! So much love. Thanks for sharing xx
    Good news week for me – got myself a new job! Closer to home, seem like good people, and i know i can do the work. *insert my happy dance* (Thanks Diana for checking up on me in an older post it – sorry i didn’t answer until now xo)
    Perfume highlights – similar to Brigette – trying to weed out a few nearly empty bottles (which will of course make way for new bottles) but having fun wearing some of those ‘long lost treasures’ Oh – and ordered samples of some Zoologist scents – will report back once received and tested!


    • Hey Melanie,
      It was amazing.
      Woo Hoo! So happy for you and Fingers crossed it’s a job you can love and grow in for years.
      Long lost treasures are so full of memory. I get it. Enjoy. Any particular one taken your fancy again?
      Portia xx


    • Fantastic news!!!! One door closes, another one opens, and life unfolds EXACTLY as it should 🙂 Wishing you all the best on your new job.


    • Good luck in your new job! My favourite so far among the Zoologist scents I tried, is Panda (the new formula). Zoologist Hummingbird is very pretty too, perhaps a tad too sweet (but then again I usually go for citrus or green scents).


  12. Congratulations Portia and Jin. A time is near when same sex marriage will be legal everywhere in the world. Our world is gradually making some progress.


  13. Congrats to all who have had a life- changing week. What does a Wishing Well involve, Portia? I’ve not heard of that. For me ,the ‘usual’ happened…work sleep eat, argue with hubby.. work sleep eat. Perfume wise ,I’m sinking in a sea’ of plastic vials of samples/ decants, and I can’t choose which to sample first.


    • Hey there Saffyishere,
      A Wishing Well is a box where people can leave a monetary donation towards something. I our case it’s going towards our honeymoon next year. We didn’t want ANY gifts and were worried people would be upset if they didn’t get a giving outlet. This way we don’t have 24 Toasters or Sandwich Presses. We are at the stage where the only things we need are more fabulous experiences.
      Portia xx


  14. Many congratulation to Portia and Jin. It warms my heart to see you both smiling and filled with joy. Thank you for sharing your wedding photos, fun, perfume, and life with us. Love wins in the end.


  15. Congratulations Portia and Jin! It has been such a joy to read about your wedding and all the social activities with visiting family and friends, I’ve read what you wrote about your wedding scent Portia, and also looked at Tara’s photos and comments.

    I am so happy the two of you managed to make it your special day, not letting others decide what symbols should be present. It all looked so genuine and sincere,

    Such casual attire is very foreign to how the majority here would dress for a wedding (even one without a dress code) and I cannot quite understand how the whole celebration could be done in 3 hours, especially with so many guests who all will have wanted to have a chat with the happy couple, but the warm smiles and happiness shine in all photos so it must have been a most fabulous day.

    Is the ritual for marriage not set? Where/when can you say your peronal vows? Here in Norway the rituals are set, no matter if it is a religious ceremony or at the town hall. There isn’t that much room for making it personal except for the music.


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